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Thursday, October 15th, 2009

Board of Directors Meeting

Those attending: 

Lloyd Smith, Ed Royce, Christine Hancock, Gordon Hancock, Patrick Pontes, Barbara Likens, Sharon Rooney, Derrick David and Robin Wyatt-Little.

Lloyd Smith convened the meeting at 8:30 AM and introductions were made.

Minutes: Barbara Likens moved to accept. Gordon Hancock, 2nd. Unanimous approval.

TREASURER'S REPORT: Christine reports an operating account balance of $3309.75. Our FSC received a $1000.00 donation from Paramount Farming through their employee donation program. Grant balances are: Pala Ranches - $95,786.00, Phase 11 Bodfish Canyon - $29,881.00 and Piute Meadows - $21,900.00. Patrick will send a memo to KCFD (Bob Lechtreck) clarifying KRVFSC payments for the Piute Meadows Grant Project. Call for bills: Tom Simon - Website. Christine researched the "overlap" question regarding the new liability coverage recently offered through Alliant Insurance. Currently we are paying an annual $310.00 premium for $15k of liability (3rd party coverage; Accident- if we get hurt and Contents - chipper, all equipment.) Sharon Rooney suggests we increase the coverage given it is remarkable coverage for a slight increase in premium: For $450k of coverage, the annual premium is $350.00. This increased coverage premium would be due March 2010. Following discussion Barbara Likens moved to increase the coverage to $450k. Second - Robin Wyatt-Little. Unanimous approval. Thank you to both Christine and Sharon for their help with this insurance issue. Ed Royce moved to approve the Treasurer's Report. Second by Barbara Likens. Unanimous approval.

PRESIDENT'S COMMENTS: Lloyd briefly explained the purpose of the Collaborative meeting to be held this afternoon. Lloyd reminded folks that Officer nominations will be offered at the November meeting and voted on at the January 2010 meeting. Lloyd emphasized the need to spread the tasks amongst more people.


GRANTS: Patrick Pontes, Grants Administrator reports that Piute Meadows Community Roadside Brushing and Chipping Project is almost complete with some widening left to do. We received the final payment for the project. We have one chipper day event to complete and plans are being made to set that date. Patrick reminds everyone that the 5th Quarter Accomplishment Report is due to the State by October 31st. Match hours and mileage are needed to complete the report.

The Pala Shaded Fuelbreak is almost complete and we will combine the Alta Sierra Chipper Day Event on this project.

Bodfish Canyon Phase 11 Fuelbreak Project is now completed. We have the 4th Quarter Accomplishment Report to complete and the Photo Monitor Report to the State.

We can use the Lake Isabella-Bodfish Property Owners Association public meeting educational event (Robin, Debbie & Dennis) in lieu of the Chipper Day Event as long as our agreed-to Match is met. We need to complete one additional educational event and the we can close out the project.

2020 Grant Projects: Bodfish 111 Fuel Reduction Project & Burma Interagency Extension: We are still waiting to receive the Sub-Award Letters from the State. The Bodfish 111 Project has the environmental compliance completed so this project should start when funding arrives.

CAFSC update: The State FSC has hired Katie Ziemann to assist with environmental compliance and help coordinate the new FSC's in Southern California. No change with Kerwin and Newman. There was a 2-day staff meeting held in Glendora to plan the 2011 Clearing House process. There will be a 2011 Grant Writing Workshop held in San Luis Obispo - to be announced.

An update regarding grant funding for FSC projects on Native American Federal lands. Per the CFSC, federal funds cannot be used on Federal lands. It was agreed that the FSC WILL continue with the educational component and chipper day projects on the KRV Native American Allotments.

FUNDRAISING: No action required.

CHIPPER DAYS: No action required.

SPEAKERS BUREAU: Robin will take the action to contact Linda Thurm regarding the possibility to present a FSC program to a collective group of KRV Realtors. Lloyd raised the question that this might also be possible for local Insurance Agency folks. Robin will look into this.

PUBLICITY: KCFD and the FSC will compile "Fire Safety Tips" to publish in both local newspapers.

WEBSITE: No action required.

EDUCATION: No action required.

COMMUNITY ASSISTANCE: Captain Mike Heffner reports it was decided at the Committee meeting that given all required liability, privacy and personnel requirements, that this project will not go forward as hoped. There will still be efforts made toward this goal, however this will be done through private entities and not under the auspices of the FSC.

NEW BUSINESS: Lloyd reminded folks that the Firefighters Award Dinner is scheduled for Tuesday, November 10th at the Paradise Cove Restaurant. Lloyd will be out of town and requests that FSC Board Members make the effort to attend. Barbara Likens will try to attend.

