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Thursday, November 18th, 2009

Board of Directors Meeting

Those present: Lloyd Smith, Ed Royce, Christine and Gordon Hancock, Tom Parkin, John Henry Strathmann, Derrick Davis, Brandon Smith, Adam Prell, Robin Wyatt Little.

Meeting convened at 8:30 AM.

MINUTES: Ed Royce moved to approve the October minutes. Lloyd Smith, second. Unanimous approval.

Treasurer's Report: Christine reports an operating account balance of $3,208.65. Grant balances are: Pala Ranches - $25,786.00; Bodfish Phase 11 - $2,481.00; NOTE: Piute Meadows is not reflected as having a balance because it was a zero balance until very recently when the last CAFSC payment was received which was then immediately paid to KCFD and Patrick Pontes (see payment summary on second page.) Piute Meadows Grant Project is now officially closed with a zero balance.

Robin submitted invoice for the FSC post office box rental: $40.00 for 12 months. (Paid today with check #277) Zephyr Associates was paid $101.10 Grant Administrator invoices were received: Pala Ranches $915.00 and Bodfish Phase 11 $855.00. Ed Royce moved to pay the Grant Administrator invoices. Second by Robin Wyatt Little. Unanimous approval. Robin Wyatt Little moved to accept the Treasurer's Report. Second by Ed Royce. Unanimous approval.

Regarding the FSC budget: Per Lloyd's request, Christine prepared the KRV FSC 2009 Actual Expense Summary which totaled $10,282.57. Income for 2009 was $9,594.18. The largest expense was for Educational material and events. General discussion followed centered around long term planning for extraordinary expenses.

Ed Royce expressed concern regarding 501c3 organizations soliciting donations from one another. Ed feels (as do others) that this seems to be a practice that depletes each organization's finances when we all are budgeting for operating expenses etc.

PRESIDENT'S COMMENTS: Lloyd reviewed the effectiveness and responsibilities of the Board of Directors. Discussion followed regarding the continuation of separating the BoD meeting from the General/Stakeholders meeting. It was agreed this format should continue. Lloyd will carry this recommendation to the new BoD in January.

GRANTS: Patrick Pontes written Grant Status Update reports the Piute Meadows Community Roadside Brushing & Chipping Project is almost complete with some minor work to do. Community members have been dragging brush to the roadside and KCFD has chipped the piles. Derrick will provide Chipper dates/data for the Quarterly Report. The 5th Quarter Accomplishment Report was completed and submitted to the State.

The Pala Shaded fuelbreak is now complete. The project looks great and we now have a fuelbreak from Pala Ranch (Hwy 155) to Old State Road community. This will protect the community from a wildfire moving westerly from the forest toward Wofford heights. The 4th Quarter Accomplishment Report (August, September & October) is due November 31st, so please send any MATCH hours and mileage to Patrick ASAP.

Bodfish Canyon Phase 11 Fuelbreak Project is complete and there are a lot of piles to burn this winter. The project area looks excellent and from the top of the fuelbreak looking north, it is apparent the homes south and east of Bodfish Canyon Road have protection from a wildfire approaching from the east. The 4th Quarter Accomplishment Report (August, September & October) is due November 31st so please send any MATCH hours and mileage to Patrick ASAP.

2010 GRANT PROJECTS: Bodfish 111 Fuel Reduction Project & Burma Interagency Extension Sub-Award Letters have arrived. They will be completed and returned to the State. Derrick is working with BLM Kerwin to make sure the Archaeology clearance on Bodfish 111 is provided to CFSC.

Our 2010 Sub Award Letters have new requirements. Ed/Lloyd should review the new requirements to be aware of our new responsibilities. Our projects begin October 1st and go to October 1st 2011 (2 years.) Payments will be by electronic direct deposit to our KRV FSC bank. Under separate mailing I am sending the "Banking" info requested and "Payment Schedule" needed.

CAFSC Update: Cathy Brook requested the Allotment #'s for the Tubatulabal Tribal Lands. I contacted Donna Begay and provided the information to Cathy (Fire alliance {BIA} requested info.)

The CAFSC requested Close-Out Surveys for our 2008 projects. Questions were related to how well we were supported by CAFSC. I completed the forms and returned them to Margaret.

