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Board of Directors and Stakeholders Meetings

Thursday, June 18th, 2009

Board of Directors Meeting

Those attending: Lloyd Smith, Ed Royce, Christine and Gordon Hancock, Barbara Likens, Tom Parkin, Patrick Pontes, Derrick Davis and Robin Wyatt Little.
Meeting convened at 8:30 AM.

Minutes: Gordon Hancock moved for approval of May minutes. Second by Barbara Likens. Unanimous approval. NOTE: Due to glitch in the Secretary’s new computer address book, no one received final copy of the minutes for May. Minutes will be resent today.

Treasurer’s Report: Christine reports the following account balances:
Operating account - $1,958.73
Pala Ranches grant balance - $5,000.00
Bodfish Phase 11 grant balance - $5,000.00
Piute Meadow grant balance - $64,500.00
State Farm grant balance - $2,500.00
Bills/receipts/invoices called for: Tom Parkin submitted invoice from Kwik Signs for FSC magnetic signs (4). Robin Wyatt Little moved for payment of invoice. Second by Lloyd Smith. Unanimous approval.

Christine received invoice for $71.24 from Thomas Refuse for the Porta-Potty that was ordered for our Sunday workshop day with Pat Durland at Station 72. Robin Wyatt Little moved for payment of this invoice. Second by Ed Royce. Unanimous approval.

Christine received annual dues invoice from Kernville Chamber of Commerce for $50.00 due June 30th. Lloyd Smith moved for payment. Second by Ed Royce. Unanimous approval. NOTE: Kern Valley Chamber of Commerce membership dues are due September 2009. Lloyd Smith moved for payment when invoice is received. Second by Ed Royce. Unanimous approval.

Christine received the invoice for $2,499.49 from Castle Printing for the Living With Wildfire inserts. Christine will pay this invoice (pre-approved by FSC Board) with the State Farm Insurance grant funds. There will be a .51 balance in the account to be absorbed into the FSC operating account.

Christine received an invoice for $354.90 from the Kern Valley Sun for distribution costs associated with the Living With Wildfire inserts. This invoice was pre-approved by the FSC Board in May and will be paid out of the operating account.

Patrick Pontes submitted an invoice for $3,261.00 for six months grant administration work on the Piute Meadow grant project. Lloyd Smith moved for payment. Second by Ed Royce. Unanimous approval.

KCFD submitted an invoice for $67,766.58 for crew labor on the Piute Meadow grant project. After payment to Patrick Pontes the remaining balance in this grant account is $64,505.58 which will be paid to KCFD. The remaining balance owing to KCFD of $3,261.00 will be paid in July when the next grant funding is received in July.

Christine tells us that our Liability Insurance premium of $636.00 is due July 1st. Sharon Rooney is reviewing the policy package. Following discussion there were two motions: Lloyd Smith moved that the insurance premium be paid when received. Second by Robin Wyatt Little. Unanimous approval. Ed Royce moved that $1,500.00 be transferred into the FSC operating account from both the Pala Ranches grant account and the Bodfish 11 grant account. This would provide a total influx into the operating account of $3,000.00 to cover allowed FSC administrative expenses. Second by Lloyd smith. Unanimous approval.

There was discussion regarding payment made Pat Durland from our FSC account and reimbursement from Tehachapi and Mt. Pinos. There is a question as to a $500.00 balance owing from Mt. Pinos FSC. Lloyd will check into this at the KCFSC meeting.

Christine reports that the audit will begin on Monday, June 23.

Motion to approve treasurer’s report by Ed Royce. Second by Barbara Likens. Unanimous approval.

GRANTS: No action needed.

FUNDRAISING: No action needed.


Tom Parkin showed Board members the new magnetic signs. Excellent!

The Board discussed the missed (4) piles of brush at the recent Alta Sierra Chipper Day. Suggestions have been made to remedy this situation in the future. Specifically, it is suggested that a local resident(s) ride with the crew to help monitor that the list of sign-ups has been completed. Lloyd will speak with Penny Lampkins.

It was also suggested that the FSC try to arrange for a speaker’s program for Alta Sierra residents prior to their next chipper day event.

Robin suggested that an article in the Greenhorn Mtn. POA newsletter prior to their chipper day(s) explaining procedure etc. might be another avenue to eliminate confusion.

There was unanimous agreement these suggestions will eliminate further confusion.

Speakers Bureau: No action needed.

Publicity: No action needed.

Website:  No action needed.


