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Thursday, June 19, 2008
Those present:  Ed Royce, Patrick G. Pontes, Gordon and Christine Hancock, Tom Parkin, Gordon Ehmann, Bob Lechtreck, Tina Terrell, Rick Larson, Scott Williams, Cindy Thill, Miriam Morrill, Chris Ryan, Robin Wyatt-Little.
Ed Royce convened the meeting.  Introductions were made.
MINUTES:  Moved for approval – Gordon Hancock.  2nd – Tom Parkin.  Unanimous approval.
TREASURER’S REPORT:  Christine reports an operating account balance of $1725.21.  Grant balances are:  Bodfish Project - $4411.00; Kennedy Meadows - $2943.00 and recently received check for $70,500.00 which will be deposited immediately; State Farm - $2289.16.    Invoices for the Living with Wildfire newspaper inserts have been received and will be paid.  Upcoming insurance premium will be paid.  Moved for approval – Robin Wyatt-Little.  2nd – Tom Parkin.  Unanimous approval.
Tina Terrell, Sequoia National Forest Supervisor, expressed her strong support for Fire Safe Councils.  She shared a recent press release attesting to the success of this Council and others.  She also spoke to the importance of  FSC and agency collaboration/cooperation.  Supervisors Terrell requested a one page summary of the KRV FSC collaboration with the Forest Service during the past eight years which she will utilize when requesting grant funding for her Forest.  Ed Royce will develop this.
Ed gave Supervisor Terrell and District Ranger Rick Larson as overview of the KRV FSC, its’ Vision and Mission; Officers; Agency Representatives; a brief description of our committees and a history of grant projects here in the Kern River Valley.
GRANTS:  Patrick reports the Kennedy Meadows Road Brushing project goes well with .8 mile completed thus far and the work is looking good.  Ed Royce received a letter (5/29/08) from Tulare County Resource Management Agency regarding the Kennedy Meadow Road 60’ easement.  Tulare County has determined the fuel reduction project to be an appropriate use of this Tulare County right of way.  Letter is on file.  The Bodfish Canyon fuel reduction project is nearing its’ beginning date with the necessary archaeological/Tribal clearances completed and State clearance received June 18th for the project. The 2009 grant proposals approved are:  Pala Ranches Shaded Fuel break; Bodfish Canyon, Phase 11 and Piute Meadows Community Roadside Brushing/Chipping Project.  Patrick reports news from CAFSC newsletter that BLM offers property owner’s fuels reduction permits to those whose property shares a boundary with Bureau of Land Management. ( )   The width of the permitted fuels clearance will be determined on a case-by-case basis depending on fuels present, slope of terrain etc.  The Forest Service is initiating a similar permit process. 
Tina Terrell mentioned a potential collaborative (FSC/FS/SNC) grant project through the California Sierra Nevada conservancy, perhaps to develop wildfire education efforts for the upper and lower Kern River.  To be researched. 
FUNDRAISING:  Letters were just received from the West and Arkelian Foundations expressing regrets that our recent request for education funding could not be granted at this time.  Recent donations received from Squirrel Valley Property Owners ($100.00) and Mr. & Mrs. Fred Zullo ($100.00.)
CHIPPER DAYS:  Tom Parkin reports that he attended the Squirrel Valley Chipper Day as well as the Alta Sierra event.  Both went very well and Tom will share photos and data when the reports are compiled.  To date for 2008, five chipper events have been completed.  Tom sang the praises of Kern County Fire Department Crew 87. 
SPEAKER’S BUREAU:  Upcoming FSC program will be September 18th, Noon, at the South Fork Women’s Club. 
BYLAWS:  No report.
PUBLICITY:  Robin reports that the Kern River Courier devoted their May 23rd issue primarily to Wildfire Safety issues, printing both articles Robin submitted recently as well as other educational articles.  They also followed up with more “Homeowners’ Watch Outs” in their May 30th issue.  The Kern Valley Sun featured the photo of Lloyd Smith, Debbie Santiago and Danielle Temple, team leader for the Student Conservation Team serving in the Kern River Valley.  The Sun also featured an extensive article describing the upcoming Bodfish Canyon fuels reduction project, Phase 1.  OUR APPRECIATION TO OUR LOCAL NEWSPAPERS FOR THEIR SUPPORT OF THE KRV FIRE SAFE COUNCIL!
WEBSITE:  Ed Royce reports the website is progressing nicely with just a few minor tweaks yet to be completed.  Ed has requested once again that Tom and Robin review the Chipper Day and Speaker’s Bureau links and offer suggestions to make them more comprehensive.  Ed also invites everyone to submit suggestions/corrections specific to the site at
EDUCATION:  Ed, reporting for Lloyd tells us that the road signs have been rotated.  A rotation schedule is still in the works.
OLD BUSINESS: Lloyd has invited Supervisor McQuiston to the September 18th meeting.  Lloyd has discussed participation from Isabella Highlands POA with Jim Davis.  We should expect either Jim Wadley or Jim Rea to attend our meetings.
Lloyd also talked with Gordon Ehmann from Squirrel Valley and he will be participating in our meetings.
Robin emailed Penny Lampkins regarding an Alta Sierra/Greenhorn POA representative to the FSC.  No word yet.
Lloyd was unable to present the FSC Certificate of Appreciation for website development but will try again at the July KRVR meeting.
Lloyd submitted names, email addresses and telephone numbers of our KRV FSC officers to the California FSC to update their master list.
NEW BUSINESS:  No report.
·         Summary of KRVFSC/FS collaboration on grant projects.  Ed
·         Compilation of recent chipper day events data.  Tom
·         Review/comment on website.  Tom, Robin, all.
