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Board of Directors and General Meeting

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Those Present: Ed Royce, Lloyd Smith, Christine and Gordon Hancock, Bob and Linda Kubisiak, Cindy Thill, Patrick Pontes, Mark Kingsbury, Richard Grove, Debbie Santiago and Robin Wyatt-Little.

President Ed Royce convened the meeting at 8:30 AM. Introductions were made.

Christine Hancock moved to accept the November 2007 minutes. 2nd – Lloyd Smith. Unanimous approval.

Christine reports an operating account balance of $2,084.57. Grant fund balances are: Sequoia Crest - $9,000 and State Farm - $203.79. The West and Arkelian Foundations education fund balances are $1,000. The $100.00 donation from the Lake Isabella-Bodfish POA was deposited. Christine paid the website costs and the post office box fee. Robin Wyatt-Little moved to accept the treasurer’s report, Gordon Hancock – 2nd. Unanimous approval.

Patrick Pontes gave an in-depth report of recent grant applications. Patrick, Ed and Lloyd worked throughout the holiday season preparing additional required paperwork for the Sierra Nevada Conservancy grant applications. Ed attended a recent FSC Grant workshop which highlighted the fact that the federal government is turning their funding priorities to fuel reduction projects rather than funding individual Community Wildfire Protection Plans. The SNC however will continue to fund both CWPP’s and fuel reduction projects in those areas of watershed protection. Patrick has done a fine job of sorting through the differing application processes for the Clearing House and SNC.

General discussion followed regarding grant applications and the possibility that with more than one application submitted we are potentially competing against ourselves. Consensus is to go ahead with existing applications as prioritized previously. KCFD is processing the license-to-enter letters for Tillie/Pala Ranches.

Patrick reported the federal agencies proposed grant funding budgets and mentioned that FSC’s are cautioned to consider the grant match requirements carefully in that monies will have to be returned if the match cannot be met. It is also important to address the project sustainability factor.

Ken Delfino submitted the completed Sequoia Crest CWPP along with his invoice for $9000.00. Patrick spoke with Ken regarding completion of the compliance signature page. Ken will attend to this. Ed moved for an amended invoice from Ken for initial payment of $6000.00, showing the $3000.00 balance to be paid when the signature page is completed. Lloyd Smith – 2nd. Unanimous approval.

Lloyd reports a $500.00 donation from the Kern Community Foundation was received via an anonymous donor. Lloyd outlined his plan to educate the community further about the Fire Safe Council (who we are and what we do) and pursue private resources for continued financial support.

Lloyd is also working on a refreshed approach for the speaker’s bureau in order to educate the public about the FSC. Part of this effort will be to include KRV FSC information on the back page of the annual “Living With Wildfire” newspaper inserts. Ed Royce has written this information and will submit for inclusion with the Tehachapi and Mt. Pinos FSC’s information. Other ideas were discussed and will be expanded prior to Wildfire Awareness Week in the early part of May.

Robin will develop an article for the local papers about the FSC speaker’s bureau.

Margaret Belz reports the following chipper Days have been requested: Walker Pass – 3/29; Frontier Trails – 4/5; Pala Ranches – 4/17 (?) and Alta Sierra – 5/31. Robin will talk with Margaret about getting an article in the local papers regarding chipper days.

Lloyd tells us that the Walker Pass FSC road sign blew over in the latest wet & windy storm. He, Ken Stevens and KCFD crew reinstalled the sign. The Walker Basin message sign has been vandalized and will be replaced with another sign. The damaged sign will be cleaned up.

Debbie has committed BLM support for another seasonal message sign. Lloyd will order the signs (2) in time for the March 31st deadline for installation of the Highway 178 sign near Borel. Cindy Thill will do her magic with powers-to-be in time for this deadline.

Ed reports that website restructuring goes slowly. However, Ali is working on several aspects of the old site and has submitted ideas for consideration. Ed has given a great deal of time to this effort and the FSC thanks him.

Robin distributed FSC membership/participant list which Lloyd Smith designed. Email addresses and telephone numbers are included and this list will be used for each meeting as a sign-in sheet.

Mark Kingsbury reports that Mary Beth Garrison is developing the “FSC Informational Packets” for the real estate folks. Lloyd asked what local information will be included and it was agreed that we need to pull this component together for inclusion. KCFD is in the process of purchasing an ASV.

Cindy Thill tells us that the recent prescribed burn on Red Mountain was also a fire behavior burn study. Prescribed burning continues on the Kern Plateau.

Debbie Santiago reports two new engines for BLM have been purchased.

Bob Robinson tells us that there will be another Native Plant Sale in the fall of 2008.

Kennedy Meadows reports big moisture up there with deep mud. Four wheel drive only!

Walker Pass residents under Lloyd’s direction, have removed dead trees and requests a BLM crew to work with them to complete the cleanup.

Frontier Trail POA has new fire hydrant covers. Evidence of major brush clearing throughout.

Lake Isabella/Bodfish POA has requested a FSC program for February 12th. Lloyd is developing this program.

Richard Grove reports that the Piute Meadows POA along with the Havilah/Walker Basin areas are motivated to reducing hazardous fuels. He will work with Lloyd and Robin to arrange FSC presentations. An article in the Fencepost newspaper will be submitted regarding FSC information.


Robin Wyatt-Little nominated Lloyd Smith for President. Christine Hancock – 2nd.

No other nominations offered. Nomination for President closed. Unanimous approval for Lloyd Smith as President.

Robin Wyatt-Little nominated Ed Royce as Vice President. Gordon Hancock – 2nd. No other nominations offered. Nomination closed.

Unanimous approval for Ed Royce as Vice President.

Nominations for Secretary and Treasurer were opened. None offered from the floor. Robin Wyatt-Little and Christine Hancock agreed to continue as secretary and treasurer, respectively. Unanimous approval.

Christine Hancock moved to reappoint Gordon Hancock, Tom Parkin and Emily Diggles as continuing board members. Gordon agreed. Emily and tom were not in attendance so Lloyd will ask them if they will continue to serve. Gordon agreed to serve. Robin Wyatt-Little – 2nd. Unanimous approval.

Debbie Santiago asked if FSC meetings might be formatted to stay within a two hour time frame. Lloyd agreed this will be addressed.

Meeting adjourned at 11:30 by Lloyd Smith.

Respectfully submitted: Robin Wyatt-Little, Secretary

Kern River Valley Fire Safe Council ● PO Box 633, Kernville, CA 93238

General information: Lloyd Smith ● (760) 377-3542 or Robin Little ● (760) 376-6842

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