July 15, 2010

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Kern River Valley Fire Safe Council Electronic Meeting July 15, 2010

Attendance: Lloyd Smith, Ed Royce, Sharon Rooney, Christine Hancock, Gordon Hancock, Gordon Ehmann, Chris Horgan, Patrick Pontes and Kimberley Cushman

President's Activities: 

+ Lloyd attended the Kern Fire Safe Council meeting on 23 June (150 miles for matching). Discussed grant project execution, recognizing that the projects will probably be extended into a second year. 

+ Lloyd prepared a recommendation letter for Kimberley Cushman. 

+ Lloyd invited Brian Willbond, BLM Desert District, to attend our quarterly meetings. 

+ Lloyd provided information to Frank Stewart, California Fire Safe Council, regarding how our grant administration is executed and funded. 

+ Lloyd provided response to State Farm grant audit. 

+ I WOULD LIKE TO PROPOSE A BRIEF BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING AT 0830 PRIOR TO OUR 19 AUGUST QUARTERLY MEETING. We have received a resignation from Gordon Ehmann and still do not have a Vice President.

Fund Raising Committee: 

A total of $1,725 has been donated this calendar year. Received contributions from Southern California Edison ($250) thanks to Debbie Hess and from Fred and Teresa Zullo ($50) in Walker Basin since the June reporting period. Thank you letters were sent and a SCE form was returned.

Education/Speaker's Bureau + Lloyd will deliver a presentation to Kern River Valley Revitalization (KRVR) at their 4 August in Kernville providing an update on our projects.

Treasurer's Report: 

We received donations of: $50 from Fred & Teresa Zullo and $250 from Southern California Edison.

A check for $643 was paid to Alliant Insurance for the Property Coverage

A check for $50 was paid to Kernville Chamber of Commerce for annual dues.

A check for $140 was paid to Kern Valley Sun for "Living with Fire" inserts.

Website Committee Report:  No activity.

Grants Committee Report

Patrick's detailed report is attached. Briefly: All clearances have been completed for our 2010 projects funded through the state FSC (Burma and Bodfish III), and the first increment of funding has been received. KCFD has begun work on Burma (6 acres), apparently using permanent crews. Work has also started on the Forest Service funded Alta Sierra project (20 acres) but has been temporarily halted because of the shortage of crews.

Both of our 2011 fuel reduction project proposals (Lake Isabella and Pala II, aka Mountain Shadows) are to be funded. Patrick has sent in the required final documentation. (Thanks for your help Lloyd and Sharon.) We and KCFD are going to be busy this year and next!

Patrick requests that everyone keep track of miles driven and hours for the purpose of meeting our match requirements.

Patrick and I will be attending the state FSC mandatory workshop on "how to manage grants" in Santa Barbara on 25 August. Others are welcome to join us.

Kennedy Meadows Report, July, 2010. The annual Fourth-of-July parade featured tractors, equestrians, and fun cars. As usual, there were more paraders than spectators, and everyone had fun.




July 8, 2010

Bodfish III Fuel Reduction Project

As of July 8th, the project has not started. Kern Fire is trying to time their project crew work to maximize work accomplishment. Derrick plans to start this project sometime this month.

The 3rd Quarter Accomplishment Report ends June 30th and is due to CFSC by July 30th. Please continue to keep track of your "Match" meeting hours and mileages for our 3rd Quarter Report.

Burma Interagency Extension Project

According to Derrick, the project has started and approximately 6 acres have been completed mostly around the homes.

The 3rd Quarter Accomplishment Report ends June 30th and is due to CFSC by July 30th. Again, please continue to keep track of your "Match" meeting hours and mileages for our 3rd Quarter Report.

FS/KRVFSC Alta Sierra Grant- The Project has started and Derrick reports that between the tub-grinder and piling slash, crews have completed about 20 acres (7/7/10). The project is now idle, while crews work other projects. I plan to visit the project next week.

2011 Grant Proposals- We were extremely fortunate in getting both our 2011 Grant Proposals approved: Lake Isabella Community Defense Zone and Mountain Shadows Community Interagency Defense Zone. CFSC has requested a Pre-Award Report, IRS Tax Exempt Letter, Certificate of Insurance, Audit- Books & Records, 990"s for past two-years, copy of by-laws, board of director roster and maps for each of our projects. These documents were completed and mailed to CFSC on June 30th.

CFSC News/Update-- The CFSC has set August 25th as the mandatory 2011 Grants Workshop to go over key points in meeting the requirements of managing a Grant. The focus of the meeting is to cover past problems and discuss changes in Grant reporting. The Workshop will be held in Santa Barbara at the Botanical Garden. Ed and I plan to attend the workshop.

--Patrick G. Pontes 
  Kern River Valley FSC, Grants Administrator

Kern River Valley Fire Safe Council ● PO Box 633, Kernville, CA 93238

General information: Lloyd Smith ● (760) 377-3542

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