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August 18, 2005

Those present: Marcine Hughes ,Sharon Rooney, Rich Olson, Delores Walmer, Emily Diggles, , Scott Williams, Cindy Thill, Jim Davis, Robert Robinson, Gaby Kidwell, Harry Love, Rob Stone, Ed Royce and Robin Wyatt-Little.

President Marcine Hughes convened the meeting at 8:35 AM. Introductions were made for Gaby Kidwell, President of the Sequoia Crest Community POA; Harry Love, also of the Sequoia Crest POA and Rob Stone, CDF Fire Captain, Tulare County.

The July 21, 2005 minutes were approved. Sharon Rooney – 1st. Rich Olson – 2nd. Treasurers’ Report: Sharon Rooney.

Sharon Rooney reports an operating account balance of $687.61. Myers Canyon Grant balance is $100,620.15 and Tehachapi CWPP Grant balance is $5,000.00. Robin Wyatt-Little – 1st. Delores Walmer – 2nd. Unanimous approval.

Grant(s) Report: Rich Olson.

l. The Alta Sierra Fuels Reduction Grant is completed. Final bills are being paid. Rich reports very positive feedback from the residents. Crews 87 and 7 are cleaning up the last of the storm debris along with the Forest Service crew. These piles will be burned when cooler weather returns.

2. The Myers Canyon Grant period closed July 31, 2005. The CWPP component is in its’ final draft and met with good feedback from those present. The CWPP will be submitted with the final grant report along with a photo CD of the project before, during and after. The signatory sign-off page is complete. Rich estimates that 250-300 tons of fuel was removed from the project area based on Fuel Models 3 & 4. Beginning fuel volume estimates were 13 tons per acre with 3 tons per acre remaining i.e. trees, selected brush etc.

It is Richs’ understanding that BLM has released more funds into California for wildfire mitigation purposes, most of which is earmarked for San Bernardino County. The Kern County FSC is attempting to get Kern County officially listed as part of southern California which will qualify Kern County for a portion of these funds. Historically, Kern County has not been officially included in either northern or southern California in terms of geographic funding allocations.

Rich reports that last year when KCFD submitted the Rodgers Road Extension/Fuel Reduction grant application through the Western States Fire Managers, the application received the tenth ranking out of sixty submissions. This year Rich will submit the same application under the auspices of the KRV FSC. The Plater Road fuel reduction grant application will also be resubmitted through the KRV FSC. Clearinghouse submission period will be January 1, 2006 through February 28, 2006.

The KRV FSC CWPP amendment process is progressing.
Forest Service: Scott Williams and Cindy Thill.

In preparation for the October Collaborative meeting, Scott is getting the SHAPE files collected and up to date for GIS use. Scott will schedule the October meeting in the early part of the month to allow for busy schedules.

Cindy Thill brought us up to date regarding the October 24th-26th International Forestry Tour. There will be approximately fifteen visitors. Cindy felt that a tour of the Alta Sierra project area would be ideal for their day-long visit. Marcine will let Penny Lampkins know about the tour date.

Cindy spoke about the abundance of arson prevention information and materials “out there” which we can check out to see what might work for the KRV. She shared informational material previously used by the Forest Service for door-to-door contacts.

Robin suggested a committee be formed to work with Cindy, reviewing materials so a presentation can be made to the larger FSC group. Agreed. Scott Williams stated that if the FSC and partners agree to use 4’ x 8’ arson prevention road signs, the FS would commit to helping with the funding and would ask the other partners to contribute.

It was agreed that spring 2006 might be a good target date for the implementation of the Arson Prevention/Education project.

Myers Canyon: Emily Diggles.
Emily offered appreciation for the fuel reduction project and the CWPP. Once the CWPP is finalized it will be shared with the Lake Isabella-Bodfish POA officers as well as fire fighting/prevention agencies.

Kennedy Meadows: Ed Royce.
Grant application still in a holding pattern. Ed will work with Rich developing a request for proposal (RFP) for a CWPP contractor once the grant application has been processed.

Ed reports that their volunteer fire department has new recruits.

All quiet for the Sawmill and Frontier Trail POA’s.

Sequoia Crest POA: Gaby Kidwell, Harry Love and CDF Captain Rob Stone.

This POA is located in Tulare County, east of Springville. They are at a 6700’ elevation, on a slope and surrounded by big trees i.e. cedar and fir. They have 99 cabins and 128 vacant lots with 8 full-time residents. These folks want to be proactive regarding wildfire mitigation. They would like to explore the possibility of establishing their own Fire Safe Council and look into grant opportunities to fund a CWPP. Good discussion followed. Rich Olson and Ed Royce will work with this group and share the Kennedy Meadows CWPP grant application. As Ed stated, “they are parallel to Kennedy Meadows POA regarding their wildfire risk situation.” Rich Olson might speak to this group as their Labor Day annual meeting. It was also determined that there are Prop 40 CDF funds for this group to facilitate their projects. Rob Stone will be working with Sequoia Crest as this process moves along.

Rich Olson said that if help is needed for the County Fair booth, we will be contacted by KCFD. At this point there doesn’t seem to be a great need for extra help but FSC volunteers will be accommodated if interested.

September FSC meeting scheduled for September 15, 2005.
Meeting adjourned at 10:30 AM.
Respectfully submitted by: Robin Wyatt-Little, Secretary

Kern River Valley Fire Safe Council ● PO Box 633, Kernville, CA 93238

General information: Lloyd Smith ● (760) 377-3542 or Robin Little ● (760) 376-6842

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