The latest news is that there will be a 2011 Grants Workshop to be held sometime in January or February. Grant proposals will be due in early May of next year and selection notifications will be in June. One workshop will be held in San Luis Obispo area.

Patrick G. Pontes, KRV FSC, Grants Administrator

Christine & Robin will coordinate the 2010 Calendar so Christine can complete the Grant Payment Schedule and submit.

FUNDRAISING: Total fundraising for 2009 is $3594.18. Lloyd prepared an excellent "pie chart" for KRVFSC Fundraising, 2006 - 2009. "Pie Slices" represented Property Owners Associations, Individuals, Organizations and Business, each with their respective percentage of donations. The resulting percentage totals show that POA's gave 23%; Individuals - 22%; Organizations - 35% and Business - 20%. The poor economy has taken a toll on fundraising.

CHIPPER DAYS: No action taken. SPEAKERS BUREAU: No action taken. PUBLICITY: No action taken. WEBSITE: No action taken. EDUCATION: No action taken. OLD BUSINESS: No action taken. NEW BUSINESS: None. 

ACTION ITEMS: " Calendar for 2010 - Robin & Christine " Submit payment schedule dates - Christine " Contact Tony Click re FSC support - Robin

Meeting adjourned at 9:30 AM.

Stakeholders Meeting
Thursday, November 18th, 2009


Additional attendees: Pastor Brian Polston and Gordon Ehmann.

Meeting convened and introductions were made. No changes to the agenda.

PRESIDENT'S COMMENTS: Lloyd Smith reiterated the nomination and election process for Board of Directors.

CALENDAR UPDATES: Lloyd noted he would be the FSC presenter for the KRVR meeting on January 6th. The 2010 Calendar will be in place soon.

ATTENDANCE LIST UPDATES: Updated list distributed.

NOMINATION OF BoD CANDIDATES: A minimum of 5 BoD candidates is required. Ed Royce moved that all current BoD members, and Sharon Rooney & Gordon Ehmann be nominated for the 2010 BoD. Lloyd took a poll of attending BoD members who would be willing to serve again. Of those polled, Lloyd Smith, Ed Royce, Christine and Gordon Hancock and Robin Wyatt Little agreed to serve as well as Barbara Likens who was not present. Ed Royce agreed to accept these nominations. Tom Parkin, second. Unanimous approval. Gordan Ehmann agreed to serve and Sharon Rooney (absent) has agreed to serve for the next year. Lloyd will confirm with those absent that they will serve. Nominations will be taken from the floor for additional candidates at the January 2010 meeting.

COMMITTEE REPORTS: Grants: Please see report in the Board meeting minutes. Derrick Davis tells us that there has not been a formalized chipping project in Piute meadows but that residents have been clearing and leaving their cut brush by the edge of the road where KCFD crews have chipped it. Derrick will compile the data from this activity.

Derrick said that both Pala Ranches and Bodfish 11 piles will be burned this winter.

Derrick reports the environmental process is complete for Bodfish 111 and awaiting approval. Burma Extension environmental process is progressing, soon to be completed.

Ed points out that the submission dates for our 2011 Grant Applications have changed to a May 1st deadline.

Ed encouraged people to attend at least one Grant Workshop that the CAFSC sponsors. He feels they are very worthwhile, very informative. Details of the upcoming workshops will be available soon online.

Ed and Lloyd explained the Collaborative Meeting process in selecting a prioritized list of future FSC projects. Very thorough. The two projects selected for the 2011 Grant Cycle (based on a point system of predetermined criteria) are Pala Ranches Phase 11 and Lake Isabella Community Fuel Reduction. Following discussion Ed Royce moved to approve these selected projects. Christine, second. Unanimous approval.

KCFD: Brandon Smith will refine the "Tips" for publication in the newspaper. He has obtained a grant for educational materials i.e. brochures etc. and will provide our FSC with these when they arrive. Derrick said that when there is adequate moisture all the brush piles will be burned. Crews 87 & 7 will be staggered so there will always be a Crew "on" in Kern County. Officially, the Fire Season will end November 21st. Burn permits will be made available after January 1, 2010, weather permitting.

Derrick said that the Bodfish 111 project will begin soon. All environmental work is complete.

All fireboxes are finished for the KRV.