Lloyd Smith will secure the master file of the Living With Fire insert in order to update in preparation for 2010 Wildfire Awareness Week. He will email Mary Beth Garrison about this.

Old Business: No action needed.

New Business:

Tom Parkin referred to a KVSun article about Camp Owen funding during difficult budget issues. Specifically, the article states that Corporate funding is being solicited. Tom has suggested our FSC look into this possibility given the partnership the FSC has with CEO. Ed Royce moved for a $250.00 donation to CEO once we have the definitive information about this type of funding for Camp. Second by Christine Hancock. Unanimous approval. Robin will research this information for July meeting.

Resend May minutes to Board – Robin Wyatt Little
Research $500.00 balance from Mt. Pinos FSC – Lloyd Smith
Telephone Penny Lampkins – Lloyd Smith
Research Greenhorn POA Newsletter dates – Robin Wyatt Little
Research CEO Corporate support soliciting – Robin Wyatt Little
Locate extra inserts – Robin Wyatt Little
Submit invoice for Home Ignition event – Gordon Ehmann

Meeting adjourned at 9:30 AM

Stakeholders Meeting
Thursday, June 18th, 2009


Lonnie Blank, Derrick Davis, Brandon Smith and Debbie Santiago.

Meeting convened at 9:45 AM.
Agenda was adopted.
No calendar updates at this time.
No additions to attendance list at this time.

Committee Activity Reports:

Grants: Patrick reports the following:
Pala Shaded Fuelbreak – We are still in the environmental compliance process.* The Arch Survey and Report has been sent to BLM for review and approval. When clearance arrives we will receive project funding and begin work. * Compliance clearance just received. Project to proceed.

Bodfish Canyon Phase 11 Fuelbreak Project – We have received environmental compliance on this project and Kern Fire has completed approximately 39 acres of brush treatment. The ASV was used on the lower portion of the project. We should receive funding soon.

Piute Meadows Community Roadside Brushing/Chipping Project – The project is well underway and the crew has completed approximately 60% of the project.

2010 Grant Projects:

Bodfish 111 Fuel Reduction Project & Burma Interagency Extension Project:
Patrick has submitted another set of survey documents for the Burma Interagency Extension Project as the State wants a separate Grantee Survey Package for each approved project.

CFSC Update:  According to the State there will be a one-day meeting sometime late summer or fall to discuss the 2010 approved Grant Projects. I expect it will be an overview of what the State expects with the Grants and to go over past reporting issues.

The CFSC will be hiring an Affiliate Grants manager for the Glendora Office to help with the increased 2009/2010 workload. Info is available at the website.

Wildfire Awareness Week:

Our Wildfire Awareness Event and Inspections were timely and very appropriate considering the recent Jesusita Fire on the Santa Barbara front. One home withstood the flame front and the surrounding homes burned to the ground. An engine crew was on site at the home that survived the flame front when they smelled fresh smoke from something burning at the home. They discovered firebrands had blown into the crawl space, under the home and started a fire under the floor. No one knew an active fire was burning under the floor. The home burned to the ground “from within” despite the engine crew on site trying to save the home. So, our event was timely and very appropriate to our mountain communities. It reinforces the importance of the ember shower phenomenon.

Patrick reports that Tom Parkin has accumulated 58 hours for an in-kind grant match of $1,160.00.

Patrick G. Pontes

Kern River Valley FSC Grants Administrator.

Lloyd reports a $200.00 donation from Tom Parkin. Tom is a sustaining member of the FSC. Thank you Tom.

Total donations for 2009 thus far are $1,300.00.

Chipper Days:
Tom reports that 46 piles were chipped during the Alta Sierra (Greenhorn Mtn. POA) chipper day. Four piles were overlooked and those were chipped after the event bringing the total to 49.

Pending Chipper Days:
· Valley View – Gary Donavan, President of the POA is looking at a July date TBA.
· Erskine Creek – Forty-five acres containing mostly “Deer Fire” slash and downed trees. Rather than a chipper day this may develop into a “burn day” event this coming winter.
· Sierra Way (Kernville)- Resident Dick Deschant has 2/3 acres which he is having a crew cut now The date for the event TBA. There may be nearby neighbors joining in on this event.
· Bodfish, The Lodge at Painted Rock and Isabella Highlands- no dates
set as yet.

Derrick Davis, KCFD mentioned that the ideal months for chipper day events are in the Fall.

Robin inquired about a “chipper” grant in the future. Discussion followed. No action taken.

Speaker’s Bureau:
Penny Lampkins from Alta Sierra reports to the FSC that Matt Pontes’ power point program of the Greenhorn Park project was great. Penny said that the Park is looking wonderful thus far.

