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Board of Directors and Stakeholders Meeting

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Those present: Lloyd Smith; Ed Royce; Christine and Gordon Hancock; Emily Diggles; Tom Parkin; Robin Wyatt-Little; Cindy Thill; Rey Ramirez; Scott Williams; Bob and Linda Kubisiak; Margaret Belz; Jim Davis; Deborah Santiago; Ruth Ellison; Chris Ryan; David Brinsfield; Burns Brimhall and Kim Mullins.

President Lloyd Smith convened the meeting at 8:30 AM .

Introductions were made.

Minutes were approved: Motion by Ed Royce. 2nd ヨ Christine Hancock.  Unanimous approval.

Treasurers Report:  Christine reports an operating balance of $2585.57.  The Bodfish Grant Project balance is $5000.00; Kennedy Meadows Grant project balance is $5000.00.  There is a balance of $900.00 in the Sequoia Crest CWPP Grant account and a balance of $203.79 for the State Farm Grant. Christine will pay $310 to Alliant Insurance for the FSC Accident Policy.  Christine is following up on the FSC 501c3 renewal procedure.  Motion to accept by Ed Royce.  2nd - Robin Wyatt-Little.  Unanimous approval.  Report on file.

Lloyd Smith introduced the new meeting format explaining that the Board of Directors will meet 8:30 - 9:30 AM to conduct Board business with the Stakeholders meeting to follow from 9:30 - 11:30 AM.  Both meetings are open to everyone.


Lloyd Smith reiterated the FSC's Vision and Mission statements from the Board and invited others who were present to submit their comments. Lloyd raised a point regarding the use of the word モpreventionヤ versus モprotectionヤ  and モfireヤ versus モwildfireヤ in our programs and printed materials.  He solicited input from those present.

Discussion followed.  No action taken.


To be sent in separate email.


Robin will be meeting next week with Matt Fontaine, Director of Camp Owen to refresh the CEO - KRV FSC relationship and need for Camp Wards to assist with chipper days.


Lloyd Smith explained the following KRV FSC committees, their purpose and their goals as follows:

Grant Committee purpose is to pursue and manage grants from federal and state agencies for fire safety planning and fuel reduction projects.

2008 goals are on file.*

Fundraising Committee purpose is to raise funds for the general operating costs of the KRV FSC with a 2008 goal of raising $5000.00 utilizing at least 2 grant applications specific to the operating funds.*

Chipper Days Committee purpose is to organize and coordinate Chipper Days within the boundary of the KRV FSC which will significantly reduce the fuel load on private properties.  Goals are on file.*

Speakerメs Bureau Committee Purpose is to organize and coordinate presentations to businesses, organizations and groups within the KRV FSC boundary to enhance the common understanding of the KRV FSC, defensible space and wildland fire protection for homes.  Goals are on file.*

Bylaws Committee purpose is to revise the KRV FSC bylaws to the extent needed so that we will be in compliance with them in carrying out our programs ヨ but only to this extent.  The 2008 goal is to complete any revision(s) by the end of the summer.

Publicity Committee purpose is to promote the KRV FSC as a force in the community that has made a difference in producing fire safe communities.  Goals are on file.*

Website Committee purpose is to upgrade and maintain the FSC website to (1) provide information and access to FSC services in support of the residentメs needs in their efforts to improve fire safety of their property and home (2) to provide information about the council and itsメ programs, and (3) to solicit volunteer effort and funds to support the FSCメs work ヨ in priority order.  Goals are on file.*

Education Committee purpose is to develop educational material and events to promote fire safe environments and attitudes among the KRV FSC boundary of influence.  Goals are on file*

*Committees goals are too lengthy to include in the minutes.  Available on request.


Jim Davis shared photos of a recent one acre fuel reduction project adjoining the FSC/ BLM fuel reduction grant project a few years ago.  This acre ties the two projects together on the eastern corner.  Jim, at his own expense, hired a contractor to do the work.  Jim mentioned that there are 6-8メ high ceanothus remaining on BLM property near the now existing fuel break.  Robin will coordinate with Jim regarding a possible newspaper article regarding モprivate citizen taking responsibility for creating defensible space.ヤ



Grants:  Ed Royce reported for Patrick Pontes, Grant Administrator, giving updates on the one remaining on-going grant project; two approved 2008 grants and the five 2009 submitted grant proposals. Ed will send copies of the grant proposals to Robin and Christine.


