February  18, 2010

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Board of Directors and Stakeholders Meetings

Thursday, Feb. 18, 2010

Board of Directors Meeting

Meeting was convened at 8:38 by the President, Lloyd Smith. 

Attendees:  Lloyd Smith, Gordon Ehmann, Ed Royce, Christine and Gordon Hancock, Sharon Rooney, Chris Horgan, Lloyd Smith, Patrick Pontes, Kimberley Cushman and John-Henry Strathmann

Last physical BoD meeting.  All future meetings will take place via email.

2010 Budget

Approval of Minutes

            January 21, 2010 , post on website


A. Treasurer Report

      Feb 9, 2010 P&L overview

      1. Research property insurance

            a. See if is necessary for camera, computer and chipper

            b. Breakout insurance since we need for grants

                Liability under grant

      2. Boost taxes to $30 due to extra expected expense (changes)


Operating income $3568 carryover in bank account, available to spend in 2010

Sharon makes corrections, Lloyd and Sharon sign after corrections made to approve

If within budget, Sharon free to write checks, Patrick needs info on bills.


Ed moves to approve corrected budget.   Sharon makes recommended changes, (msc Ed, Christine)


Proposals for 2011 Grant Projects


Two Grant Proposals

Start from last year in October, two years to complete


A. Lake Isabella Community Defensible Zone

      1. 37 acres

      2. Two chipper days

      3. $113,325 grant with $37,775 match for $151,100


B. Mountain Shadows

      1. 41 acres

      2. Two chipper days          

      3. $122,045 grant with $40,682 match for $162,727

Breakdown of tasks, cost of project

Kern fire does project and needs breakdown for billing

Meeting/Attendance allows for matching dollars

Two chipper days included, we organize the chipper part of the clearing

Motion that proposals are good and moving forward, (msc: Lloyd, ED)

Kern River Preserve on June 5, host two hour event 9-11am . 

Chris will proceed with event.

Fire Alliance meeting scheduled in Fresno on March 24 and 25, 2010.   If interested in attendance, let Lloyd know.

National Fire Plan due to expire at end of year, source of money to all these grants.  Congressional act to renew and continue.  Lloyd and Chris will visit with Congressman McCarthy’s representative.  Lloyd has sent letters to Congressman McCarthy, and Senators Feinstein and Boxer.  Ed sent letter to Congressman Nunes.

BoD close 9:40 am

Stakeholders Meeting

Convened 9:40 am

Introductions: Jim Bower, Christine and Gordon Hancock, Ed Royce, Don Davis, Bob Robinson, Gordon Ehmann, Loren Lange, John-Henry Strathmann, Patrick Pontes, Lloyd Smith, Nikki Washington, Debbie Santiago, Saul McGarity, Bob Talbut, Chris Horgan, Kimberley Cushman

Agenda and Minutes posted online

Please put miles on signup sheet as well as email

No changes to agenda

No calendar updates

President’s comments

New BoD: Sharon Rooney: treas. and board member, Chris Horgan: board member, Kimberley Cushman: sec. and board member, Gordan Ehmann: board member, Ed Royce: board member, , Christine and Gordan Hancock: board members, Lloyd Smith: pres. And board member.  Vice President position is currently vacant.


BoD met on 2/3/10

A. Reduced committees to six;

            1. Grants

                        a. Ed Royce Chairman

                        b. Lloyd and Sharon members

2. Fund Raising

a.       Lloyd Smith Chairman

b. Sharon member

3. Chipper Days

                        a. Gordon Ehmann Chairman

                        b. Tom Parkin, Chris Horgan and Dean McClellan members.

4. Speakers Bureau combined with Education

                        a. Chris Horgan Chairman

                        b. Ed, Christine and Gordon members

5. Publicity

                        a. Kimberley Cushman Chairman

                        b. Lloyd and Ed members

6. Website

                        a. Ed Royce Chairman

                        b. Chris member

 Participate through committees

Chris reported that Atchison will put info in mailings on importance of Chipper days,

Chris suggested Contest on who gets chipper day.

New operating procedure, two yrs ago BoD meets first hour and stakeholders later.  Now BoD meetings done online and response could be done via email, summarize monthly by Kimberley .   Meeting in by-laws interpreted as online meeting.

Stakeholders will meet quarterly Feb., May, August, Nov. Third Thurs of each month 9:30-11:30am .

Kern Fire Safe Council meets month after our meeting.