Debbie Santiago has a new CD from Firewise, which she will look at and help Robin develop a new speaker’s bureau program dealing with the ember phenomenon.

Debbie Santiago is looking into getting BLM public service announcement billboards of a smaller type to post throughout the communities.

Robin will submit an article to the Fence Post about the FSC, its’ programs and invitation for the Walker Basin, Havilah communities to join us and to sign up for a program and chipper days.

Ed has asked to have recent newspaper articles be sent to him for inclusion on the website. Ed also requested both April and May minutes for the site. Robin will do this.

It was suggested that space be preserved on the front page of the website each year to feature the current years’ Wildfire Awareness theme. No action taken.

The Firewise developed report “Safer From the Start” will be installed on our website. Patrick suggests that this would be good to share with the Kern County Building Department. Robin wonders if both the Bakersfield City and Kern County Planning Departments would appreciate hosting a Kern County Fire Safe Council program. Lloyd will inquire into this possibility. Lloyd requested 25 copies of this Firewise program.

Gordon Hancock asked that the “We Tip” hotline number be posted on FSC products.

Pat Winters, affiliated with the Forest Service is developing a survey for high wildfire areas of the Sierra’s. The survey will be formatted for small focus groups of residents to determine public attitudes about how effective the Forest Service is when dealing with wildfire situations. It was determined that this is probably not geared for the Fire Safe Council itself rather more for POA members and community individuals. Ed Royce has notified Ms Winters that Kennedy Meadows would most definitely want to participate in the survey.

Lloyd enlightened FSC participants that solar systems on roofs pose a danger to firefighters. Solar systems are always “on” and pose an electrocution hazard for firefighters should they come in contact with the system while fighting a fire.


KCFD: Brandon Smith gave an overview of the upcoming ReadyKern reverse 911 calling system for emergency use. The success of this service is dependent on residents making certain that Kern County has the latest contact information. Residents can update their contact information either by online (”) registration or by filling out the ReadyKern Registration Form. If you are already listed in the telephone book you are automatically in the system. However, if you have new or additional contact information you will need to provide this information to Kern County Fire Department. Once submitted, it will take about two weeks for your information to be incorporated into the ReadyKern system.

KCFD will have a booth at the Kern County Fair and has invited all KCFSC’s to participate. This event is toward the end of September. We will be notified of exact date soon.

Derrick Davis has asked the FSC to consider a donation to purchase large water proof plastic bags (24”x36”) for the maps/info items located in the Fire Boxes located throughout the KRV. These bags will protect the information from moisture thus maintaining the integrity of the Pre-Plan Fire Box Project. Cost for a box of 100 bags is $400.00. Discussion followed. Motion to donate $400.00 for these bags – Tom Parkin. Second by Christine Hancock. Unanimous approval.

BLM: Debbie Santiago reports there have been 6 lightning fires recently. Debbie has agreed to meet with both the KVSun and the Courier to establish wildfire coverage priorities as well as FSC newsworthy activities. Robin and Debbie will work on this.


Kennedy Meadows: Ed Royce tells us their 6/13 & 6/14 chipper event was terrific. BLM and the S. Fork Crew assisted residents, chipping six properties.

Pala Ranches: Lonnie Blank also reports good results from their 6/27 chipper event.

Frontier Trail Homes: Robin reports that the water tank grant process for their new tank may be delayed pending State budget woes.

New Topics:
The California State Fire Safe Council has asked us to list our future projects by priority in our CWPP book. This will be done by the KRVFSC collaborative when they meet in the Fall, 2009.

Action Items:
· Schedule Piute Meadows residents meeting/program: Robin/Richard
· Chipper Day Request Forms to KCFD Stations – Tom
· Develop article on fire safety spec’s/screening – Robin
· Develop ember phenomenon FSC program – Deb & Robin
· Send articles to Ed for website – Robin
· BLM PSA Posters – Debbie
· Call KC& BKSFLD Planning Departments re FSC program – Lloyd
· Meet with KVSun & Courier – Robin & Debbie

Meeting adjourned: 11:45 AM

NEXT KRV FSC MEETING: Thursday, July 16th, 2009 at Supervisors McQuiston’s Conference Room, Lake Isabella. Board Meeting: 8:30 – 9:30 AM. Stakeholders meeting 9:30 – 11:30 AM.



Kern River Valley Fire Safe Council ● PO Box 633, Kernville, CA 93238

General information: Lloyd Smith ● (760) 377-3542

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