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Board of Directors and Stakeholders Meetings

Thursday, March 19th, 2009

Board of Directors Meeting

Those attending: Lloyd Smith, Ed Royce, Christine and Gordon Hancock, Derrick Davis and Robin Wyatt-Little.

Meeting convened at 8:30 AM.
Minutes: Motion to approve – Ed Royce. Second – Lloyd Smith. Unanimous approval.

Treasurer’s Report:
Christine reports the following balances:
· Operating Account - $3584.93
· Bodfish/Phase 1 Grant - $17,914.00
· Pala Ranches Grant - $5000.00
· Bodfish/Phase 11 - $5000.00

Invoice received from Pat Pontes, Grants Administrator. Motion to approve total amount of invoice – Ed Royce. Second – Lloyd Smith. Unanimous approval.

Christine reports receiving checks today from:
· Kern County Firefighters Union - $250.00 (donation)
· Walter Mortensen Insurance - $100.00 (donation)
· CA FSC - $50,000.00 – Piute Grant Project

Christine awaiting Insurance premium billing for $310.00
Christine received approval (Motion for approval – Lloyd Smith. Second – Ed Royce. Unanimous approval.) for estimated cost of tax filing of $350.00 - $400.00.
Christine received final website invoice from Earthlink for $120.20.

Christine reports that the FSC audit will begin in April. Previous FSC records have been obtained for this purpose.

Christine has arranged for E-Statements from the Bank. She will share the log-in address and password with Robin and Officers. 


Agenda was adopted as presented. Unanimous.

GRANTS: Based on Patrick’s written report, Ed Royce reports the following:
· Bodfish Canyon Escape Route Brushing Project: Kern County Fire and Patrick have one additional invoice to submit and the project will be zeroed out. The photo monitoring and Final Report will be sent to the State FSC by the end of the month.

2009 Grant Proposals:
Pala Shaded Fuelbreak:
We are still in the Environmental Compliance process and the package should have been sent to BLM. We received $5000.00 from the State for initial expenses. Once we have environmental clearance we should receive the funding.
Patrick completed the 1st Quarter Progress Report for the project. The 2nd Quarter Report is due April 30th.

Bodfish Canyon Phase 11 Fuelbreak Project: 
We are in the environmental compliance process; the cultural resource report was sent to BLM. We received $5000.00 from the State for initial expenses. Once we have the environmental clearance we should receive State funding.
The 2nd Quarter Progress Report is due to the State April 30th.

Piute Meadows Community Roadside Brushing and Chipping Project:
We have not received the initial $5000.00 for this project yet most of the pre-work is complete. When the “required” License-To-Enter-Agreements are received we can begin this project. Patrick requested $50,000.00 from the State in mid-January and Cathy Brooks made the request on January 28th. We should receive the dollars any day now.* The 3rd Quarter Progress Report is due March 31st.
*(The $50,000.00 was received March 18th.)

2010 Grant Projects: (We should hear by April 20th if we are successful)
Bodfish 111 Fuel Reduction Project:

Grant application completed and submitted with Match Letter to CAFSC on February 17, 2009. Grant cost at $110,400.00 with a Match of $11,190 (KRVFSC at $1100.00 and KCFD at $10,090.)

Burma Interagency Extension Project:
Completed and submitted with Match Letter to CAFSC on February 17, 2009. Grant cost at $96,400.00 with a Match of $9790.00 (KRVFSC $900.00 and KCFD at $8890.00.)

CAFSC NEWS: The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management are sponsoring a workshop titled “How to Comply with Environmental Regulations” to be held March 27th in Pasadena, California. Derrick and Patrick will be attending the workshop.

Submitted by Patrick G. Pontes, KRVFSC Grants Administrator.

Ed Royce in collaboration with Lloyd Smith sent a letter to Supervisor McQuiston regarding the Sierra Nevada Conservancy policy as it pertains to grant funding for large equipment, specifically our application to fund an All Surface Vehicle for fuel reduction/watershed protection projects. No response as yet.

Discussion regarding availability of funding for equipment. To be researched. (The Federal Stimulus Plan has allocated $150 million to California for hazardous fuels reduction projects.)

Lloyd Smith reports the following donations for 2009:
· Received $100.00 from the KRV Exchange Club – Thank you sent.
· Received $50.00 from Emily Diggles – Thank you sent.

Total funds raised thus far for 2009 - $500.00

Lloyd has sent donation request letters to Property Owner Associations.

