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Board of Directors and General Meeting
October 18, 2007

Those present:  Ed Royce, Lloyd Smith, Christine and Gordon Hancock, Tom Parkin, Margaret Belz, Mark Kingsbury, Debbie Santiago, Tim Smith, David Brinsfield, Bob Robinson, Patrick Pontes, Cindy Thill, Chris Ryan, Angela Yearwood, Brian Cosgrove, Sue Rocha, Linda Kubisiak, Mike Ryan, Ken Stevens, Ray Ramirez, Judy Forbes, Scott Williams and Robin Wyatt-Little.
President Ed Royce convened the meeting at
8:30 AM .  Introductions were made.
Minutes:  Motion to approve, Lloyd Smith.  2nd ヨ Ed Royce.  Unanimous approval.
Treasurerメs Report:  Christine Hancock reports an operating account balance of $3503.96.  The Sequoia Crest grant project balance is $9900.00 and the State Farm grant balance is $203.79.  Outstanding bills have been paid.  Motion to approve, Robin Wyatt-Little. 2nd ヨ Gordon Hancock.  Unanimous approval.
Grant Report:  Patrick Pontes, Grant Administrator reports that we are still waiting for Contract Agreement Letters from the State Fire Safe Council and
BLM メs Environmental Compliance Section.  Debbie Santiago will check on the status of the BLM Grant.  Rich Olson has passed the administration responsibilities of the Sequoia Crest CWPP Grant to Patrick Pontes.  The State Fire Safe Council will be hosting a Grant Writing Workshop for the 2009 grant period.  This will be held December 11, 2007 in Bakersfield , 9am to 1pm at the County Fire Department Training Facility on Victor Drive .
Ken Delfino is working on the final draft report for Sequoia Crest.
Following talks with the State FSC regarding the Sierra Nevada Conservancy (SNC) grant program being administrated by the State FSC, there are still wrinkles yet to be worked out.  Not looking that positive for the 08メ grant applications.  However, grant applications for equipment funding can be submitted anytime and there is a suggestion we look into that process.  Patrick will prepare two grant applications: 1) Support for pre fuel reduction work and 2) purchase of a Posi-Track Brush Mulching machine.
Fundraising:  Lloyd Smith reports that the Rivernook Campground donated $250.00 as sustaining supporters.  Lloyd also reports that two Kern County Foundations, Harry and Ethel West Foundation and the Arkelian Foundation have donated $500.00 each for educational materials purpose.  Lloyd asked for a committee (Christine, Debbie, Linda and Robin) to help decide what materials are needed. Lloyd will send thank you notes.  Lloyd will submit an article in the upcoming quarterly issue of the Community Connections Newsletter regarding our need for funding.  Lloyd has scheduled a photo op for today, honoring Tom Parkin and Thomas Refuse for their respective financial support of our FSC.
Road Signs:  Cindy Thill reports that the second roadside sign has been installed on
HWY 178 near Paulメs Place on Sunday, October 14, 2007 .  This installation was completed by the FS #8 Engine Crew.  Cindy and Scott have staked the remaining sign locations and have asked Cal Trans and Kern County personnel to visit the staked sites and give their approval so installation can take place when the crews are available.  Cindy offered suggestions regarding more comprehensive articles with photos of the sign installations.  Lloyd agreed to do this.  Lloyd reminded those attending that we need to stay focused on the additional seasonal signs.
Speakerメs Bureau:  Robin reports there will be a program given today at the South Fork Womenメs Club.  This group has committed a $250.00
donation for our FSC.  Robin will pursue contacts in the Havilah/Walker Basin for FSC Programs.  She will work through Captain Grove.
Chipper Program:  Margaret reports she is scheduling 08メ chipper Day Programs.  To date she has requests from
Walker Pass, Frontier Trail Homeowners and Pala Ranches neighborhood.  Tom Parkin will be assisting Margaret with Chipper day events.
KCFSC:  Ken Stevens reports that Tehachapi now has their
Native Plant Garden signs in place.  At Septemberメs meeting a State Farm Insurance representative explained insurance policy regarding fire coverage.  A grant has been submitted to State Farm for funding the realtorメs wildfire prevention informational packets.  The KCFSC has voted unanimously to support this project county-wide.  Ken has offered to complete the restructuring, signature pages and printing of the amended KRV CWPP.  
Website:  Allison Sheehey will assume the FSC website development effective January 2008.  Bob Robinson is working with Allison to develop a comprehensive native plant list for the website.
New Business: 
Lloyd Smith said the October 11th on site meeting with
BLM , FS and KCFD at Walker Pass/Jacks Creek neighborhood met all expectations.
Boundaries and roadside brushing projects were discussed.  Chris Ryan (
BLM ) will research needed data and will work with Judy Forbes (FS) on establishing good mapping of the wilderness boundaries.
Old Business:
It was agreed that the KRVFSC History and Accomplishment モpaperヤ needs updating.  Robin asked for input from those involved with FSC projects/activities.
KCFD:  Ken Stevens announced he will be moving to a Battalion chief position here in KRV, stationed at
South Lake .  Ray Ramirez will assume Kenメs former position and will be attending the FSC meetings.
Lloyd Smith will be attending the State FSC モGoverning Community Impactヤ workshop.
Forest Service:  Scott Williams said there will be controlled burning on the Kern Plateau.  Scott also recommends reading the article モProtecting Communities and Saving Forestsヤ by Thomas Bonnicksen, PhD.  The McNally Fire is mentioned in this work.  Lloyd Smith asked Scott if we could get a copy of the KQED video featuring Wildfire and Forest Management.  Perhaps Tim Walsh might be able to send us a copy.
BLM :  Sue Rocha will be moving up and away. She will be an Assistant FMO for the Desert District, stationed in Riverside County .  Don Washington, FMO in Ridgecrest will assume Sueメs former position.
Meeting adjourned at
10:02 am by Ed Royce, President
Respectfully submitted:  Robin Wyatt-Little, Secretary

Kern River Valley Fire Safe Council ● PO Box 633, Kernville, CA 93238

General information: Lloyd Smith ● (760) 377-3542

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