Fundraising:  Lloyd reports fundraising efforts will continue with reminder letters to Property Associations regarding existing pledges and soliciting new pledges. He will continue grant proposals to the Kern County Community Foundation for further funding.  Margaret Belz reports that a recent hot dog モfeedヤ for Century 21 personnel raised $71.50 to benefit the Fire Safe Council.  Lloyd will send a thank you to Paul Mooney of Century 21. Recently received were sustaining membership contributions of $250.00 from Bea and Lloyd Smith, and $300 from Tom Parkin.  These will be acknowledged with thank you letters.


Chipper Days:  Margaret Belz reports the 2008 Chipper Day calendar thus far: 

            March 29th ヨ Walker Pass

            April 5th ヨ Frontier Trails

            May 17th ヨ Pala Ranches

            May 31st ヨ Alta Sierra

Margaret has sent out the necessary pre-registration form to the above POAメs. Tom Parkin feels certain Squirrel Valley POA will schedule their chipper day event soon.

Speakers Bureau: Robin Wyatt-Little reports a very successful FSC program was given to the Lake Isabella-Bodfish POA on February 12th. with 32 residents attending.  Lloyd Smith and Rey Ramirez gave an interesting program dealing with whom and what is the FSC and an update of the Bodfish Canyon fuel reduction grant project to begin in May this year. Lloyd suggested Robin contact Dave Freeland, President of the KRV Exchange Club to schedule a FSC program.  Robin will do this.

Robin asked for suggestions for possible audiences who would like a FSC program.  Robin is working with Captain Richard Grove from Havilah to schedule a FSC program for that area.

Bylaws:  Ed Royce reports there are minimal changes needed for the bylaws.  He will work on these changes with a deadline in mind for the end of summer.

Publicity:  Robin reports that Emily has written an article about the FSC program at Lake Isabella-Bodfish POA meeting.  This will be submitted this week.  Robin submitted an article to the KVSun sharing information about the モEmber Phenomenonヤ evidenced in the recent southern California fires.  The publicity committee will meet with the KVSun editor on Friday to discuss future articles.  Robin asked Emily if she would write an article on the Phase 1 Bodfish Canyon fuel reduction Project.  Emily will network with Rey Ramirez for information.

Website:  Ed reports that work continues on the website remodel.  Getting the domain name (URL ownership) transferred is in the works and Ed will try to have this done for the April 1st deadline.  Ed feels the site is now much more organized and user friendly.  Another new feature will be direct links to Margaret and Tom for chipper days and also to Robin for speakers bureau scheduling.   GOOD JOB ALI !

Education:  Lloyd reports that two more roadside signs are ready.  Cindy Thill mentioned that she has managed to secure the original chosen site for the Rte.178/Borel sign.  We are still aiming for 3/31 deadline but Cindy will call Cal Trans if this canメt be met.  Cindy commented that the sign by Paulメs Place is no longer seasonal and needs to be changed.  Unanimous agreement.  Ed Royce made a motion that the FSC use $650.00 from the educational fund to order another sign.  Tom Parkin ヨ second.  Unanimous approval.  At this point, Dave Brinsfield, said that BLM would share the cost 50/50.  THANK YOU BLM !  Cindy Thill will provide Lloyd with the new message and the sign will be ordered.  It was also mentioned that the Havilah sign is at the Forest Service yard. Lloyd will take it to the sign painter to attempt to remove the graffiti.  Cindy Thill will develop a seasonal sign rotation calendar for our road signs.  THANK YOU CINDY!  

Lloyd asked if it might be time to develop new brochures for the FSC.  He suggested information such as building codes, planning for evacuation and also an モin placeヤ plan.  Perhaps a native plant list.  It was suggested that perhaps a new brochure would be developed for all KC FSCメs specific to POAメs and individuals.  Debbie suggests that this is a positive step to coordinate so that KC FSCメs are giving the same information to the public.  Robin gave Lloyd a sample of all the brochures that are currently being distributed at the Speaker Bureau programs.  Lloyd will inventory our current collection and then make a specific recommendation for a new brochure


Old Business:

Lloyd Smith requested approval from the Board for him to attend the next State FSC workshop.  Unanimous approval.

Lloyd gave an update on the KRV CWPP.  Everything is in place for the appropriate signatures.  Rey Ramirez will secure the KCFD signatures and then pass it to BLM

New Business:

The  Resource Conservation and Development District funding for FY 2009 has been zeroed in the Presidentメs budget.  It was suggested that the KRV FSC send a letter to Congressman McCarthy requesting he work for reinstalling this funding into the  U.S. Department of Agriculture Budget.  Unanimous approval.  Lloyd will attend to this.