Derrick Davis reports that the Fire Crews will be “on ground” effective April 25th.
Lloyd smith will contact Squirrel Valley POA and Pala Ranches Representative to confirm preferred dates for their chipper day events. Derrick specified that Loren Lange is still the person to schedule crews but suggested that emails for requests be cc’d to him also.

Robin reports efforts to schedule a FSC program with the Wofford Heights Community Association. No date as yet. Robin also continues to secure a date for a FSC program with the Piute Meadows Community POA. No date as yet.
Lloyd Smith and Debbie Santiago presented a FSC update program to the Exchange Club on February 26th. Well received as always.

The FSC will have a display/educational table at the Living Green Event on Saturday, March 28th. Agency partners will be BLM and KCFD (Deborah Santiago and Derrick Davis). Board members volunteering are Gordon and Christine Hancock, Barbara Likens and Robin Wyatt-Little.

Robin reports that the FSC award articles were in the 3/11/09 and 3/18/09 issues of the Kern Valley Sun. Robin has sent a mini-calendar of FSC events to Brandon Muncy of the KVSUN. Robin will follow up with the local newspapers as FSC events draw near. Robin will talk with the Courier folks about submittals.

Ed and the webmaster are continuously updating the website. Ed reiterated the importance of educating web users that our old .com site was “appropriated” by a commercial interest immediately after we relinquished it. There is no connection to our Fire Safe Council on this .com site. Our site is now “.org.”

Gordon Ehmann has agreed to assist with coordination and logistics for Wildfire Awareness Week events.
Lloyd provided data to Derrick Davis for the Fire Fighters Union contribution to Wildfire Awareness Week conference.
Lloyd sent thank you letter to Cal Trans limbing and brushing along Hwy 178.

Lloyd will obtain CD from Derrick so that updates for Alta Sierra and Myers Canyon can be incorporated into the CWPP.

Debbie Santiago, Scott Williams and Derrick Davis, partners of the KRVFSC Collaborative, met and identified several future fuels reduction projects.

· Myers Canyon & Alta Sierra CWPP Update – Lloyd
· Send Nov., Jan. & Feb. attendance data to Patrick – Robin
· Verify total invoice payment with Patrick – Ed
· Contact Courier re articles - Robin

Meeting adjourned at 9:30 AM.

Stakeholders Meeting
Thursday, March 19th, 2009

Additional attendees: Gordon Ehmann, Deborah Santiago and Lonnie Blank.

Meeting convened at 9:45 AM.

Agenda was adopted. Unanimous.


One change noted: Squirrel Valley Chipper Day will be held on May 16th, not on May 2nd. 
Walker Pass has scheduled their Chipper Day for May 23rd.

Robin will telephone Penny Lampkins to secure arrangements for their May 24th meeting.


Ed Royce delivered the Grant Report as provided by Patrick Pontes, Grants Administrator. (Note: See full report in the BOD Minutes.)


Lloyd Smith reports that fundraising goes well for 2009 with a total $600.00 raised thus far. Lloyd sent a thank you note to Emily Diggles and the Exchange club for their donations.


Lloyd Smith and Debbie Santiago gave a FSC update program to the KRV Exchange Club on February 26th. 

Upcoming program (5/24) will be for the Greenhorn (Alta Sierra) POA when Matt Pontes will present his power point program on the refurbishing of Greenhorn Mountain Park. 

Robin is trying to arrange an initial FSC program for the newly formed Wofford Heights Community Group.

No word as yet on Piute Meadows POA setting a date for their FSC program.


There were two articles in the Kern Valley Sun this month, highlighting the Appreciation Awards to the Debbie Santiago (BLM) and Scott Williams (FS) and the FS appreciation award to the KRV FSC presented by Rick Larson, District Ranger.

Robin sent a calendar of upcoming FSC events to Brandon Muncy of the KVSUN.
Robin will also contact the KVCourier regarding articles.


Ed Royce reiterated that our .com website, once relinquished, was bought by a commercial outfit and we need to alert folks to that fact and nothing on that site relates to our FSC. AGAIN: Our website is now “.org”.

Ed will finalize the contact info for the Chipper Day site and will post the two photos of recent KVSUN articles for the FSC.

Ed reports that the KRV CWPP is now on line. Alta Sierra and Meyer’s Canyon CWPP’s will be added to the appendix.


Lloyd reports that 4 of the 9 road signs have “.com” on them. Lloyd will see that “.org” labels are completed and placed over the “.com” printing.

Lloyd has received inquiries from Lassen County FSC and Angles Forest Valley & Lakes FSC regarding the KRV Fireboxes. Lloyd will send pertinent Firebox info to these folks.

