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Thursday, February 19th, 2009

Board of Directors Meeting

Those attending: Lloyd Smith, Ed Royce, Patrick Pontes, Gordon and Christine Hancock, Barbara Likens, Derrick Davis, Bob Robinson, Debbie Santiago and Robin Wyatt-Little.
Lloyd convened the meeting at 8:30 once a quorum was established.

MINUTES: Motion to accept – Christine Hancock. Second – Ed Royce. Unanimous.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Christine reports an operating account balance of $3499.99. Grant balances are: Bodfish Canyon is $17,914.00. Lloyd presented a bill for recent award plaques. Christine received two grant checks, to be deposited. Christine tells us that she has talked with a local accountant re a FSC 5 year audit. The Board gave Chris approval to proceed with the audit at approximately $350.00. Motion for this action – Lloyd. Second – Ed. Unanimous approval. Chris is waiting for the insurance statement. Last premium was $310.00. Motion to pay the premium when it arrives – Robin. Second – Ed. Unanimous approval. Regarding FSC tax preparation: Chris has received a $500.00 estimate thus far but will continue to research other tax preparation costs. Robin will ask a friend if she is interested in taking this on. Chris reports donations deposited: Lloyd and Bea Smith - $250.00, Isabella Highlands - $100.00. The KVSUN invoice was paid using the State Farm Educational Grant balance ($592.88) and $132.12 from the FSC operating account. Motion to accept the treasurer’s report – Ed Royce. Second – Barbara Likens. Unanimous approval. Chris will process 1099’s for Patrick Pontes and Ken Delfino for 2008 income.

Agenda approved.

Patrick shared a recent California State Fire Safe Council statement regarding our FSC. They are very impressed with our grant projects and “enormously” impressed 
with the level of volunteerism associated with our grant projects. It was agreed that this comment is due largely to Ed Royce’s involvement on FSC grant processes. THANK YOU ED! Lloyd commented that he enjoys working with this FSC because “we get things done”. 

GRANTS: Patrick reports the following:
· Bodfish Canyon Escape Route Brushing Project is now complete. Patrick is preparing the photo monitoring and final report to submit to the State FSC.

· 2009 Grant Projects:

· Pala Shaded Fuelbreak: Still in the environmental compliance process and the package should be to the BLM at the end of February. 1st quarter report due 2/28/09. A check for $5000 has arrived and will help to cover initial costs. Once we have the environmental compliance clearance the funding will be sent. 
· Piute Meadows Community Roadside Brushing and Chipping Project: This project has been cleared for environmental clearance. Once the license-to-enter agreements are in place we can begin the project. Returned agreements are 70%. BLM has released the funds which should arrive soon.
· ASV Machine Purchase Proposal: Patrick learned from the Sierra Nevada Conservancy that this project is not considered competitive without an associated large acreage project. Lloyd asked Ed Royce to send a letter to SNC and to Supervisor McQuiston regarding this specific grant application. Ed agreed to do this.

2010 Grant Projects: 

Bodfish 111 Fuel Reduction Project: Application completed and submitted with match letter to CFSC on 2/17/09. Grant cost at $110,400 with a match of $11,190 (FSC is $1,100 and KCFD is $10,090. 

Burma Interagency Extension Project: Application completed and submitted with match letter to CFSC on 2/17/09. Grant cost at $96,400 with a match of $9,790 (FSC is $900.00 and KCFD is $8,890.00)

California Fire Safe Council News: A CWPP (Community Wildfire Protection Plan) survey was sent to all Fire Safe Councils. Ed Royce completed the survey and returned. (THANKS ED/PATRICK) Bottom line is Calif. Fire Alliance is 
determining need for a CWPP workshop for Fire Safe Councils. CCC’s may be eliminated: CFSC warning FSC’s to have a back up plan for project work.

FUNDRAISING: Lloyd reports that thank you letters have been sent for recent donations. Lloyd has sent sustaining member donation request letters (48) to organizations; businesses; property owner associations and individuals.

