November 18, 2010

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Stakeholders Meeting

Meeting Minutes (Partial)

Note: Minutes of the physical meeting are currently unavailable. Agenda of the meeting was as follows. Electronic Meeting Committee Reports follow.

Meeting Agenda 18 November 2010 STAKEHOLDER'S MEETING (0930 TO 1130)

Attendees: Angela Yearwood (USFS), Hayward Mendenhall (Valley View), Mike Lanza (Squirrel Valley), Tom Gleder (Kernville), Don Davis (Alta Sierra), Bob Robertson (MD-MRC&D), Shawn Compton (BLM-desert District), Ed Royce, Lloyd Smith, Gordon Hancock, Christine Hancock, Sharon Rooney (through treasurer's report), Abby Bryski (USFS), Nickie Washington (USFS), Kimberley Cushman, Patrick Pontes, Penelope Shibley (USFS), and Tom Teofilo (Lodge at Painted Rock).

Presentations: "Fuels Projects in the Kern River Ranger District 2010-2011", Nickie Washington, Division Chief, Sequoia National Forest, Kern River District (30 min)

Committee Activity Reports

Grants Ed/Patrick:  2010 grant projects progress on Burma Interagency Extension Fuelbreak and Bodfish III

Also,  2011 grant projects progress on Lake Isabella Community Defense Zone and Mountain Shadows Interagency Defense Zone

  • USFS Alta Sierra and Wofford Heights Fuel Reduction project progress 
  • Valley View assessment visit and grant proposal opportunities (CFSC 2013 and USFS/BLM direct grants) 
  • Status of RAC grant proposal 
  • Proposal for 2012 CFSC clearinghouse grant project(s) 
  • Grant writing workshop on 13 January 2011 at BLM Bakersfield Office 
  • Grant administrator

Fundraising-- Lloyd: Contributions received in 2010 ($3,235): Alta One and Paramount Giving (Paramount Farming)

Chipper Days-- Lloyd:  2010 Chipper Days completed -- Squirrel Valley -- Walker Pass -- Mountain Mesa -- Isabella Highlands -- Greenhorn Mountains/Alta Sierra -- BMX bike track

Chipper Day committee chairman - Webpage needs new contact name and other updates.


Education/Speaker's Bureau-- Lloyd:  Roadside sign rotation was by the USFS Whiskey Flat Fire Module (Crew 40) led by Chris Scott o Valley View Property Owner's presentation 11 December -Ed/Debbie/Nickie -- Exchange Club presentation 13 January - Lloyd

Nomination of 2011 Board of Directors - The KRVFSC will not have fewer than five (5) nor more than fifteen (15) directors (bylaws). The director nominees will be elected at the 17 February 2011 meeting, and the newly elected directors will elect the officers.

Note: The President reports that he has the following nominees for the 2011 Board of Directors from the 18 November 2010 Stakeholder's Meeting:

Terry Bolt Kimberley Cushman Don Davis Tom Gelder Christine Hancock Gordon Hancock Sharon Rooney Ed Royce Lloyd Smith

We will elect the new BoD at our 17 February 2011 meeting. The new BoD can elect officers and make committee assignments shortly after the election during the Stakeholder's Meeting.

Agency Reports

Kern County Fire Department:

Forest Service:


Other Reports

Next KRVFSC Meeting: Thursday, 17 February 2011, 9:30-11:30, in Supervisor McQuiston's conference room, 7050 Lake Isabella Blvd., Lake Isabella, CA 93240. Minutes of meeting will be posted to:

Committee Reports (Electronic Meeting)