·         Rotation schedule for road signs.  Lloyd, Cindy
·         Follow-up on potential FSC volunteers.  Robin & Lloyd.
·         County agencies participation.  Lloyd
Adjourned:  9:45 AM
Additional attendees:  Danielle Temple, Adam Prell, Mimi Jenkins, Doug Rock and Beth Munoz and Richard Grove.
Meeting convened at 9:56 AM.
Introductions were made.
Agenda will be abbreviated somewhat, reducing redundancy in committee reports given during the Board Meeting.
Forest Service:  Miriam Morrill, member of the FS fire management team presented an overview/update of the current Clover Fire.  Pat Pontes inquired as to the smoke which was affecting the Kennedy Meadows community.  Scott and Miriam explained the placement of a solar powered particulate monitor at the bridge at Kennedy Meadows which transmits to the FS website and shows the smoke patterns.  The FS holds a conference call daily with the San Joaquin Air Quality District.  Ed expressed concerns that the fire was too close to Kennedy Meadows and residents were worried.
Chris Ryan distributed copies of the completed KRV Community Wildfire Protection Plan (Feb. 2008) complete with maps for all identified fuel reduction projects which were determined by the FSC/Agencies Collaborative Group.  Chris gave credit to Heidi Hosler for the excellent mapping for this project and the FSC gives high praise to Chris Ryan and Judy Forbes for their outstanding effort completing this document.  THANK YOU.
Chris Ryan reports that a Remote Automatic Weather Station (RAWS) has been installed at Chimney Peak. Chris also tells us that the BLM fuels crew is working on removal of the dead trees in the Walker Pass area per Lloyd Smith’s request. The RAWS Station data can be viewed at
Patrick Pontes mentioned how well the “system” works when he recently telephoned BLM personnel in Sacramento to obtain approval (ASAP) for a Clam Shell brush remover for the Kennedy meadows road brushing project.  Patrick sent a photo (digital) and within an hour or so received approval for use of this type of equipment.  KUDOS TO BLM, PATRICK and DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY! 
Bob Lechtreck reports that the next KC FSC meeting will be June 25th.
Bob also reports that Ken Stevens is making great progress with the KCFD Fire Information Boxes project.  THANKS KEN!
The new ASV is here and in action.  Bob is enthusiastic about this “brush removal” equipment and feels certain it will be used on the Bodfish Canyon project.  Within the near future Bob would like to provide a demonstration of this amazing machine for the KRV public.  Date to be determined.  Bob will notify the FSC and newspapers will be notified at that time.
Pre-project CEQA and Tribal studies have been completed and the Bodfish  Canyon project will begin very soon.
Student Conservation Association Team leader DanielleTemple introduced the SCA team.  Danielle will be leaving for a job opportunity.  The new team leader will be Ashley Thrasher.  Specific projects are yet to be determined.
Squirrel Valley:  Gordon Ehmann, in attendance, will serve as the liaison for SVPOA and the FSC.  Gordon reports the POA is researching road repair projects and possible grant funding for paving.
Lake Isabella/Bodfish POA:  Gordon Hancock reports that Bodfish residents are anxiously awaiting the fuel reduction project beginning.
Piute Meadows:  Richard Grove is working on coordinating the initial FSC information meeting regarding their road brushing grant project.  The license to enter process is being streamlined per Richard, Ed, Patrick et al.  Ed will develop a “lessons learned” paper on the pre-project license to enter process.
Frontier Trail POA:  Robin reports the FTHA POA chipper day event was cancelled due to residents burning their brush earlier in the year. Robin will attempt to coordinate a better date for a chipper project in the future.
REMINDER:  Patrick Pontes has developed a new sign-in sheet for FSC participants.  This form allows stakeholders to record additional information such as hours, mileage etc. for his “match” requirements on grant reports.  People may also email Patrick with information. .
At the June KRVR meeting, Richard Rowe submitted a proposal for a Spring 2009 Event, LIVING GREEN AND SUSTAINABLY IN THE KRV. Event dates are suggested for March/April 2009.  The mission of this “green festival” would be “to help KRV residents consume responsibly to protect the environment, conserve resources and enhance the quality of their lives.”
There is a possibility that the KRV FSC may integrate participation in this event to coincide with Wildfire Awareness Week 2009.  To be developed.
Robin shared the Nuui Cunni native plant list which identifies fire safe plants.
This list should be integrated into our existing fire safe plant list for the FSC website and for handouts.
REMINDER:  Participants in the FSC KRV Collaborative Group need to identify new projects for the 2010 grant cycle.  The Collaborative will meet in October.  Scott Williams will establish the date.
The Peddler’s Faire will be held September 9th and 20th.  Gordon and Christine Hancock will maintain a FSC information booth.  THANK YOU HANCOCKS!
·         Calendar & Membership list updates – Robin
·         Identify SCA projects – Everyone
·         Critique website form for Chipper Days – Tom
·         Critique website form for Speaker’s Bureau – Robin
·         Critique/update general information on website – Everyone
·         Install general information hyperlink on website directed to Lloyd – Ed
·         Develop better plant list for website/handouts – Bob and everyone
·         Organize chipper day event data thus far – Tom
·         Collaborative needs to identify 2010 grant projects – Everyone
·         Pre-project “lessons learned” for license to enter – Ed
·         Piute Meadows/FSC meeting date/place – Richard
NEXT KRV FSC MEETING:  Thursday, July 17th at Supervisors McQuiston’s conference room, Lake Isabella.  Board Meeting: 8:30 – 9:30.  Stakeholders Meeting: 9:30 to 11:30.
  We need more folks who are concerned about wild fire safety issues.




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General information: Lloyd Smith ● (760) 377-3542 or Robin Little ● (760) 376-6842

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