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Board of Directors and General Meeting

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Those present for the Board Meeting:  Lloyd Smith (72), Ed Royce (200), Christine and Gordon Hancock (10), Tom Parkin (16), Patrick G. Pontes, Mark Kingsbury, Robin Wyatt-Little (26).


President Lloyd Smith convened the meeting at 8:30 AM and introductions were made.


Ed Royce moved that the April minutes be approved.  Tom Parkin, 2nd.  Unanimous approval.


Christine Hancock reports a KRV FSC operating balance of $3000.27.  Grant balances are:  Bodfish Canyon , $4,411.00; Kennedy Meadows, $2943.00; State Farm, $6203.79 and the West & Arkelian Foundations, $347.00.  Christine paid H&R Block $320.00 for tax preparation. An invoice was received from Castle Printing for the Living with Fire newspaper inserts.  Robin moved that the invoice be paid.  Ed Royce, second. Unanimous approval.


Robin reports one new calendar item:  September 18, 2008 , South Fork Women’s Club, Speaker’s Program, noon .  Debbie Santiago will attend with Robin.  Robin will update the calendar and send via email.


Lloyd reiterated the pressing need to replace Emily Diggles’ Board position ASAP.  Board members are urged to seek a replacement.  Robin will contact Penny Lampkins for suggestions for a representative from Alta Sierra.




Grants:  Ed Royce reports that the Kennedy Meadow’s Road Brushing Project is a viable project despite a few absentee property owners who are resistant to signing the license-to-enter waivers.  All of Kennedy Meadows Road will be brushed and Ed estimates that there is a 50% property owner participation in the project. Ed has sent second letters requesting participation, however, few have been returned with signatures.  Ed reports that Tulare County claims a 60’ right-of-way easement on Kennedy Meadows Road.  Lloyd requests written verification of this County easement.  Ed will see to this.




Lloyd reports two recent donations totaling $300.00.  Thank yous have been sent.  Lloyd has recently submitted requests for educational funding to the West and Arkelian Foundations.




Tom Parkin reports two chipper days are scheduled:  Pala Ranches on May 17th and Alta Sierra on May 31st.  Tom has communicated with both parties and will attend both events.  Tom has agreed to serve as the Chipper Day Chairperson.  THANKS TOM ! 


Speakers Bureau, Publicity and By Laws Committees did not require Board action.




Ed reports that the newspaper Insert will be posted on the FSC website and KRVR will also post the Insert on their website.




Lloyd requested $1254.66 to be paid to Sierra Signs for one new sign, one sign repaired and two “sandwich boards” displaying the FSC logo with attached containers to hold FSC printed materials.  These will be used at various public events. 




Lloyd sent a copy of our Chipper Data Report to Tom Kuekes, FS (Mt. Pinos FSC) per Tom’s request.


Lloyd has been in contact with Kern County Parks & Recreation Director Bob LaRue regarding their participation on the FSC.


Patrick mention that the California FSC is updating their master list of Fire Safe Councils.  Lloyd will email Wendy Cornelius with information.


Meeting adjourned:  9:30




Calendar updating:  Robin

Board Member Search:  Everyone

Verification of Tulare County easement:  Ed

California FSC Master List update:  Lloyd



Stakeholders Meeting


Additional attendees:  Richard Grove, Deborah Santiago and Danielle Temple.


Meeting convened at 9:35 AM and introductions were made. Agenda approved.


CALENDAR UPDATE:  Robin had added September 18th for a Speaker’s Bureau program to the South Fork Women’s Club at noon .  Calendar will be sent via email.


Attendance list updates mentioned and will be forwarded via email.




Lloyd will invite Supervisor McQuiston to a FSC meeting.

Lloyd announced Rey Ramirez’s promotion to Battalion Chief. In Rey’s place will be Battalion Chief Bob Lechtreck (pronounced Leetreck.) 


Robin reported that the Wildfire Awareness Presentation to the Board of Supervisors went very well with three KRV FSC representatives present.  Others attending were Chief Thompson, Rey Ramirez, Mark Kingsbury, Debbie Santiago and representatives from the Mt. Pinos and Tehachapi FSC’s.




 GRANTS:  Patrick submitted his report covering:

·        Kennedy Meadows Road Brushing Project progressing well.  RFP respondents meeting May 16th with Patrick and Ed to discuss project. Contractor evaluation panel will meet May 28th.  Contract award scheduled for early June.

·        Bodfish Canyon project:  John Smith is working on the cultural resource survey.  When the ARCH Survey is complete it will be sent to BLM with the CEQA documentation.  Once everything is cleared the State will OK the project and work will begin.

·        The 2009 grant contracts have been signed and submitted.

FUNDRAISING:  Lloyd reports total income thus far for 2008 is $2593.50. He has sent a thank you to two recent donors.  Lloyd has again submitted education funding requests to the West and Arkelian Foundations. 

