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Kern River Valley Fire Safe Council

January 15, 2004

Call to order: 8:35    PO Box 633 Kernville, CA 93238

Attendance: Marcine Hughes, John Hughes, Dan Anglin, Robin Little, Richard Olson, Matt Pontes, Valerie Cassity, Delores Walmer, Ginny Cuny, Edward Camache, Emily Diggles, Kendall Smith, Jimmie Rocha, Ken Stevens, Eric Hutchins, Debbie Santiago, Bill Jenkins, Margie Clack, Jim Davis, Mark Stieler

Minutes: Copies passed to all to read. Motion: Matt 2nd Rich

Treasure: $1027.41 No change


Rich Olson’s Retirement: Jan. 23 @ Ewings @ 6PM RSVP to Randy Cole or Dan Klein

Ken Stevens #1 on Battalion Chief List, prospect of taking Rich’s place.

New Chief: Dennis Thompson

Jim Roacha: Rio Bravo Supervisor and Project Work Leader

New Fire Safe Council in Tehachapi: First meeting 40+ attendees, starting to identify grant opportunities.

Frasier Park/Lebec/Pine Mtn. FSC started in the summer. Groups from Home Owner assoc., Ventura and Kern FD, State Parks joining together. Want to develop a Community Fire Safe plan, and interact with KRVFSC and our plan.

Possibility or a speaker on the Bark Beetle Kill Off

POA Announcement:

Frontier Homes: Letter re: cancel of chipper due to lack of response. Homeowners are keeping up part of the Grandview Fire Break

Bodfish/Isabella: Bring Monument artifacts from the Arizona into the Park. Flagpole and Memorial between the tanks. Drug traffic involvement going on, 114 member strong. 60+ lots have been cleaned.

(Rick Bradley for Code Compliance)

Hungry Gulch: Letter going out to home owners regarding clean up and also for Boulder Cyn participation

Squirrel Valley: April 3 general clean up, May 15 Chipper

Myers Cyn: Schedule presentation by FSC

Signage: Myers Cyn & Sawmill Demo lots.

Committee Reports:

Website: Met with Dick Sampson. $750 for re-development, monitor for $75/mo. Approx. $2000/yr

Motion to set aside $2000 by April 30. 2nd by Robin

501c3: N/A

2004 Newsletter: Draft handed out and input sought


            Sawmill/Hungry Gulch: Scoped project out. GPS the perimeter and map. Time and $$ permitting, work into the Boulder Gulch area. Plan to checkerboard the area with 10 person fuel crew.

            Myers: 2005 grant, need aerial photos

            Rogers Rd: Property owners contacted, license to enter from all but 3. 1 declined, may change mind in future though.

            Alta Sierra Fuel Break: License to enter on most properties. Categorical exclusion done, Forest Service almost done with their part.

            Alta Sierra Fire Plan: Finalizing contracts

 Debbie Santiago:

            Site report received from SCA

            Miriam Moral new Mitigation Specialist

KRV Revitalization: Grazing issue is a no comment

High Desert FPA: March 8-19

            8-12 in China Lake

            16-19 in KRV

Cannel Meadows now has a Chipper available for FSC.

            Fire Restriction changes in the Upper Canyon areas

            Fuel Break above Rogers Rd in design phase


            Pres: M. Hughes  Motion: Robin 2nd: Jim

            VP: Jim Davis  Motion: M. Hughes 2nd: Robin

            Sec: Robin Little  Motion: Margie Clack 2nd: Doris Walmer

            Treasurer: Sharon Rooney  Motion: Margie Clack 2nd: Jim Davis

            No objections, All in Favor

            Good Luck

            Directors @ Large:

                        Rich Olson                 Matt Pontes

                        Margie Clack             Debbie Santiago

                        Emily Diggles              Delores Walmer

                        John Hughes

 Meetings: Monthly

            Board from 8:30-9:30

            General Meeting 9:30

            Grant Committee following

 Wildfire Awareness Week:

            May 10-16

            May 13 Presentation @ Exchange Club (Robin)

            Possible Poster Contest

            Motion for the concept of FSC to sponsor a poster contest for KRV. Reward would be to have the winning poster published & distributed

            Recognize Property Owners for Defensible/Survivable Space

 Goal: Engage Real Estate and Insurance community

 Liability Insurance: Contact Tom Anderson/Judy Dempsey for a discussion on the matter

 Question on location of original by-laws, does Ritchie has them on disc?

 Speakers Bureau: Need dates

 Master Calendar: Need dates

 Adjourn: 11:25

Kern River Valley Fire Safe Council ● PO Box 633, Kernville, CA 93238

General information: Lloyd Smith ● (760) 377-3542 or Robin Little ● (760) 376-6842

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