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General Meeting
October 20, 2005
Those present: Marcine Hughes, Cindy Thill, Kelly Russell, Sally Peterson, Ed Royce, Delores Walmer, Bettie Minster, Emily Diggles, Harry Love, Sharon Rooney, Jim Bauer,
Dave Bacalis, Penny Lampkins, Ken Stevens, Matt Pontes, Debbie Santiago, Robert Robinson, Robin Wyatt-Little.
Marcine Hughes, President convened the meeting at 8:30 AM. Introductions were made.
Sally Peterson and Kelly Russell, both residents in the Walker Pass/Canebrake area attended for the first time.
Minutes of the September 15, 2005 meeting were approved. Ed Royce – 1st. Sharon Rooney – 2nd. Unanimous approval.
Treasurer’s Report: Sharon Rooney reports an operating account balance of $1,089.45.
Total grant fund balance is $24,500.00 for the Tehachapi FSC. Motion to approve: Robin Wyatt-Little – 1st, Ed Royce – 2nd. Unanimous approval.
Sharon agreed to continue as treasurer for 2006.
Emily Diggles shared a photo history of Kern River Valley Fires from 2002 – 2005. This historical collage was prepared by Joan Grant. It was agreed that the FSC would display the photos in an appropriate public setting before returning it to Joan.
Grant Report(s): Matt Pontes.
l. The award letters have been received for the Hungry Gulch Fuel Reduction Project and the Mt. Pinos Fuels Crew Project.
2. Kennedy Meadows CWPP Grant award letter should be arriving in the very near future.
3. Rich Olson, working with the Sequoia Crest Community representatives, submitted a grant application to the Assistance for Firefighters Grants Program in order to establish their Fire Safe Council and 501c3 status. Along with this application, Rich submitted an application for funds in order to update/amend the existing KRV FSC CWPP.
4.  Matt reports that the BLM grant applications for the Plater Road and Rodgers Road fuels reduction projects are awaiting review through the Clearing House.
Forest Service Report: Cindy Thill and Jim Bauer.
The collaborative meeting scheduled for October has been moved ahead to November 17th following the FSC meeting. The conference room is reserved from 8:00 – 2:30.
It was agreed that arson prevention should be a component of the FSC speaker’s bureau for 2006. Cindy will follow up with Angie Yearwood and sort out the best arson prevention education materials for presentations.
It was also agreed that new information materials should be developed for the speaker’s bureau. Ken Stevens said that a DVD of a Bear Valley “before and after” parcel is being completed which illustrates defensible space treatment. Ken feels that this will be ready by March 2006.
Cindy presented a list of questions that will be asked of the KRV FSC during the International Study Tour with Mexico scheduled for Wednesday, October 26, 2005. Mexican participants will be Civic Groups; the National Natural Protected Areas Commission; the National Forestry Commission (both government agencies); the Fire Prevention and Restoration Program and the Fire Management Learning Community (both, non-governmental.)
The itinerary includes a Q&A meeting followed by a tour of the Alta Sierra fuel break project. According to Cindy there is great interest in learning how private and governmental entities collaborate successfully on Fire Safe Council projects. Marcine Hughes, Ken Stevens, Debbie Santiago, Cindy, Rich Olson and Matt Pontes will represent the FSC. Penny Lampkins, President of the Greenhorn Mountain Property Owners Association will also attend. There will also be two Study Tour representatives from Washington, D.C. Photos will document the visit as well as informational material shared.
KCFD: Ken Stevens.
Ken reports that a recent fire in Bear Valley which was ignited by a lawn mower, bypassed two parcels which had excellent defensible space treatment.
Discussion followed regarding last month’s suggestion concerning county regulation street signs throughout the Valley for those streets with no identification. It was agreed that a committee should be formed to investigate what signs are needed in each of the Valley communities. This could be done through the KCFD. Ed Royce “took us” through the process of such a project based on the Kennedy Meadows street sign(s) project. To be continued.
Ken passed out copies of the newly adopted California Defensible Space Regulations Guidelines under Public Resource Code 4291. Debbie Santiago suggested that perhaps all regulations (County and State) dealing with defensible space could be consolidated into a pamphlet for distribution to the public. Matt Pontes also suggested this information should be added to the proposed update of the KRV CWPP along with an explanation of “areas of responsibility” i.e. Kern County Fire Department, Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management. Agreed that this information is needed.
Sally Peterson and Kelly Russell from Walker Pass/Canebrake area inquired as to what resources the FSC might offer in terms of wildfire mitigation efforts/projects. It was felt that a chipper day project would be a good starting point. Ken Stevens will work with these folks to set a date.
Other than the Walker Pass neighborhood, all Property Owners Associations are status quo.
Meeting convened at 10:30 AM.
Respectfully submitted by: Robin Wyatt-Little, Secretary   

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