CHIPPER DAYS:  Tom Parkin, Chair, has put together an information packet for those having a chipper day event.  Pala Ranches is having a chipper day May 17th.  Alta Sierra is having their chipper day May 31st.  Tom will attend both events.  Tom will get the Squirrel Valley chipper day data from John Hughes.  

SPEAKERS BUREAU:   Recent programs included an hour long KVLI Talk Radio FSC presentation by Rey Ramirez and Robin Wyatt-Little.  Lloyd Smith and Bob Lechtreck will present a program to the KRV Exchange Club, June 5th.  A program is scheduled for September 18th for the South Fork Women’s Club.  

BY LAWS:  No report  

PUBLICITY:  Robin reports Ed’s Bodfish Canyon article was submitted 5/l4 to the Kern Valley Sun.  The May 2008 issue of the Fence Post has Lloyd’s article regarding the FSC Road Sign formerly installed on the Bodfish-Caliente Road.  Lloyd’s letter speaks to the twice vandalized sign and the need to remove the sign completely.  The FSC also had a photo-op of Emily Diggles appreciation plaque presentation in the April 23rd issue of the KV Sun.  Also in this issue of the KV Sun Robin’s article on fire safety tips and wildfire preplanning, was published.  In the May 14th KV Sun KRVR report, the FSC report by Lloyd was mentioned.  

WEBSITE:  Ed reports that both and .com will take the user to our website.  Ed has asked Tom to check the current chipper day forms on the site and offer suggestions for any revisions.  Ed asks Robin to do the same for the Speakers’ Bureau forms and for Lloyd to revise, if necessary, the form for general information etc.

EDUCATION:  Lloyd has ordered one new road sign (hazardous fuels) and repair of the vandalized sign (BBQ coals.)  The damaged sign will be relocated, to be determined.  Lloyd will work with Scott and Cindy regarding the sign rotation plan/dates.   

STUDENT CONSERVATION REPORT:  Danielle Temple, team leader for  SCA, gave an overview of SCA and the scope of what the SCA team might offer in terms of wildfire safety educational projects in the KRV.  Several suggestions were discussed and will be formalized once the team is situated in the Valley within the month.  Robin will update the community calendar  to facilitate SCA participation in local events.


BLM :  Debbie reports that Eddie Childs has been hired as the east side Fire Operations Specialist.  Eddie will be attending the FSC meetings.  Debbie reports that Friday, May 16th at Meadows Field, BLM , Forest Service and Kern County Fire Department will officially announce the beginning of fire season.  There will also be an Interagency Wildland Review gathering at the Wofford Heights Park , 10:30 AM and lunch at 12:30 on Tuesday, May 20th.

Debbie reports that Chris Ryan and Judy Forbes are working of the Project Planning portion of the KRV CWPP and that it will be very user friendly.

KCFD:  Mark Kingsbury gave an update on the progress of the Bodfish Canyon Project.  An early June beginning date is planned.

STAKEHOLDERS REPORTS:  Richard Grove (Piute Meadow Ranches) has been appointed as the official liaison to the FSC.  Richard will work with Ed Royce and Patrick Pontes, getting license-to-enter waivers ready in preparation for their 2009 road brushing project.  However, the actual agreements will be requested by KCFD according to Mark Kingsbury.  Robin suggested a FSC speaker’s bureau program dealing with defensible space treatment and Lloyd suggested the possibility of combining this program with an informational program about the road brushing project.  Richard will develop a format for introducing the FSC to his area.

RC&D:  Funding has been reinstated and Bob Robinson will reapply for his previous position of Watershed Coordinator.

Property Owners Associations:  Other than Kennedy Meadows upcoming memorial day event (road cleanup, BBQ and meeting) other POA’s are quiet.

OLD TOPICS:  Lloyd submitted his edits for the 2009 Living with Fire insert.


·        Invite McQuiston to FSC Meeting:  Lloyd

·        Critique Chipper Day Forms on Website: Tom

·        Critique Speaker’s Bureau Forms on website: Robin

·        Critique information forms on website: Lloyd

·        Appreciation for website development efforts: Lloyd

·        Update calendar and attendance list: robin

·        Work with Scott & Cindy on sign rotation schedule: Lloyd

·        Develop pre-project license to enter process: Richard, Gordon Ed & Patrick

·        Develop format for introducing FSC to POA: Richard


Meeting adjourned at 11:40 AM



Next FSC meeting is Thursday, June 19th

Board of Directors meet at 8:30 AM – Stakeholders meet at 9:30 AM

Supervisor McQuiston’s conference room, Lake Isabella





Kern River Valley Fire Safe Council ● PO Box 633, Kernville, CA 93238

General information: Lloyd Smith ● (760) 377-3542

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