KCFSC meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, December 16th

FUNDRAISING: Total funds raised for 2009 - $3594.18.

CHIPPER DAYS: Tom will get chipper data from Derrick for Piute Meadows and Pala Ranches events. Lloyd will add this data to the annual Chipper Day Report. Tom reports: " Painted Rock project - process moving along. " Erskine Creek burn project - Ken Stevens & Tom will scope. John Winkler, resident will coordinate other residents. " Valley View - Too small a project for a chipper day. Area Forest Ranger will coordinate a burn of what brush there is. " Resident Tony Click had a large chipper day event on his property adjacent to Pala Ranches. " Tom will coordinate with Pastor Polston re chipper day for Wofford Heights. Lloyd was contacted by Sean Rowe at the KRV Preserve regarding a possible chipper day event after their Grant Project of thinning the area was completed.

SPEAKERS BUREAU: Robin reports that the Wofford Heights Community Association hosted a productive FSC program. FSC, BLM, Forest Service and KCFD were there to assist. Well received. Barbara Likens will be the liaison between the FSC and the WHCA (Pastor Brian Polston.)

Robin, Christine and Debbie attended the Firefighters Award Dinner hosted by the KRV Exchange Club. Preceding the awards, Fred Roach, event Chair, gave recognition to the KRV FSC for it's devotion to helping to protect homes from devastating wildfires through volunteers working to acquire grant funding for fuel reduction, road sign fire prevention tips, defensible space lots, chipper days, home assessments and speakers bureau. Gordon Ehmann (Exchangite) will send a copy of this recognition to Patrick Pontes for grant reporting purposes. Robin will contact Ed Pounds in January to schedule a FSC "Ember" Program for the Exchange Club. Robin will pursue the possibility that the Board of Realtors will host a FSC Program. No contact as yet. No response yet from the Tribal folks re FSC program. Lloyd will speak to KRVR on January 6, 2010. Lloyd suggested we try to present a FSC program prior to each chipper day.

PUBLICITY: Robin has received commitments from both local newspapers to print the Wildfire Safety Tips. Lloyd would like to see the completed list of TIPS prior to submission to the papers.

WEBSITE: Ed will continue to monitor the visits to the site. 2010 calendar will be added when received from Robin.

EDUCATION: Road signs have been rotated by Scott Williams and crew. Lloyd has asked everyone to check the signs to make sure they read ".org" for the website information. If they don't please let Lloyd know and he will correct. Gordon Ehmann asked if private entities (Squirrel Valley POA) could sponsor a road sign? Lloyd said YES. Previously, each sign cost $685.00. Our goal is for 12 signs, we now have 9.

Forest service: All quiet.

BLM: Debbie is attending the Santa Barbara FSC today. She said the BLM crew will begin work on the triangular piece of land at Walker Pass following the holiday.

RC&D: All quiet.


Squirrel Valley: All quiet. Kennedy Meadows: All quiet. Bodfish/Lake Isabella: All quiet. Frontier Trails: All quiet.

OLD TOPICS: John Henry expressed disappointment that the Community Service Committee could not facilitate the fuels clean-up project for elderly/physically challenged residents. (Perhaps at another time.)

NEW TOPICS: Robin expressed the need to begin an assessment process by agency personnel to evaluate Wofford Heights Community for wild fire risk. There was consensus this is needed and a good goal to pursue. To be continued.

ACTION ITEMS: " 2010 Calendar - Robin " Board of Realtors - Robin " Wildfire Safety Tips - Brandon and Robin " Confirm BoD nominations for absent members - Lloyd " Chipper Day date: Wofford heights - Tom and Brian Polston " Chipper data for recent projects - Tom & Derrick " Exchange Club statement re FSC to Patrick - Gordon Ehmann " Solicit people for BoD/Officers - EVERYONE


Next FSC meeting will be January 21, 2010 in Supervisor McQuiston's conference room. Board meeting begins at 8:30. General/Stakeholders meeting begins at 9:30. For further information call 376-6842. REMINDER: Elections will be held at the January meeting. Nominations will be taken from the floor. Please plan to attend.


Kern River Valley Fire Safe Council ● PO Box 633, Kernville, CA 93238

General information: Lloyd Smith ● (760) 377-3542

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