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Thursday, August 21, 2008
Those present:  Lloyd Smith, Ed Royce, Patrick Pontes, Supervisor McQuiston, Gordon and Christine Hancock, Tom Parkin and Robin Wyatt Little.
President Lloyd Smith convened the meeting at 8:30 AM.  The agenda was approved.
Minutes were read, corrections noted as changed.  Motion to approve, Chris Hancock. 2nd, Ed Royce.  Unanimous approval.
Treasurer Christine Hancock reports an operating account balance of $581.02.  Grant balances are:  Bodfish Canyon Project, $2,959.50; Kennedy Meadows Project, $1500.00 and State Farm Insurance Grant, $592.88.  Approved invoices have been paid.
Motion to approve, Ed Royce. 2nd, Robin Wyatt Little.  Unanimous approval.
Calendar updates were noted.  Copies distributed.  Ed Royce requested digital calendar updates for the website.  Robin will see to this.
Updated attendance list was distributed.
GRANTS:  Grant Administrator Patrick Pontes reports the Kennedy Meadows Roadside Hazard Reduction project is complete.  The final invoice has been paid.  The final quarterly grant report was completed and sent to the State.  We exceeded our $7000.00 match on this project by $7,384.00 for a total match of $14,384.
The Bodfish Canyon Escape Route Brushing Project is underway and as of 9/10/08, 11 acres have been treated.  This represents about 1/3 of the total project area.  NOTE:  Cal Fire has been looking for success stories of wildfires stopped or slowed by Grant funded fuels modification projects.  On 9/5 there was a vehicle accident on Bodfish Canyon Road at a location Kern Fire Crews had just finished brush clearing and piling.  The cleared area at the accident site prevented a wildfire that had the potential to destroy homes in the area.  Photos and an account of this have been sent to Cal Fire.  Patrick will also submit this story to the local Kern Valley Sun.
KCFD has submitted an invoice for this project thus far in the amount of $16,532.00.  Motion to pay this invoice by Gordon Hancock.  2nd, Tom Parkin.  Unanimous approval.
2009 Grant Proposals:
Pala Shaded fuel break:  No new information.
Bodfish Canyon Phase II Fuel break Project:  KCFD is working on License to Enter letters.  BLM is developing the requirements for environmental compliance.
Piute Meadows Community Roadside Brushing/Chipping Project: No new information.
California FSC’s newsletter:  Two new Grant Programs are available:  S&PF Western Competitive Grants Program and CALFED Watershed Program Grant Program. The Western Competitive Program requires a 50-50 match which we cannot meet.  CALFED Watershed Grant Program is designed to enhance and monitor Watershed Management Plans which falls outside the KRV FSC purview.
REMINDER:  The KV FSC Collaborative meeting will follow the October 16th regular FSC meeting to select and prioritize projects for 2010 grant proposals.
Another grant task will be to develop the pre-project license to enter process.
FUNDRAISING:   Nothing new to report.
CHIPPER DAYS:  Tom Parkin completed the data for the Alta Sierra chipper project.  Lloyd will add this to the ongoing data compilation for chipper days. Tom will send this data to Penny Lampkins for their records and get a digital copy to Ed Royce for the website.
Tom reports that the Pala Ranches chipper day is still in the planning stage and does not have a definite date as yet.

SPEAKERS BUREAU:  Robin reports that she and Debbie will give a FSC program to the South Fork Women’s Club today.  Gordon and Christine Hancock will have a FSC information table at the Peddler’s Faire tomorrow and possibly on Saturday.  Next week the Hancock’s will also host a FSC table at the Health Fair.  BIG THANKS TO GORDAN AND CHRISTINE FOR ALL THEY DO!
BYLAWS:  Nothing new to report.
PUBLICITY: Patrick will send the photo(s) and article to the KVSUN re the Bodfish Canyon car accident.  Robin will notify Cathy beforehand that Patrick is sending the info.  Robin will
write an article to accompany Brandon Muncy’s (KV Sun) photos of the award plaques presented to Crew 87, Randy Griffin and Supervisor McQuiston.

