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Board of Directors and Stakeholders Meetings
Thursday July 17, 2008


Those present: Lloyd Smith, Tom Parkin, Gordon and Christine Hancock, Ed Royce, Ken Stevens, Debbie Santiago, Scott Williams

Lloyd Smith convened the meeting at 8:40 , after Debbie Santiago presented a brief status report and map on the Piute fire.   Debbie then had to leave.

MINUTES:  Approved (Ed/Tom) with the correction that the value $70,500 should have been $70,900 in the Treasurer’s Report.


            Operating Account                   $1,553.71

            Bodfish Grant                          $4,411.00

Kennedy Meadows Grant        $73,521.50

            State Farm                                $592.88

                             Total                   $80,079.09

It was reported that Dick Sampson will not bill us for his final work on the web site.  Christine reports letters from the California Attorney General’s office indicating that the FSC is delinquent in filing reports and paying fees.  Christine will seek clarification and respond as appropriate.  The FSC may have to pay a penalty of $800.  Report accepted (Ed/Gordon).

Scott Williams had to leave early but gave the following report on the Piute fire.  Repairs are now under way to correct damage caused by fire suppression activities, including closing 50 miles of dozer lines.  A Burned Area Rehab Team will identify corrective actions that need to take place within the next three years, including those needed to provide downstream protection to private property.  The Forest Service will undertake planning for longer term restoration of the forest. 

Scott identified the Red Mountain subdivision and Thompson Canyon as areas where future fuel-reduction projects may be needed.  This will be discussed at the October Collaboration Group meeting. 

GRANTS COMMITTEE:  Kennedy Meadows project payment of $25,137.50 to the contractor Phillips and Jordon approved (Lloyd/Ed).  Ed noted that Patrick Pontes has work far in excess of what we can pay him for on the Kennedy Meadows project and that he will contribute these hours to our match requirements. 

WEB SITE:  Tom Parkin provided Ed with requested changes to the chipper day forms on the web site.  Ed will pursue this with the webmaster, Thomas Simon.  Ed apologized to the Board for being slow in getting previously requested additions to the web site in place. 

FUNDRAISING COMMITTEE:  As noted in previous minutes, our proposals to the Harry and Ethel West, Ben and Gladys Arkelian, and Kern Community Foundations were not funded. 


Supervisor McQuiston and a KCFD representative have been invited to our Sept 18th meeting.  Plaques for these officials were approved.  A program for this meeting – focussing particularly on the chipper program – was discussed.

A plaque for Capt. Randy Griffin was authorized (Ed/Chris).

The absence of representation from Isabella Highlands , Alta Sierra, and Pala Ranches was discussed. 

  Board of Directors meeting adjourned at 9:35 (Ed/Chris).



Lloyd Smith immediately convened the meeting and welcomed Kern County Parks representatives John Crabtree and Jim Braudrick.  Also joining the meeting were Gordon Ehman, Dave Brinsfield, Bob Robinson, and the SCA team Adam Prell, Mimi Jenkins, Ashley Thrasher, and Bethany Munez. 

CALENDAR:  Added dates are the Peddler’s Fair 19 – 20 September (Gordon and Christine), the Health Fair 29 September (Gordon and Christine), and the Secretary of State bill to be paid 1 September. 


The Kennedy Meadows project contractor started June 16th and the project is now about 50% complete.  Ed monitors the contractor’s work daily.  Several new equipment items not in the original contract concept have been approved for use and are speeding completion.  The contractor has presented one invoice that will be paid. 

The Bodfish Canyon Escape Route project has been cleared for environmental compliance.  Work was started on the project, but the crew was called off to fight the Piute fire. 

New rules will now allow us to start claiming match hours/dollars for our 2009 grants. immediately

FUNDRAISING:  Total raised this year $2792.50; nothing in July.

CHIPPER DAYS:  Tom is preparing a packet to be given to POA’s planning a chipper day.  He is also working on materials describing the chipper program that fire stations can hand out to individuals seeking fire permits. 

SPEAKER’S BUREAU:  Nothing further is planned this year.  Robin Little, Gordon and Christine attended community meetings that were held on the Piute fire and handed out FSC materials. 

EDUCATION:  Lloyd handed out a rotation schedule for our sign boards.  We currently have nine signs completed to be used at four locations (including Walker Basin ).  Lloyd is continuing to work on relocation of the Walker Basin roadsign with Richard Groves and Bob Osgood

Lloyd has made “sandwich boards” with our logo on one side and brochure holders on the other side.  Gordon and Christine will use them at upcoming events. 

Lloyd has provided a hard copy of the KRV CWPP to the county library in Lake Isabella and will provide one to the Kernville library. 


Kern County Fire Department reports that crews are coming back from fire duty.

BLM reports the same and that the Piute ICC will close at the end of the next week. 

STUDENT CONSERVATION ASSOCIATION  Ashley reports that her group did voluntary fire safety inspections in Kennedy Meadows during the Clover fire.  She and Lloyd will identify priority areas for future inspections.  The group will be attending upcoming KRVR and KRV Chamber of Commerce meetings. 

RC&D  Bob Robinson joined the meeting and reported that he is back at work as watershed coordinator.  He will be working with Allison Sheehey on revising the fire-safe plant list. 


Gordon Ehman discussed their experiences in Squirrel Valley during the Piute fire. 

Bodfish POA has sponsored Piute fire meetings for the community.

Ed discussed experiences in Kennedy Meadows during the Clover fire.  The Tulare County fire captain had good things to say about the roadside clearing work being done. 

OLD BUSINESS:  See action items below.


Robin and Lloyd will follow the development of a spring 2009 Living Green and Sustainable event in the KRV. 

Lloyd asked Ashley to think about how the FSC might identify and help property owners who are not physically able to clear their property. 


Ed will develop a sample license to enter for use by the FSC on projects where KCFD is not involved, based on lessens learned at Kennedy Meadows. 

Richard Groves is working on a format to introduce our Piute Meadows project to that community. 

Lloyd to update the “History” for the FSC on the web site. 

Meeting adjourned at 11:30 . 

NEXT MEETING:  Thursday, August 21st, supervisor’s conference room, Lake Isabella .  Board meeting 8:30 – 9:30 .  Stakeholder’s  meeting 9:30 – 11:30 .  




Kern River Valley Fire Safe Council ● PO Box 633, Kernville, CA 93238

General information: Lloyd Smith ● (760) 377-3542 or Robin Little ● (760) 376-6842

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