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General Meeting
April 20, 2006
Present: Sharon Rooney, Ed Royce, Emily Diggles, Cindy Thill, Margie Clack, Jim Bauer, Ken Stevens, Lloyd Smith, Angela Yearwood, Sally Peterson, Jim Davis,
Delores Walmer, Rick Jones, Tom Parkin and John Yslas.
Meeting convened at 8:30 A.M. by Ed Royce.
Minutes were approved: Motion to accept: Jim Davis, 2nd, Sharon Rooney.
Treasurer’s Report: Attached. Motion to accept: 2nd, Delores Walmer, Accepted.
Sharon noted that Bill paying funds were low.
Fund Raising discussion followed: There is a need for a Budget, with fixed and variable
Expenses; Time Frame recommended to be before June 9th.
Strategies mentioned were:
Charge for membership on tiered levels.
Membership campaign at the Property Owner’s Association level.
Solicit Business Owners.
Use Wildfire Prevention Week
More Publicity to familiarize the public with the mission, schedules, history of the FSC.
Appoint a committee to solicit fact to face
Give solicitors a letter of introduction.
Reward members with an annual report, showing photos, chipper days, presentations and
Show them what value they get for their $$.
Make campaign quick, concise and for a short period of time
-“Speakers Bureau 2000 Schedule”, Email from Debbie Santiago, BLM. On the Poster Contest, Judging was April 21st, winners from K-5 will have 1st, 2nd,3rd places. Artwork and prizes will be ready for Wildfire Awareness Week, May 8th to 12th.
-Copy of Kern River Courier Article about the KRV Fire Safe Council.
- “Abstract on suggestions for Fund Raising.” Jim Davis
Status of Grants:
Sequoia Crest Community wildfire request came in too low.
Crew 87 doing a good job in Isabella Highlands. They will be doing Sawmill
Road, Squirrel Valley and Myers Canyon Check ups.
Bio Regional Festival:
The Forest Service will have two booths at Circle Park, Kernville on April 29th, 9am on.
News Inserts are being printed for Fire Safe Week. There will be a contractor meeting for hazard reduction and the list will be out soon.
Minutes, Cont’d.
Cindy Thill presented a preliminary proposal about creating and erecting signs for Fire Department Fire Prevention and safety messages. She felt that signs need a protective roof, be extra strong and asked for all to read, evaluate and offer suggestions for creating a logo, funding and volunteers to erect, update and maintain. The changeable signs could be stored at Forest Service property. This should be included in budget analysis, needs discussion, action committee, etc.
May 2nd. Kern County Fire Chief Thompson will ask for a “Wildfire Awareness Week”
Proclimation from the Board of Supervisors.
Coordinate with Margie for Chipper Days & Demo Lots. If property is not cleared, call your local fire station and if nothing done call Ken Stevens. Demo Lots need “Right to Enter” letter. Please check your neighborhood for well kept, fire safe yards and get permission. Fire Fighter crew may be able to help some clearance. Call Margie and Randy Griffith, 661-330-0213 with names and addresses.
There is a need for guidelines for web sites to maintain consistency with Forestry and CDF.
Respectfully submitted, (And sorry for any errors)
Emily Diggles

Kern River Valley Fire Safe Council ● PO Box 633, Kernville, CA 93238

General information: Lloyd Smith ● (760) 377-3542

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