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Board of Directors and Stakeholders Meetings

Thursday, July 16th, 2009

Board of Directors Meeting

Those attending: Lloyd Smith, Ed Royce, Gordon and Christine Hancock, Tom Parkin, Barbara Likens and Robin Wyatt Little.

Meeting convened at 8:30 AM.

Minutes: The corrected May minutes were noted. Motion to approve by Christine Hancock. Second by Barbara Likens. Unanimous approval.

Page 2 of the June minutes needed corrections in the treasurer’s report. The corrected paragraph should read, “KCFD submitted an invoice for $67,766.58 for crew labor on the Piute Meadow grant project. After payment to Patrick Pontes of $3,261.00 the remaining balance in this grant account is $61,239.00, which will be paid to KCFD. The remaining balance owing to KCFD of $6,527.58 will be paid in July when the next scheduled grant funding is received.” Motion to approve the June minutes by Christine Hancock. Second by Tom Parkin. Unanimous approval.

Treasurer’s Report: Christine reports an operating account balance of $3771.73. Grant balances are: Pala Ranches - $3500.00 and Bodfish Phase 11 - $3500.00. Piute Meadow is showing a zero balance until the next scheduled grant funding is received. Piute Meadow remains an active grant account. Patrick talked with KCFD Bob Lechtreck regarding corrected invoice for Piute Meadows. Consequently, the balance owing is now $3527.58 not $6527.58. Christine received the bill from Zephyr Assoc. (website) for $174.90. Gordon Ehmann submitted a bill for $28.40 for our Home Ignition Workshop expenses. There is a $98.14 donation noted for the Workshop. Lloyd will determine the donor(s) and send thank you. Christine reports the audit is proceeding well. Cost of the audit remains at $350.00. Christine reports the insurance premium of $1400.00 will be paid in September. Motion to approve Treasurer’s report by Robin Wyatt Little. Second by Barbara Likens. Unanimous approval. Agenda was adopted. 

President's Message: Lloyd asked Board members to bring community people to the FSC meetings in an effort to expand the core working membership and to broaden the selection for office holders. Robin will research an article for the local newspapers soliciting new members for the FSC.


  • Grants: No action needed. Fundraising: No action needed. 
  • Chipper Days: General discussion regarding Greenhorn Mountain POA and their recent chipper day event. The crew missed four piles of brush. Following discussion it was agreed that Chipper Day Guidelines should be more succinct in an effort to make sure piles of brush are not overlooked. Robin will submit the guidelines to the Greenhorn Mountain POA for publication in their newsletter.

Chipper Day Guidelines

  1. In writing, a request for a Fire Safe Council Chipper Day will be sent to the KRV FSC, PO Box 633, Kernville, CA 93238 or submitted online via the KRV FSC website. Once received, the request will be coordinated by the FSC Chipper Day manager. 
  2. A porta-potty shall be provided for Camp Erwin Owen wards. 
  3. A lunch and beverage shall be provided for the Fuels Crew and Camp Erwin Owen wards. 
  4. A member of the Property Owners Association shall ride along with the crew to insure all participating resident’s brush has been chipped.

The BoD unanimously agreed that formal guidelines will enhance all chipper day events in the future.

SPEAKERS BUREAU: No action needed. 

PUBLICITY: No action needed. 

WEBSITE: General discussion regarding some abridgement of items on the website. No action at this time. 

EDUCATION: Lloyd has determined that the Home Ignition Workshop shared expense for Kern County Fire Safe Councils was $1500.00 for KRV; $1500.00 for Tehachapi; $1000.00 for Mt. Pinos and $500.00 from the Forest Service, Frazier Park District.

Lloyd was able to determine that Mary Beth Garrison has opted to retain the Living With Wildfire file for now.

Lloyd completed the fuel projects updates. CD’s have been distributed to BLM, FS, KCFD, Ed Royce and Patrick Pontes.

The appendices for Alta Sierra and Myers Canyon updates are completed.

OLD BUSINESS: No BoD action at this time.


· Research Greenhorn POA Newsletter dates – Robin 
· Develop FSC guidelines for Greenhorn POA newsletter - Robin 
· Determine $98.14 donor(s) for Workshop – Lloyd 
· Develop newspaper articles for new FSC volunteers – Robin 
· Contact Courier re articles – Robin 
· Write article for Fence Post – Robin 
· Contact Kernville CofC re FSC program – Robin 
· Update calendar – Robin

Motion to adjourn by Ed Royce. Second by Tom Parkin. Unanimous. Meeting adjourned at 9:45 AM

Stakeholders Meeting
Thursday, July 16th, 2009


Additional attendees: Lonnie Blank, Bob Robinson, Mike Heffner, Dennis Monahan, Richard Grove, Debbie Santiago and Scott Williams. 

