March 17, 2011

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Wednesday, March 17, 2011

Kern River Valley Fire Safe Council 

On-Line Board Meeting

Attendance: Terry Bolt, Don Davis, Tom Gelder, Christine Hancock, Gordon Hancock, Sharon Rooney, Ed Royce, Lloyd Smith with reports by Patrick Pontes

The meeting was held via e-mail reports submitted by Board members and necessary votes were taken by polling Board members for their opinions.

President's Report - Lloyd Smith " Conducted Board of Directors strategy meeting on March 2 in USFS conference room in Kernville. (75 miles match) " Provided inputs to Sharon Rooney to update the 2011 budget. " Other activities under other Committee reports

Treasurer's Report - Sharon Rooney
See attached financial reports for March

Grants - Ed Royce, Chair

Ongoing 2010 Projects:

  • The 2010 Burma Interagency Extension Project has completed 35 acres. Work is ongoing on the six acre Rogers Road maintenance. The 2010 Bodfish III project is nearly completed, except for a small amount of brush clearing and burning slash piles. Patrick Pontes' report is attached. " No update on the USFS three-year Alta Sierra-Wofford Heights Project. 2011 Projects:
  • Awaiting the environmental and archaeological clearance from the BLM for Lake Isabella and Mountain Shadows. (These arrived dated 3/30/2011.)

2012 Proposals:

In view of the federal budget uncertainties, the deadline for proposal submission has been extended to 1 June 2011. Workshops are to be scheduled. The handbook that is normally the subject of the workshops has been posted online for downloading. Anyone interested in the process is encouraged to do so and take a look at what is involved. Meanwhile, Ken Delfino is working on our maintenance proposal.

Chipper Days - Don Davis, Chair

Three chipper days have been scheduled as follows:

Walker Pass - coordinated by Lloyd Smith with Dave Brinsfield of the BLM and completed 3/18/11 Squirrel Valley (5/22) Alta Sierra (6/4)

Two "Chipper Days" articles were submitted to the Valley newspapers 3/21. (30 mile match)

KV Sun will run one in 3/23 edition along with Lloyd Smith's Walker Pass article. The chipper day article mentions the full, regular chipper days and also explains the "roving" ones. Kern Valley Courier - No run date set yet. The article focuses on the full, regular chipper days.

The KCFD has (2) 5-person crews on currently. They are available for the chipper days that come up. The Rio Bravo Hot Shots won't be at full strength until mid May.

Fundraising - Tom Gelder

" Work is proceeding on fundraising letters for the local community. Gelder will attend a workshop sponsored by the Kern County Foundation to help grant seekers do a better job of presenting their proposals to the Foundation. " Gelder attended the monthly meeting of the Kern County Fire Department in Bakersfield on behalf of Council President Lloyd Smith. (120 mile match)

Website - Ed Royce, Chair

No action this month

Education/ Speaker's Bureau - Terry Bolt, Chair

  • With the help of Nancy Puckett a table will be set up 3/27 from 12-4 p.m. for the Living Green Festival. Fliers and other Council materials will be distributed. The cost to the Council will be $25.
  • Bolt talked to Nancy Puckett about the Collaborative meeting, 3/24, and her ideas about having community service projects around the valley (cleaning up around houses for defensible space). Nancy Puckett will find out from the Senior representative who might need those services.
  • Bolt has recruited the 7th grade basketball team from the Wallace Middle School to do one house but needs to talk to others involved. 
  • Bolt will be talking to churches that might want to do something along those lines. " Bolt is working with Sammie in the Print Shop regarding pages for the Living with Fire brochure. 
  • Bolt is exploring promotional prizes in conjunction with getting students to participate in defensible space activities around their homes, part of the Living with Fire brochure. She is still exploring the various options since there will be some expense involved. She will report to the Board about her findings. 
  • Lloyd Smith reviewed alternatives for Living with Fire production and distribution with Marsha Smith, publisher of Kern Valley Sun. There will be a 16-20 page version, 8 1/2" x 11" similar to the Kern Valley Visitors Guide. 20,000 will be produced for distribution during the first week of May, Wildfire Awareness Week. Marsha Smith believes that all costs of production can be offset with advertising. $3,000 will be held in reserve. The "original" Living with Fire file was secured from the University of Nevada and was customized for the Kern River Valley with local pictures and modified text. Lloyd Smith delivered the draft copy to the Kern Valley Sun since it was too large a file to e-mail. (75 miles match) 
  • Smith sent a reminder to the Forest Service about rotating the roadside signs.
  • Smith produced 150 stickers to correct information on "A Homeowner's Guide to Firewise Landscaping in Kern County" requested by KCFD Station #72 to be handed out at their upcoming fuel reduction training, and delivered the pamphlets to Lake Isabella. (75 miles match) 
  • Christine Hancock reserved space for the Spring Health Faire on 4/12/11 from 9a.m. to 11:30a.m. at the Kern Valley Hospital Cafeteria. She is seeking sponsors for the $35 fee. 
  • Gordon and Christine Hancock explored a possible RAC hardship grant site in Lake Isabella. The potential recipient has a number of medical issues. He might be willing to put up a sign in his yard. (8 miles matched).




March 10, 2011

2010 Bodfish III Fuel Reduction Project-

The project is almost complete with one narrow strip of brush left to be cut near the toe of the slope. Chad reports there are between 75 and 100 piles remaining to be burned. Again, if you get a chance to visit the project it is visible from the road and looks great.

The final Quarter Accomplishment Report ends March 31st and is due April 30th. Please continue to keep track of your "Match" hours and mileage for the March Quarterly Accomplishment Report.

2010 Burma Interagency Extension Project-

The crew has completed the 35 acre Burma portion of the project and is working on the 6 acre Rogers Road maintenance section.

The final Quarter Accomplishment Report ends March 31st and is due April 30th. Again, continue to keep track of your "Match" meeting hours and mileages as they will be applied toward the 2011 projects.

2011 Lake Isabella Project- We are waiting for the Arch Report review to be completed by BLM. We should receive our initial payment ($5,000) soon. The 1st Quarter Accomplishment Rpt for the project ended January 31st and was submitted on February 28th. KCFD's worksheets were not available and will be included in next quarter's report.

2011 Mountain Shadows Project- The project is in the same status as Lake Isabella's; we are waiting for the final Archaeology Report approval and biological requirements from BLM. The Quarterly Accomplishment Report is the same as Lake Isabella above.

CFSC News/Update- The most recent information (2/28/11) regarding 2012 Grants is that the Application deadline will be June 1st. The new date provides more time for CFSC and applicants to learn of the details of match requirements and program priorities. CFSC is proposing 6 Workshops in California, but they haven't decided on the format. They are considering several options, including live/interactive teleconference, workbooks on CD, downloadable PDF and printed materials

Patrick G. Pontes Kern River Valley FSC, Grant Administrator


Kern River Valley Fire Safe C-uncil ● PO Box 633, Kernville, CA 93238

General information: Lloyd Smith ● (760) 377-3542

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