CHIPPER DAYS: Derrick Davis, KCFD has stated that KCFD has a hiring freeze in place which may delay bring the Fire Crews on this year. Usually they are ready for chipper days in early April but this year it may be in May. Those having reserved May dates thus far will be notified to select an alternative date.
Derrick suggested support letters from individuals and the KRV FSC to the Board of Supervisors would be helpful in securing the Fire Crews for 2009. Robin will submit a support letter for KRV FSC. Derrick suggested an alternative for chipper days should fire crew hiring be delayed: If residents can haul their brush to a common location KCFD will bring the ASV and mulch the collective brush pile as opposed to the chipper moving from one brush pile to another.

SPEAKERS BUREAU: (see Stakeholders minutes) 

PUBLICITY: Robin submitted an article regarding the above FSC program which appeared in the 2/18/09 issue of the Kern Valley Sun.

WEBSITE: No report at this time.

EDUCATION: Debbie Santiago has proposed for consideration, a “Home Ignitability Assessment” course for Kern County Fire Safe Councils and interested parties such as the Board of Supervisors. Debbie’s overview proposed a one day course to be held at the KCFD office on Victor Street in Bakersfield. There would be a tour of residences in each of the KCFSC’s areas on the second day
with perhaps a beginning point at one of the KCFD Stations with refreshments and various displays pertaining to wildfire mitigation. Pat Durland, the speaker, is from the National Firewise Organization. Total cost per FSC is estimated to be $1200-$1500k. However, Debbie will try to secure funding from other sources before assessing the individual FSC’s. Debbie suggests this event be held just prior to Wildfire Awareness Week. Suggested dates would be May 1, May 2 and
May 3. The Board agreed this is a worthwhile, educational effort and asked Debbie to proceed with arrangements. Lloyd suggested one FSC person to work with Debbie and Derrick on this project. Lloyd will select someone. Motion to proceed with arrangements – Lloyd. Second – Robin. Unanimous approval.

Check local person to do taxes – Robin 
Get estimate for tax preparation & audit – Christine 
Prepare 1099 forms for Patrick and Ken – Christine 
Thank you letter to Cal Trans – Lloyd 
CWPP updates – Lloyd 
Fire Crew support letter – Robin and All 
Appoint FSC member to work with Debbie/Derrick – Lloyd 
Send Nov., Jan & Feb attendance sheets to Patrick – Robin 
Check with KVSUN & Courier re Wildfire insert placement – Robin 
Ideas to Mary Beth Garrison/Debbie re Living w/ Wildfire – All 

Meeting adjourned at 9:30 AM.

Stakeholders Meeting
Thursday, February 19th, 2009

Additional attendees: Rick Larson, Scott Williams, Cindy Thill, Lonnie Blank, Ted Little.

Meeting was convened at 9:45 AM.

Agenda adopted.

AWARDS: Lloyd Smith presented appreciation plaques to Scott Williams of the Forest Service and Debbie Santiago of the Bureau of Land Management.
Both agency representatives are highly valued FSC partners and were acknowledged as such. District Ranger Rick Larson expressed his support and appreciation for the efforts of this FSC. 

Lloyd smith reports that Cal Trans has done a terrific job of brush clearing along Hwy 178 in the Walker Pass area. Lloyd will send a letter to Cal Trans thanking them for their contribution to the FSC goals.

· May 1, 2&3 – Home Ignition Assessment Workshop: TENTATIVE DATES
· May 2nd – Squirrel Valley Chipper Day
· May 9th – Pala Ranches Chipper Day
· June 6 – Greenhorn Chipper Day 

ATTENDANCE LIST: No changes at this time. Reminder that these lists are needed so Patrick can record volunteer time for grant reports. 

GRANTS: Patrick submitted a written grant(s) report which is on file. See previous report in Board Meeting Minutes.

Patrick asked for discussion regarding the ASV (All Surface Vehicle) Grant application to the Sierra Nevada Conservancy. Patrick was notified that this application was “not competitive” because this was solely for a piece of equipment and was not part of a larger on-the-ground project. Lloyd asked Ed Royce to send a letter to the SNC and to Supervisor McQuiston regarding this specific grant application. Ed agreed to do this. 