OLD BUSINESS: Conflict of Interest Statements were sent to the FSC Board members. All were returned and are on file. Robin has begun contacting individual Realty Agencies in an effort to linking with the KRVFSC website. Robin will continue with this project.

Barbara Likens asked for clarification/correction on the Hazard Reduction Providers List for 2009. It states "..Hazard Reduction Training provided by the Kern River Valley Fire Safe Council." Derrick Davis will correct this to read ".Hazard Reduction Training provided by Kern County Fire Department."

ACTION ITEMS: " Memo to KCFD re Piute Meadows billing - Patrick & Robin (done) " Seek candidates for nominations - Everyone " Schedule Educational Program for Native American Community - Robin " Contact Realtors - Robin " Contact Insurance Agencies - Robin " Refine Fire Safety Tips List - Brandon, Barbara, Robin " Research electronic deposit process from CAFSC - Christine

Meeting adjourned at 11:20 AM

Stakeholders Meeting
Thursday, October 15th, 2009


Additional attendees: Gordon Ehman, Deborah Santiago and Scott Williams.

President Lloyd Smith convened the meeting at 9:45 AM. No agenda changes. Lloyd reiterated the time and place of the Collaborative Meeting today. Lloyd asked all present to submit names for Board of Director nominations at the November meeting. Voting will take place at the January 2010 meeting. Please let Lloyd know of nominations by November 10th. However, nominations can be offered on the floor.

CALENDAR UPDATES: Robin will take the action to determine the 2010 calendar dates for the Kern County Fair and get that noted on the 2010 FSC calendar. Robin will also list the Kern county FSC meetings.

ATTENDANCE LIST UPDATES: Updated lists were distributed.


Grants: See grant report in BOD Minutes.

Fundraising: Total funds raised for 2009 - $3,594.18

Chipper Days: Richard Grove & Tom Parkin are working on a Piute Meadows chipper day date. Tom is also looking into a Valley View chipper day event. Still pending: Erskine Creek (Burn alternative); Click property near Pala Ranches; The Lodge at Painted Rock; Isabella Highlands. Bodfish. Derrick suggested we continue to develop the idea of a "Chipper Day Month" for individual KRV areas.

Speakers Bureau: Robin sent an email to Donna Begay re FSC program. Donna will contact us when she returns from vacation. October 20th is scheduled for the Wofford Heights Community Association meeting. Robin, Debbie, Barbara, KCFD and FS will present.

Publicity: Kern Valley Sun and the Courier have agreed to publish the Fire Safety Tip of the Week.

Lloyd spoke with Steve Smith of State Farm Insurance regarding the 2010 grant amount to print "Living With Wildfire." It looks like the amount will be the same as 2009, that is $2500.00. Following discussion it was agreed this item should be placed on the November Agenda to discuss alternatives and the need to budget for this publication.

Education: See publicity re Fire Safety Tips.

Community Assistance: No report.


Kern County Fire Department: Derrick Davis tells us the KC Fair event was well attended. KCFD, BLM and the Forest Service were involved. Derrick reports that the Pre-Planning Fire Box Projects are completed with a total of 32 boxes located the KRV. A thank you to Ken Stevens and crews for a much-needed addition to Wildfire Safety in the KRV. Derrick tells us that Bodfish Canyon 11 project is completed.

Forest Service: Scott Williams gave us an update on the moisture predictions for this winter. Scott also tells us that the Alta Sierra fuel piles will be burned as weather permits. The larger piles will be broken down to smaller piles to minimize smoke.

BLM: Debbie Santiago reports that the Kernville and south Fork seasonal crews are almost done until next year. Debbie gave an update on personnel changes. Debbie participated in a radio interview in Santa Barbara.

Property Owners Associations: Squirrel Valley held its' annual BBQ. Another chipper day was discussed and photos were shared of their 2009 chipper day event.

Lake Isabella-Bodfish POA is "all quiet."

Frontier Trail POA sees individual clearing being done.

Wofford Heights Community Association is hosting a meeting on October 20th, which will include a FSC program.

Walker Pass neighborhood is "all quiet."

Pala Ranches is "all quiet."

ACTION ITEMS: " Include KC Fair & KC FSC meeting dates on 2010 calendar - Robin

Meeting adjourned at 11:30 AM

REMINDER: Next FSC meeting will be November 19, 2009. Board of Directors meet at 8:30 AM. Stakeholders meeting begins at 9:30 AM. Both meetings are held in Supervisor McQuiston's conference room, Kern County Administration Building, Lake Isabella.

Respectfully submitted by: Robin Wyatt-Little, Secretary


Kern River Valley Fire Safe Council ● PO Box 633, Kernville, CA 93238

General information: Lloyd Smith ● (760) 377-3542

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