Introductions were made. Dennis Monahan, KCFD is the newly appointed Battalion Chief for the “B” Shift replacing John Hayes.

Agenda adopted. 

President’s Comments: See BoD minutes. 

Calendar Updates: Peddler’s Faire will be 9/17 & 18. Our annual Collaborative meeting will follow the September 9th FSC meeting. 

Attendance list update: Bob Robinson has a new email: Kim Mullins is now with Supervisor McQuiston’s office and her email is The updated list will be sent to stakeholders. 


Grants: Patrick Pontes, KRV FSC Grants Administrator reports the following: 

Piute Meadows Community Roadside Brushing and Chipping Project – The project is well underway and the crew has completed about 70% of the project. There were two isolated elderberry shrubs, which caused a slight modification in the roadside brushing pattern. Cathy is sending the remainder of the funds for this project. The quarterly reporting period ended June 30th and the final report is due July 31st. Any match related hours and mileage not already submitted would be appreciated. 

Pala Shaded Fuelbreak – The project is ready to go but has not started. In a discussion with Cathy Brooks on 7/2/09, she is sending the funding for this project. State checks were signed on July 1st so we should be receiving the funding soon. The quarterly reporting period ends July 31st, final report is due by August 31st. 

Bodfish Canyon Phase 11 Fuelbreak Project – Kern Fire Dept. has completed about 50% of the bottom portion of the project. The crew is now working on the upper portion. Approximately 8-10 acres has been completed. Funding for this project is the same as the Pala Project. The quarterly reporting period ends July 31st and the final report is due August 31st. 

2010 Grant projects: 

Bodfish 111 Fuel Reduction Project & Burma Interagency Extension. All the required information for these projects has been submitted to the State; we are in a holding pattern until this fall. California State Fire Safe Council Update: No new information from the State at this time. We do not have a date for the 2010 Grant Projects Workshop as yet. 

FUNDRAISING: Lloyd reports sustaining memberships from Pala Ranches POA donated and Ed Royce. Thank you letters will be sent. 

CHIPPER DAYS: Tom Parkin has not secured a date as yet for the Valley View chipper day. Erskine Creek project will be a burn project when weather permits. The Caldwell project on Sierra Way is tentatively scheduled during 7/20-7/24. A Kernville resident on Burlando/Chaparral regarding a four-acre parcel being cleared and needing chipping has contacted Tom. No dates as yet for The Lodge at Painted Rock, Isabella Highlands and Bodfish. Piute Meadow is looking at September 09’ for a chipper day event. Richard Grove went door-to-door soliciting resident’s participation. No date as yet. A property owner adjacent to the Pala Project inquired as to utilizing the fuel crew for a chipper day while the crew was in the area working on the project. It was determined that this request should be treated as a separate chipper day request and not associated with an existing grant project. 

SPEAKERS BUREAU: Robin reports a scheduled FSC program for the Lake Isabella/Bodfish POA on Tuesday, August 11th, 2:00 PM at the Sr. Center, Lake Isabella. Debbie Santiago and Mike Heffner will assist. Robin will contact Jill Thurman, new president of the Kernville Chamber of Commerce re a FSC “Embers” program. Robin will determine the date for the Piute Meadow’s potluck meeting schedule for either 8/22 or 8/23. The POA has given their consent for the FSC to give a brief introductory presentation. (To be developed.) 

PUBLICITY: Robin received valuable input from stakeholders as to Fence Post article content. Article to be written soon. Robin will speak with Courier about future articles. Debbie will provide the 4’x8’ “Take Responsibility” posters and Lloyd will make the frames for them. These posters will be hung over our existing roadside signs as part of our rotation schedule for the signs. 

WEBSITE: Ed Royce reports that updates have been completed: May & June minutes have been posted; Firewise info added and Meyers Canyon CWPP added. Ed Royce will check on number of “hits” on our website and the various categories on the site in order to determine continuing certain postings of specific sites. Posting the monthly minutes might be one area to be removed. Monthly calendar updates might be done on a quarterly schedule. Minutes are always available upon request and stakeholders receive them each month prior to the meeting. To be continued. 