Lloyd sent a thank you letter to Cal Trans for the fuel reduction/road brushing work they have completed in the Walker Pass area.

Debbie Santiago has placed the KRV FSC updated CWPP in all KRV Libraries with another to be placed in the Mobile Library Unit. THANKS DEBBIE.


Home Ignition Zone Conference & Workshop: Debbie reports that Pat Durland (conference facilitator/speaker) will arrive Thursday, April 30th.

The schedule thus far is: 

Friday, May 1st – Classroom portion to be held 9 AM to 4:30 PM at the BLM Conference Room, 3801 Pegasus Drive, Bakersfield. Lunch will be served. (Note: Conference room has a capacity maximum of 70.) 

Sunday, May 3rd – Pat Durland will be in the KRV to give a brief overview of Home Ignition Zones and to tour 2-3 homes for assessments. We will begin at the Lake Isabella Fire Station at 9 or 10 AM with light refreshments. There was discussion as to the best location for this portion of the Sunday events. General opinion agreed that the Fire Station was the best locale although there will be logistics to contend with given the small space for larger numbers of people. To be developed.
Gordon Ehmann, May 3rd Coordinator gave a report covering development of all aspects of Sunday’s agenda, working with Derrick Davis KCFD and Debbie Santiago BLM. Gordon will schedule a drive-by of the selected homes to ascertain parking, homeowner permission for assessment and to create a map for the tour. Publicity will be coordinated with Gordon, Robin, Debbie and Derrick. Robin will contact both the KVSun and the Courier.

Debbie asked if the KRV FSC would act as fiscal agent for monies donated for the Conference and to have the KRV FSC write the necessary checks for Pat Durland’s fee and conference expenses. She also asked if the KRV FSC could donate $1100.00 toward Conference expenses. On both requests: So moved – Ed Royce. Second – Lloyd Smith. Unanimous approval. Lloyd noted that the recent $250.00 donation from the Kern County Firefighters Union was specified for the Home Ignition Zone Conference. 

Discussion centered around keeping the Sunday agenda close to the Lake Isabella/Bodfish area rather than spreading the tour to other areas in the Valley due to time constraints and logistics. The point was made that this is an educational tool for the FSC. (As well as the local folks who might attend.) Following the Conference the KRV FSC participants will then update/develop a Home Ignition Zone
educational program for the Speakers Bureau which may very well incorporate home ignition zone assessments.

Robin spoke with the KVSUN regarding placement of the Living With Wildfire Inserts in a section other than with all the colored ads. The KVSUN agreed to this suggestion and will proceed accordingly. THANKS KVSUN! 

Final agenda item for Wildfire Awareness Week will be attending the Kern County Supervisor’s meeting on Tuesday, May 5th, 9:30 AM at the Kern County Administration building, 1115 Truxtun Avenue, Bakersfield. Derrick Davis will request a place on the agenda for the Supervisor’s proclamation of wildfire Awareness Week. All FSC stakeholders are encouraged to attend.


The Kern County Fire Safe Council meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, March 25, 2009.


Pala Ranches: Lonnie Blank is notifying property owners about their 5/9 chipper day event. Lonnie was complimented on her perseverance and success in bringing her neighborhood awareness of wildfire safety to an active level.

Squirrel Valley: Gordon Ehmann confirms their chipper day event for 5/16 and invites all FSC participants to attend their BBQ.

Lake Isabella/Bodfish POA: Gordon Hancock thanked Derrick Davis for the Fire Tip telephone number: 877-Fire-Tip. 


· Schedule Piute Meadows POA FSC Program – Robin & Richard Grove
· Chipper Day request forms to KCFD Stations – Tom
· Pala Ranches Chipper Day – Tom & Lonnie Blank
· Squirrel Valley Chipper Day – Tom & Gordon
· Isabella Highlands Chipper Day – Tom & Pete Shanley
· Article about Chipper Days – Tom & Robin
· Develop article on fire safety spec’s/screening – Robin
· Call Penny Lampkins re details for 5/24 program – Robin
· “.org” corrections for road signs – Lloyd
Home Ignition Zone Conference details – Debbie, Derrick, Gordon

Meeting adjourned ll:35 AM

APRIL FSC MEETING WILL BE THURSDAY, APRIL 16TH. Board meeting is 8:30 AM and Stakeholders/General Meeting is 9:30 – 11:30 AM. Meetings are held in Supervisor McQuiston’s Conference Room, 1150 Lake Isabella Blvd.


Kern River Valley Fire Safe Council ● PO Box 633, Kernville, CA 93238

General information: Lloyd Smith ● (760) 377-3542

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