President's Activities-Lloyd Smith

Our grant proposal to the Resource Advisory Committee (RAC) for Defensible Space Demonstration and Assistance for Hardship Cases for $6,000. was forwarded to the Sequoia Forest Supervisor with a favorable endorsement from the district Ranger. Upon receipt of Patrick's resignation Ed and Lloyd developed a Request for Proposals for a grant administrator. Personal contacts were made with several potential candidates. Three proposals were received. Clarification letters were sent to the responders, all providing excellent responses. The candidate applications were thoroughly reviewed, and candidates interviewed via email and telephone. Ed and Lloyd made a selection, noting the change in expected support from Patrick pontes, and received concurrence on the selection of Ken Delfino. a new contract was developed for Ken. Lloyd retrieved the Chipper Day Committee materials from Gordon Ehmann and will provide a handoff to Don Davis who has agreed to be our Chipper Day Committee chairman for next year. The KRVFSC CWPP will be updated in December when the maps are available so that the update can be referenced in the 2012 grant project proposal(s).

Treasurer's Report-Sharon Rooney

We received a $1,000 donation from the Paramount Farming Company.

Check for $112.50 was paid to Zephyr Associates, Inc. Check for $40.00 was paid to USPS for annual box fee.

Fund Raising Committee-Lloyd Smith

A total of $3,235 has been donated so far during this calendar year. We received a $1,000 through the Paramount Giving Group of Paramount Farming in Bakersfield. The $3,235 so far compares to $3,594 received last year at this time, and to the our 2010 budget of $4,500. We often get donations during December each year.

Education Committee/Speaker's Bureau-Lloyd Smith and Ed Royce

The roadside sign messageboards were rotated by the USFS Whiskey Flat Wildland fire Module, Crew 40. Chris Scott of Crew 40 has taken the lead on this periodic project.

Ed, Debbie Santiago, and Nickie Washington visited the community of Valley View on 21 October. We found some excellent defensible space work done around many of the cabins, and Nickie pointed out where a Forest Service "donut" project will provide a shaded fuel break around the community on federal land. There is some chipping to be done. Ed, Debbie, and Nickie will be doing a program on making their properties more resistant to loss from wildland fire for Valley View property owners Saturday, December 11th, in Mountain Mesa.

Website Committee-Ed Royce No action this month...

Grants Committee-Ed Royce

Grant Administrators: We will have two starting 1 January, 2011. Patrick Pontes has agreed to continue to manage our 2010 and 2011 grant projects from the state fire safe council. On 1 January, Ken Delfino will take over management of the Forest Service Alta Sierra-Wofford Heights three-year project. Ken will also prepare our proposal(s) for the 2012 state fire safe council grant cycle. A contract has been signed with Ken for his services. Ken is to be paid by the acres treated, rather than by the hour, plus payment for some startup efforts and project completion efforts. Old Board members may recall that Ken was the author of the Kennedy Meadows and Sequoia Crest CWPPs. Ken lives in Bakersfield, which will make it easy for him to monitor project progress on a regular basis.

Collaboration Group: On 21 October the interagency collaboration group met (1) to update the project listing in the Kern River Valley CWPP, and (2) to prioritize projects for future grant applications by the KRVFSC. The meeting was chaired by Scott Williams, and we thank the Forest Service for making Scott available. Lloyd and Ed attended for the KRVFSC. Representatives from the USFS (Scott, Nickie, Penelope) and BLM (Debbie) provided updated plans for the fuel reduction work they plan on their federal land.

KCFD announced that because of the large backlog of maintenance work needed on the Council's past projects, they would be unable to undertake any new fuel reduction efforts in the 2012 grant cycle. For several years the council has recognized this growing backlog. While in earlier days, the state FSC would not support maintenance projects, that policy has now changed, and our current Burma extension project has a large maintenance component. On the basis of these developments, the collaboration group recommends that the Council submit a single proposal in the 2012 cycle and that that project be solely for maintenance work on projects originally funded by the state FSC. KCFD will meet the large share of the 33-1/3% matching requirement. If this project is funded, it is anticipated that KCFD will be in a position to support new fuel reduction efforts in the 2013 cycle. The prioritization of potential such projects was not changed from that done last year.