EDUCATION: General discussion about KC Building Department and possible FSC presentation. It was suggested by Bob Robinson that perhaps the KC Planning Department might be the first contact. No action taken at this time. Re the USFS focus group survey meetings: Ed Royce and Robin Wyatt Little will attend the meeting for their respective areas (Kennedy Meadows and Kernville.) The Kern County Fair will be 9/23-10/1. The Fire Agencies will have a table and the FSC will participate. Details to follow. 


KCFD: Mike Heffner will deliver the invoice for the Firebox plastic bags to the FSC for payment. Payment of $400.00 previously approved by BoD. Dennis Monahan commented that during the recent Boulder wildfire, an out of area fire crew used the information located in the on-site Fire Box. BRAVO! (Thank you Ken Stevens and Fire Box Crew!) KCFD reports that the recent Perry Fire was started by a 17-year-old youth who was also arrested last year for arson. 

BLM: Debbie Santiago applauded the local neighbors who saw suspicious activity, reporting to the authorities and photographing the youth. Neighborhood Watch works. Debbie reports that Steve Watkins is the new east side Battalion Chief. 

FOREST SERVICE: Scott tells us all the roadside signs have been rotated. He mentioned that the “.org” stickers on our signs are peeling off. Lloyd will attend to the Walker Pass sticker. Scott reminds folks to check “” for latest updates on fire activity. The Lion Fire (6/29) has burned 350 acres and continues to burn. The Shotgun Fire, lightning caused, is done. Scott reminds us that the Forest Service is in daily contact via conference call, with the San Joaquin Air Quality District regarding smoke activity. Scott reports the Piute restoration project goes well. 

Scott brings good news in the form of recent congressional legislation “Flame Act.” This Act provides supplemental funding for large wildfires once existing fire budgets reach 80% of their allowed spending cap. Scott suggested FSC stakeholders might want to call Senator Feinstein and voice support of this Act. A new Forest Service chief has been appointed (Tom Tidwell.) 

MOUNTAIN, DESERT RESOURCE CONSERVATION DISTRICT: Bob Robinson reports continued Prop 50 funding for his position as Watershed Coordinator. Bob tells us the yard/Garden Project will go forward as soon as an assistant is hired. 


Pala Ranches: Lonnie happily presented the $500.00 donation from Pala Ranches. Lloyd will send a thank you letter. Lonnie said their recent meeting went well and the group is enthusiastic about another chipper day event. Lonnie made copies of “Ready Kern” for attendees and relayed update on the Pala Ranches Fuel reduction project. Lonnie is congratulated for her perseverance and commitment on behalf of her POA. JOB WELL DONE LONNIE! The tentative date for their next gathering is 9/26. 

Kennedy Meadows: Ed reports an upcoming BBQ to benefit a resident couple who lost everything in a recent home fire. 

Lake Isabella/Bodfish: Upcoming FSC program on 8/11. Walker Pass: All quiet. 

Wofford Heights: Barbara Likens tells us the Wofford Heights community group is no longer in operation. Barbara tells us she recently delivered a letter of concern to a neighboring property owner regarding their overgrown parcel. That parcel is now completely cleaned up and defensible! GO BARBARA! 

Squirrel Valley: Tom Parkin tells us Squirrel Valley POA recently celebrated Wildfire Awareness Week by hosting a POA BBQ. Frontier Trail POA: Robin reports that she and Ted have hired a contractor to clear a large portion of their property. Looking good! Two other neighbors will be hiring the same contractor to clear their property. Note: Debbie Santiago walked the property of one neighbor, advising him of defensible space treatment areas needing attention. Thanks Debbie.


  • Check “hits” on website – Ed Royce 
  • Pay plastic bag invoice when received – Christine 
  • Send card to Cathy Brooks – Robin 
  • BLM PSA Posters to Lloyd – Debbie 
  • Develop Ember program – Robin and Debbie 
  • Develop Fence Post Article 
  • Schedule Piute meadows residents meeting/program – Robin/Richard 
  • Chipper Day Request Forms to KCFD Stations – Tom 
  • Prioritize projects list for CAFSC (9/17) – Collaborative 
  • Encourage others to join FSC - Everyone

Motion to adjourn by Ed Royce. Second by Barbara Likens. Unanimous.

Meeting adjourned at 11:50 AM.

August Fire Safe Council meeting will be August 20, 2009. Board of Directors meets at 8:30 AM. Stakeholders meeting is at 9:30 AM. – 11:30 AM. Both meetings are held in Supervisor McQuiston’s conference room, Lake Isabella.



Kern River Valley Fire Safe Council ● PO Box 633, Kernville, CA 93238

General information: Lloyd Smith ● (760) 377-3542

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