Kern County Fire Department:  Rey Ramirez reports that the Fuels Crew will be ready on or about March 15th.  Crew 87 will start work on the Bodfish Canyon Fuel Reduction project approximately May 1st. 

Rey believes that Wildfire Awareness week is scheduled for May 6th ヨ 12th.  Rey will confirm this and will also see to it that KCFD, FSCメs and other Fire Agencies are scheduled to appear before the Kern County Board of Supervisors asking for the annual recognition of Wildfire Awareness Week.  Rey is also working with Mary Beth Garrison on the Living With Wildfire newspaper inserts.  These will be distributed during Wildfire Awareness Week and will have a new cover photo.  Mary Beth would appreciate having wildfire photos specific to each KC FSC area for the insert. Discussion followed regarding ideas to publicize wildfire education:  Demonstrations of flame lengths on grasses uncut and those that have been cut.  Lloyd suggested an article in the paper educating people about fire dangers with propane tanks and necessary prevention around the tanks.  Kim Mullins offered ideas about getting the モwordヤ out such as inserts for grocery bags and poster materials for Post Offices etc.  Robin will network with Kim about some of these ideas.  Rey reports that the KCFD ASV (All Season Vehicle) purchase is in progress.

Forest Service:  Scott Williams requested copies of FSC committee descriptions from Lloyd.  Scott reports that Chris Ryan and Judy Forbes are making great progress on the reorganization of the Collaborative Binder/KRV CWPP, complete with new maps, table of contents, signature pages etc.  Discussion followed regarding necessity of reproducing the finished CWPP Binder in hard copy versus digitally in order to forward to the State FSC and CDF.  Debbie Santiago and Ruth Ellison assured our FSC that the hard copy was sufficient and that the state FSC will put the CWPP Binder on their website with links to our KRV FSC website. Lloyd expressed appreciation for this effort in tidying up all the loose ends for completion.  THANK YOU TO ALL THOSE INVOLVED!

Scott inquired about an adequate inventory of the June 9th Deadline for property clearance signs that KCFD places throughout the Valley.  He has some モClear Choiceヤ signs to augment this effort if needed.  Rey will check on this and get back to Scott.

BLM :  Dave Brinsfield would like to develop Contingency Plans for the FSC area of influence.  He has developed this program elsewhere and will present a program to our FSC soon to explain how this works.  Briefly, this plan shows where houses/structures are located within a given area plus giving firefighters a history of fire and wind behavior in specific areas.  This information is then available in the event of a wildfire situation.

Debbie Santiago is scheduled to submit her remarks to the Grants Clearinghouse Proposal Review Committee regarding Grant applications.



ᄋ        FSC-Camp Owen Relationship:  Robin

ᄋ        Isabella Highlands newspaper article:  Jim Davis/Robin Little

ᄋ        Grant Proposal Copies:  Ed Royce

ᄋ        Thank you to Century 21:  Lloyd Smith

ᄋ        Thank you's to Lloyd & Bea Smith and Tom Parkin

ᄋ        Speakers Bureau Program ヨ Havilah:  Richard Grove/Robin Little

ᄋ        Speakers Bureau/Exchange Club Date:  Robin Little

ᄋ        Bodfish Canyon Fuels Project article:  Emily Diggles

ᄋ        Website URL ownership transfer:  Ed Royce

ᄋ        Roadsign(s) order, rehab and rotation calendar:  Lloyd Smith and Cindy Thill

ᄋ        New Brochure project:  Lloyd Smith

ᄋ        KRV CWPP Signature Page:  Rey Ramirez

ᄋ        RC&D Funding Letter:  Lloyd Smith

ᄋ        Supervisor's Agenda/Wildfire Awareness Week:  Rey Ramirez

ᄋ        KRV CWPP Binder Updates:  Scott Williams, Judy Forbes & Chris Ryan          

  Adjourned.  Lloyd Smith at 11:30 AM

PLEASE REMEMBER:  Next months meeting is scheduled for Thursday, March 20th.  Board of Directors will meet at 8:30 AM.  Stakeholders meeting will begin at 9:30 AM.  Location:  Supervisor McQuiston's Conference Room, Kern County Administration Building, Lake Isabella.

Kern River Valley Fire Safe Council ● PO Box 633, Kernville, CA 93238

General information: Lloyd Smith ● (760) 377-3542

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