WEBSITE:  Ed Royce has received adequate comments regarding the website and will incorporate them into the updating process.
EDUCATION:  Message board #9 is complete and will be stored with the Forest Service.  After research by Mark Kingsbury (KCFD) a parcel suitable for reposting the FSC roadside sign was located.  Lloyd sent a letter to Mark & Dorothy Mutz asking permission to post the sign on their parcel located at the NE corner of Caliente-Bodfish Road and Walser Road.  Mr. & Mrs. Mutz responded with a gracious letter granting permission to post the FSC sign. Thank you to Richard Grove and Mark Kingsbury for making this happen.
Lloyd submitted a funding proposal to “Connections” through the Kern Community Foundation for Children’s Wildfire Awareness Poster Contest.
OLD BUSINESS:  Discussion regarding the purchase of Microsoft Office 2003 so all FSC Board participants can communicate easily.
No action taken at this time.
NEW BUSINESS:  Discussion with Supervisor McQuiston regarding the Sierra Nevada Conservancy grant program. Supervisor McQuiston (SNC Board Member) asked for a meeting to discuss this.  Ed Royce will coordinate this with Judy Hyatt.
A gentleman requested the FSC to sponsor a demonstration of the “barricade gel” that is being used during a wildfire event to protect structures.  This might be a good event for Spring 2009 Wildfire Awareness Week.  Lloyd will coordinate with KCFD and will discuss with KC FSC at upcoming meeting.  To be continued.

·         Chipper day data to be sent digitally to Ed Royce:  Tom Parkin
·         Ed Royce to coordinate a meeting with Supervisor McQuiston, Judy Hyatt regarding the Sierra Nevada Conservancy Grant Program.
·         Robin will write article re awards presented by FSC. DONE
·         Robin will update calendar items and begin 2009 basic calendar.
·         Tom Parkin will confirm Pala Ranches chipper project.
·         Ed Royce will refine website per suggestions.
·         Pat Pontes will send article re Bodfish Canyon car accident and fuels project to KC SUN.
·         Robin will notify KV Sun re above article from Pat. DONE
·         Christine will prepare 2009 FSC budget.
·         Lloyd will research Microsoft 2003 information.
·         Lloyd to research barricade gel demonstration.
·         Lloyd will discuss barricade gel demonstration with KC FSC participants.

KRV Fire Safe Council

Stakeholders Meeting

Additional attendees:  Cindy Thill, Scott Williams, Debbie Santiago, Lonnie Blank, KCFD Crew 87, Randy Griffin, Jim Phillips, KCFD Deputy Chief Phil Castle and KCFD Captain Loren Lange.
Meeting called to order at 9:20 AM.  Introductions were made.
Agenda was adopted.
President Lloyd Smith presented appreciation plaques to Crew 87, retiring Crew 87 Team Leader, Captain Randy Griffin and to Supervisor Jon McQuiston.  Lloyd expressed FSC gratitude to the recipients for their commitment to the KRV FSC mission and fire safe projects.  Deputy Chief Phil Castle and Captain Loren Lange praised the commitment and hard work of Crew 87 and to Randy Griffin’s years of service.  Succeeding Crew Team Leader Jim Phillips thanked the FSC and Randy Griffin.  Supervisor McQuiston graciously accepted his plaque, expressing praise for the FSC and KCFD’s outstanding fire protection for KRV and Kern County citizens. Crew 87 team members individually thanked the FSC as well as Randy and Jim for the mentorship and opportunity to plan their futures with KCFD.
Discussion developed with Supervisor McQuiston and later, Deputy Chief Castle regarding future FSC projects, funding availabilities for year round fuel crews and equipment.  Supervisor McQuiston requested ASV and Chipper equipment costs.  Deputy Castle will forward this information to the Supervisor.  NOTE:  The point was made that although an ASV is more expensive than a chipper, the ASV requires only two personnel as opposed to a minimum chipper crew of 6-8.  However, the ASV is somewhat limited as to topography capabilities i.e. steep terrain.
A principle concern is how to fund maintenance of fuel projects once completed.  There was unanimous agreement that “follow-up” funding is needed to refresh project areas in order to maintain the integrity of the original grant project.  Currently, grants do not cover maintenance of previous grant funded projects
CALENDAR:  Robin submitted a calendar for the remainder of 2008 noting the Pala Ranches BBQ on September 27th and the Health Faire on September 29th.  Robin will develop the basic 2009 calendar with specific dates added as they develop.  Ed Royce requests the calendar for inclusion on the FSC website.
Attendance list updates were distributed to those attending.
GRANTS:  Patrick submitted a written report updating the status of all grants, current and future.  Report is on file.
A reminder that the Collaborative meeting will follow the October 16th general FSC meeting.  2010 grant proposals, project prioritization for grant applications and development of pre-project license to enter process will be discussed.
FUNDRAISING:  Nothing new.
CHIPPER DAYS:  Tom Parkin has compiled the Alta Sierra chipper day data and will send to Penny Lampkins for their records. Tom is coordinating with Pala Ranches for a chipper day date.