FUNDRAISING: Lloyd reports that 48 sustaining member donation request letters have been sent.

CHIPPER DAYS: Lloyd reports that the Kernville Chamber of Commerce Rodeo Grounds chipping project was taken care of as requested. THANK YOU TO JIM ROCHA AND CREW! 

Derrick Davis, KCFD reports that due to budget constraints, fire crews may be delayed this year. Support letters to KCFD and Board of Supervisors would be helpful, citing the value of these crews in wildfire mitigation efforts throughout the KRV, Walker Pass and Walker Basin. Crews may not be on the ground until mid-May. Alternative chipper day dates should be selected by both Squirrel Valley and Pala Ranches. These folks will be notified accordingly. It was suggested that there should be another article regarding Chipper Days, explaining how they work etc. Robin will look into this.

SPEAKERS BUREAU: Robin reports a very successful program was given to the Lake Isabella/Bodfish Property Owners Assn. on Feb. 10th. Forty-three people attended and they asked several questions of Derrick Davis as he explained the Bodfish Canyon Roadside Fuel Reduction projects, 1,2 & 3. Captain Mike Heffner explained the purpose and contents of the KCFD Fire Boxes being placed in strategic locales throughout the KRV. Debbie Santiago also addressed the group with her usual enthusiasm and constructive ideas.

Robin will secure locale from Penny Lampkins for the May 24th program at Alta Sierra (Greenhorn Mtn. POA.)

Publicity: Robin submitted an article regarding the Lake Isabella/Bodfish POA program. Cindy Thill suggested an article updating new requirements for wild fire safety measures such as specifications for chimney cap screening and size of attic vent screening. Robin will develop this. Robin will also arrange for local publicity for Wildfire Awareness Week activities involving the KRV FSC. (Home Ignition Assessment Workshop and Board of Supervisors Wildfire Awareness Proclamation.)

WEBSITE: Ed reports that as of Sunday, February 22, 2009 “.com” is gone from our website. Only “.org” from now on ( [KRV has been grabbed by a commercial organization so we need to emphasize that this is NOT our website.]
Ed and the webmaster have been “tweaking” various components of the site and will continue to do so. Ed asked Robin to send a photo of a speaker’s bureau presentation. Robin will do that.

EDUCATION: Mary Beth Garrison, Debbie Santiago and Derrick Davis will be working on the Living With Wildfire newspaper insert. Suggestions are still needed. Debbie has delivered the CWPP binders to the local libraries. 

Debbie and Derrick are working on the development of the Home Ignition Assessment Workshop for the KCFSC’s. Details to be finalized soon. Debbie is researching funding. (See Board of Director’s Minutes.) Ideas were discussed as to specific displays etc. for the KRV FSC location on the second day. Smokey Bear, display board, chipper, refreshments and home tours etc.
Cindy Thill offered other suggestions regarding involvement of local hardware stores. All to be developed.

· Article re Awards – Robin
· Get Greenhorn locale for 5/24 program – Robin
· Letter re SNC ASV grant – Ed
· Alert Sq. Vly. and Pala Ranches re chipper dates – Tom
· Article about chipper Days – Robin/Tom
· Arrange publicity for Wildfire Awareness Week events - Robin 
· Develop article re fire safety spec’s/screening etc. – Robin
· Evaluate Red Zone Software – Debbie
· Chipper Day request forms for KCFD Stations – Tom
· Walker Pass chipper Day Date – Lloyd
· Isabella Highlands chipper Date – Pete & Jim
· Piute Meadows meeting date – Richard & Robin 
Meeting was adjourned at 11:30 AM.

Respectfully submitted by Robin Wyatt-Little, Secretary

NEXT MEETING IS MARCH 19TH: 8:30 Board of Directors, 9:30 is Stakeholders. Supervisor McQuiston’s conference room, Lake Isabella.

Bring a guest or several for that matter.


Kern River Valley Fire Safe Council ● PO Box 633, Kernville, CA 93238

General information: Lloyd Smith ● (760) 377-3542 or Robin Little ● (760) 376-6842

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