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General Meeting
May 19, 2005
Those present: Marcine and John Hughes, Sharon Rooney, Robin Wyatt-Little, Ed Royce, Rich Olson, Matt Pontes, Emily Diggles, Cindy Thill, Eric Hutchins, Margie Clack, Jim Bauer, Scott Williams, Mark Chambers, Ken Stevens.
Meeting convened at 8:30 A.M. by President Marcine Hughes.
Minutes were approved: Motion to accept: John Hughes. Emily Diggles – 2nd. Unanimous approval.
Treasurer’s Report: Sharon Rooney reports an operating account balance of $716.41;
Myers Canyon Fuels Project balance of $127, 741.80 and Tehachapi Fire Plan Grant balance of $5000.00 after $10,000.00 payment to Hangfire Environmental (Fire Plan consultant.) Motion to accept by Robin Wyatt-Little. Emily Diggles – 2nd. Unanimous
Sharon asked for clarification regarding FSC insurance renewal premium payments for Property Insurance due July 1, 2005 and Liability Insurance due September 29, 2005.
Rich Olson, Grant Administrator explained budgeted FSC administrative costs and amounts to be paid from the Myers Canyon Grant (50%), Alta Sierra Fire Plan Grant (25%) and Alta Sierra Fuels Reduction Grant (25 %.) for FSC insurance policies renewals. The Grant Administrator has received approval from the Forest Service for these budget items. Myers Canyon was previously approved. Motion to pay these renewals by John Hughes. Robin Wyatt-Little – 2nd. Unanimous approval.
Sharon received a $250.00 invoice from H&R Block for our 501c3 2004 Federal Exempt Return; 2004 California State Tax Return and 2004 Registration/Renewal Fee Report. Motion to pay this invoice by Robin Wyatt-Little. Rich Olson – 2nd. Unanimous approval.
Grant Administrator’s Report: Rich Olson:
l. Sawmill Fuels Reduction Grant is closed. Final report submitted.
2. Rodgers Road Fuels Reduction Grant is closed. Final report submitted.
3. Alta Sierra Fire Plant Grant final report due June 31, 2005. Rich reports that specific components of the Plan i.e. Structure Protection Plan, evacuation routes and poster-sized maps showing water supplies have been extracted from the Plan, formatted in a condensed packet and will be placed in the emergency lock box at Alta Sierra for use by First Responders in an emergency situation.
4. Alta Sierra Fuels Reduction Grant project will close June 30, 2005. Approximately 80% of the cut fuel piles have been burned. Remaining fuels to be burned as prudent.
5. Myers Canyon Fuels Reduction grant project is underway. Roadside brushing is complete. Fuel Crews will begin at the top of the canyon removing hazardous fuels, limbing trees up and chipping, working their way to Rocky Road. This project is scheduled for completion July 31, 2005.
6. Kennedy Meadows Fire Plan Grant is waiting for BLM fiscal year 2006 funding.
7. Plater Road, Tillie Creek and Hungry Gulch fuel reduction grant applications are on hold pending federal funding availability.
General discussion regarding future funding prospects for FSC projects. It was suggested that this is an opportune time to develop partnership (Banks, Insurance Companies, Real Estate and Developers) support for funds. Based on this suggestion it was agreed that background/history needs to be updated for the KRV FSC. An annual operating budget also needs to be completed.
BLM Report: Eric Hutchens.
Eric reports that the Poster Contest is completed and awards were presented to the winning students for their posters. Possibly, a calendar may be developed using several of the posters which were submitted. Kudos to Debbie Santiago and other HDFPA partners for their efforts on this FSC project.
Forest Service Report: Margie Clack.
Margie announced that on May 25th the 2005 Fire Season begins. The official announcement will be staged at Station 62, Meadows Field Airport with BLM, Kern County Fire Department and Sequoia National Forest attending.
Scott Williams presented his draft for a collaborative Group Charter incorporating partners from the KRV FSC; Kennedy Meadows community; Tulare County Fire Department; Kern County Fire Department; Bureau of Land Management (Bakersfield
Field Office) and the Forest Service – Sequoia National Forest. The purpose of this collaboration is to implement long range protection planning and fuels management. This Group would work under the auspices of the Kern River Valley Fire Safe Council.
Although this project is in draft stage a motion was made by John Hughes to support this collaborative concept. Ed Royce – 2nd. Unanimous support.
John Hughes asked how the Fire Safe Council can specifically support this effort during the early phase. It was suggested that a letter of support be sent to Scott from the KRV FSC. Unanimous agreement.
Ken Stevens asked if this “Collaborative” project should be added as an amendment to the KRV FSC Community Fire Safe Plan. Unanimous agreement.
Cindy Thill reports that to highlight the official beginning of the 2005 Fire Season the
Forest Service will host an Open House (Kernville Office) May 28th and 29th, 8-5. There will be a Fire Education Trailer on site for interactive educational purpose. Cindy asked for two types of FSC handouts to be distributed during this event.
Eric Hutchins initiated a general discussion regarding the new 100’ defensible space requirements from Insurance Companies. It was agreed this subject will require legislative attention and strong lobbying from the California Fire Safe Council. To be continued.
Kern County Fire Department: Ken Stevens.
Ken wants the public to know there will be fuel piles in the Myers Canyon area during the summer months and private property owners may not add their brush to these piles.
Emily will do her best to get the word out in the Myers Canyon area.
Marcine suggests the FSC should be organizing their participation in the Kern County Fair (late September.)
Property Owner Associations Reports:
Emily Diggles will organize a Pizza Feed for the fuels crew on the Myers Canyon project. Local residents have donated the funds. Randy Griffin is the KCFD contact.
John Hughes reports the Squirrel Valley chipper day on May 7th went well with approximately 60 cubic yards of chips generated; two chippers utilized; 25 parcels participating with 40 residents attending the event along with 7 Camp Owen wards and a Supervisor assisting with brush hauling. Hamburgers, hot dogs and cookies were in great supply.
Ed Royce reports that several Kennedy Meadow residents participated in a 15 hour training course for First Aid. This community is also developing a 24/7 emergency communication system and is integrating efforts with Mercy Air Helicopter Services from the Mojave area for medivac situations. Ed reminded FSC members of the Kennedy Meadows annual meeting and BBQ lunch, Sunday (Memorial Day) at noon.
Robin Wyatt-Little reports that Frontier Homes is showing signs of conscientious weed eating throughout the area.
Marcine recapped Wildfire Awareness Week presentation to the Kern County Board of Supervisors. All three Kern County Fire Safe Council’s were in attendance. The official 2005 WAW Proclamation is on file.
Robin reported that the Fire Safe Council Booth at the Bio Regions Festival was a worthwhile educational outreach effort. Marcine Hughes, Sharon Rooney, Debbie Santiago and Robin shared the booth during the day.
Ken Stevens showed a DVD locally produced by KCFD, KC FSC’s and KC Parks.
Fuel crews divided a parcel in half, clearing one half to demonstrate what defensible space entails, the other half left intact with high grasses, tree branches touching the ground etc. A fire was ignited, resulting in a graphic display of flame heights and ladder fuels versus low flames in the cleared area. Unanimous agreement this should be edited further for FSC public education presentations.
Meeting adjourned at 11:00 A.M.
Respectfully submitted by Robin Wyatt-Little, Secretary

Kern River Valley Fire Safe Council ● PO Box 633, Kernville, CA 93238

General information: Lloyd Smith ● (760) 377-3542

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