SPEAKERS BUREAU:  Robin and Debbie will speak to the South Fork Women’s Club today.  Gordon and Christine Hancock will have a FSC table at the Peddler’s Faire tomorrow and also at the Health Faire on September 29th.
BY LAWS: Nothing new to report. 
WEBSITE: Ed will incorporate website suggestions as he and the webmaster update the site.
PUBLICITY:  Robin will submit an article about the FSC awards.
Robin will notify KV Sun editor of impending article from Pat Pontes about Bodfish Canyon/Car Accident.
Education:  Lloyd and Debbie will follow through with distribution of the KRV FSC CWPP (with fuels projects) to KRV libraries.
KCFD Crew 87 has completed 11 acres (1/3) of the Bodfish Canyon Fuels Project.
The KC FSC meeting is scheduled for September 24th, 1:30 PM at the Olive Drive KCFD facility.
FOREST SERVICE:  Scott Williams, Ken Stevens and Deputy Chief Phil Castle will be touring Alta Sierra for the purpose of monitoring the hazard reduction clearance inspection process and compliance.  Possibility of scheduling a “field trip” to Alta Sierra for FSC participants during Wildfire Awareness Week in spring 2009.  To be discussed further.
Scott reminded folks about the FS sponsored Training Opportunity titled “Fire Effects Monitor” to be held November 18 & 19 at the FS Kernville Ranger Station. This event targets anyone interested in doing, or knowledge about fire monitoring duties on prescribed burns and wild land fire operations. For further information please call Scott at 760-376-3781 ext. 620 or email at
BLM:  Debbie has printed the needed CWPP copies and will be getting them in booklet form soon.  She will work with Lloyd distributing them to KRV Libraries.
RC&D:  No report.

Lonnie Blank reports that letters have been sent to residents regarding hazard reduction work.  Lonnie was advised to call Station 76 and request KCFD to walk the area and make note of those property owners who are not complying with defensible space treatment guidelines.  The POA BBQ is 9/27, 5PM.  Debbie Santiago, Ken Stevens, Robin Wyatt Little and possibly Lloyd Smith will attend. 

Spring 2009 Living Green – no action yet.(Robin/Lloyd)
Assistance for those cited for not clearing on private property – no action yet. Lloyd
Robin sent letter of support for RC&D to Sierra Nevada Conservancy.
·         Red Zone software evaluation – Debbie
·         FSC brochures/leaflets – Bob Lechtreck
·         Recruiting Alta Sierra residents for FSC participation – Robin
·         Distribute FSC CWPP to KRV Libraries – Debbie/Lloyd
REMINDER:  October 16th is the next meeting date. Board meeting at 8:30 AM; General meeting is at 9:30 AM and Collaborative Meeting to follow General Meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 11:25 AM.
Respectfully submitted by Robin Wyatt-Little, Secretary



Kern River Valley Fire Safe Council ● PO Box 633, Kernville, CA 93238

General information: Lloyd Smith ● (760) 377-3542

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