Committees report on activities, possible presentation.

Next meeting May

BoD Minutes posted on website, Kimberley organizes minutes and Ed posts on website

CA Fire Alliance Meeting in Fresno on March 24,25.  Anyone interested should participate.  Debbie emails agenda when available.

Committee Activity Reports


A.     Grants:

1.      Ed; two proposals for 2011 funding and Patrick up to date on current proposals. FS planning for new project in fuel reduction and forest health, Greenhorn. Project gives protection for Alta Sierra and communities, Program with UC extension and FS conference showing wildland urban interface, Fire safe councils presented their work, they talked about National Fire Plan.  NFP put together ten years ago, grant funding through NFP.  If not continued (NFP) then no grant money.  Quincy Library Group gets funding and close with Senator Feinstein.  They need stack of letters to continue program.

Patrick talks on current status of projects:





February 18, 2010



Piute Meadows Community Roadside Brushing and Chipping Project-  I am still working on the final Photo Monitor and Report for the CFSC. The Quarterly Report is complete. We exceeded our Match by $70,501.


Pala Shaded Fuelbreak-  I am still working on the Photo Monitor and Report and will close out the project before March 31st.  One Invoice remains and the project will zero out. We exceeded our Match by $12,358.   


Bodfish Canyon Phase II Fuelbreak Project-  I am still working on the Photo Monitor and Report and will close out the project before March 31st. One Invoice remains and the project will zero out. We exceeded our Match by $54,490.


Bodfish III Fuel Reduction Project


We received an initial direct deposit payment of $5,000 toward the project. Once we receive the environmental clearance, we can begin work on the project. 


Burma Interagency Extension Project


Same as Bodfish III above…


2011 Grant Proposals- are 95% complete and most of the comments have been received.


Kern County Fire FS Grant-  Derrick has briefed you on this project, and it appears the proposal was successful and funding is coming by way of the Sequoia NF. Scott Williams will be preparing the NEPA document for the project.


CFSC update-


The President proposed a $1.1 billion dollar budget for BLM for 2011. This is an $8 million increase from 2010, so hopefully there will be additional dollars available for the fuels and prevention programs.


Numerous fire related workshops and conferences were announced 2/17…. List available. 




Patrick G. Pontes

Kern River Valley FSC, Grants Administrator


Article for newspaper that projects are being done, Ed will write something up with Chris and Kimberley will send in to newspaper

      B. Fundraising

            1. Two donations $450 from Tom Parkin and John Meekler

      C. Chipper Days

            1. First meeting tomorrow

            2. Camp Owen coordination for help on chipper days

            3. Requests received

                        Alta Sierra

                        Greenhorn group

                        Walker Pass group

                        Squirrel Valley Group

                        Jim Davis with Isabella highlands

            4. Chipper day contacts with Loren.Lange

            5. Flier passed out on chipper day interest and tasks

      D. Publicity

            1. Article on Grant Projects has to be reviewed by FSC

            2. Does not include community chipper days

      E. Website

            1. Update now due to recent changes

      F. Education

            1. Increase awareness and how it helps community

            2. Lloyd will make presentation at Kern River Valley Rotary Club tonight.  This is the first time for the Rotary Club


Agency Reports


A. Kern County Fire Dept.

      1. Crew 87 available in April is best case scenario

      2. Lack of funds leading to unknown start dates

      3. Communicate the need for crews

      4. Copies of letters go to committee on education to use year after year


B. Forest Service

1. Working on Valley View: healthy forest restoration act.  March 10 at 4pm at the Kern River ranger district.

      2. Greenhorn plantations

      3. Breckenridge plantations, both thinning projects

      4. Fire Prevention Group and Home and Garden show



      1. Finished piles in Pala

      2. Prep for fire season

      3. Training in April on new hires

      4. Community at risk info if needed                        

      5. Living With Fire info brochure update.  Expect $2500 from State Farm used for distribution.  Needs to be ready for Wildfire Awareness Week, expected finish in early April


Property Owners Association

Town Hall meeting on water use March 9, 6pm at Senior Center

Quarterly meetings to have presentation 20-30 minutes

Marsh Smith included KRVFSC in 2010 Visitors Guide (quarter page ad).  Lloyd will write thank you and include as in-kind donation

Close 11:25am                                


Kern River Valley Fire Safe Council ● PO Box 633, Kernville, CA 93238

General information: Lloyd Smith ● (760) 377-3542

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