Action: Attached is a revised table of all projects completed or planned in the KRV by all agencies, prepared by Scott Williams. With Board approval, this table, along with revised maps, is to be included as the annual update to the Kern River Vallely CWPP. The Board also needs to approve the recommended 2012 project maintenance proposal.

2012 Proposal Workshop: Each year the state FSC provides workshops in several locations in California. These all-day workshops explain how the grant process works and provide detailed information on how to submit a proposal specific to the new grant cycle. This year one of these workshops will be held in Bakersfield at the BLM headquarters on Thursday, 13 January 2011. The deadline for the submission of 2012 proposals will be 25 February, 2011, with notification of results of the competition by 17 June, 2011.

Ongoing Projects: On the 2010 Burma Interagency Extension Project, the crew has completed a total of about 28 acres of the 41 acre project. On the 2010 Bodfish III project, the crew has completed 5 to 6 acres. On our approved 2011 projects, Lake Isabella and Mountain Shadows, required project initiation correspondence with the state FSC is ongoing. Crews have completed about 32 acres on the USFS Alta Sierra-Wofford Heights project. Patrick's detailed report is attached.

As reported last month, we submitted a proposal for $6000 in funding to support a Defensible Space Demonstration (Demonstration Lot) and Assistance for Hardship Cases project. The proposal has been recommended for funding by the local Forest Service Resource Advisory Committee (RAC) and the District Ranger. We still have had no word on the final decision by the Sequoia Forest Supervisor.





November 11, 2010

Bodfish III Fuel Reduction Project

The project is moving along and there are 5 to 6 acres completed. Most of the work can be seen from the road and the crew is doing an excellent job. One strip of vegetation will remain in the center for riparian considerations.

The 4th Quarter Accomplishment Report was completed and submitted to CFSC. At the end of the quarter, we completed $8,480 of Match toward our $11,190 commitment. Please continue to keep track of your "Match" meeting hours and mileages for the December Quarterly Accomplishment Report.

Burma Interagency Extension Project

The crew has completed the Burma Extension North and approximately 2 acres on Burma Extension South. Rogers Road has started and approximately 1 acre is complete for a total of about 28 acres of the 41 acre project.

The 4rd Quarter Accomplishment Report was completed and submitted to CFSC. At the end of the quarter, we completed $10,259 of Match toward our $9,790 commitment. Although we have met our Match, please continue to keep track of your "Match" meeting hours and mileages for the December Quarterly Accomplishment Report.

FS/KRVFSC Alta Sierra Grant- Altogether, there have been 32.3 acres of fuels treatment completed. We received an Invoice for payment from KCFD and Nickie has signed off on the work. A FSC Invoice was sent to the FS Billing Center in Albuquerque.

2011 Grant Projects- We should receive Congratulations letters for our projects at any time. When we receive the Sub-Award Letters and Contracts, they need to be signed and dated by the President and returned to CFSC. We will also need to submit Estimated Payment and Match schedules for each of our projects. Once CFSC receives our signed contracts and schedules, the payment period begins.

CFSC News/Update-- Grant funding available from the agencies for 2012 is undetermined at this time. The 2012 Application deadline is 2/25/11 midnight. Letters of Commitment must be postmarked by the above date. Notification of funding decisions will be by 6/17/11.

Cathy Brooke has scheduled the 2012 Grant Writing Workshop in Bakersfield on Thursday January 13th. The workshop will be held in the Bakersfield BLM office Conference Room from 0900 to 1400. Debbie is coordinating with Cathy on the details….the meeting is designed to be a step-by-step process for new folks writing Grant Proposals, CFSC expectations and pitfalls to avoid.

--Patrick G. Pontes Kern River Valley FSC, Grant Administrator


Kern River Valley Fire Safe C-uncil ● PO Box 633, Kernville, CA 93238

General information: Lloyd Smith ● (760) 377-3542

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