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Board Meeting
April 15, 2004
Those attending: Emily Diggles, Marcine Hughes, John Hughes, Robin Wyatt-Little, Sharon Rooney, Dick Sampson, Dave Bacalis, Beth Willett, Margie Clack, Kent Haskins,
Dolly Ogawa, Allyn Amsk, Valerie Cassity. Board Quorum established.
Minutes: Read and approved. Emily Diggles 1st, John Hughes 2nd. Unanimous approval.
Treasurerís Report: Current balance is $977.41. Sharon reported that the bank waived the service charge. Sharon asked Marcine and Robin to stop at WestAmerica Bank and sign the signature cards for the checking account. Two signatures will be required on all checks from this point forward. Report approved. Robin 1st, Emily 2nd. Unanimous approval.
New Business: Robin Wyatt-Little made the motion that KRVR be compensated for their Fiscal Agent services to the Fire Safe Council in the amount of $500.00. To be paid out of the Coordinator Extension Grant balance. John Hughes 2nd.
Unanimous approval.
Old Business: Sharon explained that the FSC does not have liability/accident insurance
For our volunteers. One year premium will be $310.00. Discussion. Agreed that two year coverage would be appropriate. Dave Bacalis made the motion, Emily Diggles 2nd.
Unanimous approval.
Suggestion was made that volunteers be instructed to wear goggles and gloves on chipper day projects.
Marcine gave update on the red flag project. Flags will cost $1613.54. Also, KRV FSC Decals will cost $434.37 and   KRV FSC pins will cost $2065.00.
It was agreed to forgo a contract for the repainting of the Demonstration Lot signs. It was agreed that removing necessary lettering and repainting could be done on a volunteer basis within the Council.
Calendar dates discussed for WAW. Proclamation information shared.
Dick Sampson asked if photos and addresses of the Demo Lots might be included on the Website. Agreed, once the lots have been revisited/touched up by the KCFD crew. Again, a profound thank you to Dick Sampson for his work on the website!
Meeting adjourned 9: 30 AM. Respectfully submitted by Robin Wyatt-Little, Secretary

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General information: Lloyd Smith ● (760) 377-3542 or Robin Little ● (760) 376-6842

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