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Board of Directors and General Meeting
August 17, 2006
President Ed Royce convened the meeting at 8:32 AM.
Those Present: Ed Royce, Jim Davis, Lloyd Smith, Tom Parkin, Sharon Rooney, Rich Olson, Margie Clack, Ken Stevens, Christine and Gordon Hancock, Bob and Carroll Wilson, Emily Diggles, Bob Robinson and Robin Wyatt-Little.
Introductions were made.
Minutes: Motion to accept – Lloyd Smith. 2nd – Emily Diggles. Unanimous approval.
Treasurer’s Report – Sharon Rooney: Sharon Reports the following grant balances: Frazier Park - $49,500; Hungry Gulch - $75,000; Kennedy Meadows - $24,194; Mt. Pinos - $19,500. FSC operating account is $1,153.26. State Farm Insurance gave the FSC the $317.78 balance left from the Fire Mitigation Guide Grant. This was deposited in the operating account. Motion to accept – Robin Wyatt-Little. 2nd – Rich Olson. Unanimous approval.
Grant Reports: Rich Olson
Hungry Gulch - Progressing very well despite fuel crews having to leave for fire assignments.
Kennedy Meadows – CWPP project progressing well with all parcel assessments completed. The quarterly grant report to be submitted soon.
Frazier Park - Rich reports the environmental and archaeological work is done.
Mt. Pinos – The CWPP project has been awarded to consultant Tim Walsh through the RFP process.
Sequoia Crest – The original grant award has been increased from $3000 to $10,000. The budget augmentation report has been filed and we are waiting for the contract to be issued.
Lloyd Smith asked Rich what the timeline would be for submitting amendments to the KRV CWPP. Rich said January, 2007 is the deadline for the Grant Clearing House but cautioned that monies are not as available for CWPP projects. 
Rich mentioned that the California Fire Alliance group has talked about providing a CWPP application template which will make the process a bit easier.
Ed Royce suggested that perhaps it would be more expedient/successful to submit a CWPP amendment funding request which would combine both Kelso Valley and Walker Pass. Rich agreed and added that it makes sense to approach the request from a structural ignitability risk plus bringing the existing KRV CWWP up to State guidelines by providing the required “agreement page”, signed by FSC Agency Partners i.e. KCFD, USFS, BLM et al. The KRV Fire Prevention Collaborative will be meeting in the late Fall (November) and Ed Royce will talk with Scott Williams to arrange the necessary preparation for this “agreement page.”
FUNDRAISING – Jim Davis and Lloyd Smith
After general discussion it was decided that the specific letters requesting donations for the FSC operating budget will be sent. Lloyd will send letters to the Property Owners Associations. Business addresses will be obtained through the two Chamber of Commerce offices (Jim and Emily). The FSC will have representatives attend both Chamber meetings. Privacy issues will be determined prior to any mailings.
Bob Robinson tells us that the Mojave Desert and Mountain RC&D representative, Carolyn, will attend the FSC September meeting to discuss contributing to this fundraising effort. Carolyn is the projects coordinator.
Jim raised the possibility of rising operating costs and to develop a plan to meet increasing needs via the fundraising. Lloyd clarified that there are two budgets: the operating budget i.e. insurance, office supplies, postage, printing etc. and the projects budget which is determined as projects are identified and voted on. Both Jim and Lloyd reiterated that the budget drives the fundraising effort, not the reverse.
Discussion followed regarding the need to develop the power point program citing the history and accomplishments of the fire safe council which would be used for fundraising purposes. Robin, Margie, Ken and Rich will pool their materials for this purpose before the September meeting. This information will also be incorporated into a brochure if possible.
Emily interjected that there is not enough public recognition of the Fire Safe Council and its’ “good works.” She suggests a poster, simple in design, which could be posted throughout the Valley. A logo and brief statement/slogan is appropriate. People will bring their ideas to the September meeting. Ed suggested a magnetic Poster that could be attached to the chipper when it is being used for a chipper day event.  Robin mentioned that there several KRV FSC logo stickers for car windows and many KRV FSC pins both of which can be distributed throughout the Valley. These will be brought to the September meeting. This subject will be an agenda item for September.
Chamber of Commerce – Robin Wyatt-Little
Robin attended the Kern River Valley Chamber meeting (1st Wednesday of each month, Paradise Cove Restaurant, Noon.) The FSC membership was paid and Jim Davis has volunteered to attend these meetings.
Emily Diggles and Robin attended to the application for the Kernville Chamber of Commerce membership. This Chamber has the Board of Directors meeting on the 2nd Monday of each month, 3PM, Kernville Chamber meeting room. Their general meeting is the 4th Monday of each month, 3PM, Kernville Chamber meeting room. Emily has agreed to attend these meetings for the next few months until she retires.
Road Signs - Cindy not present.
Jim Davis will amend the funding proposal for SCE to include four signs, not three. Storage of the signs will be handled through the Forest Service per Scott Williams (former meeting.) Jim Davis will confirm this.
Publicity – Margie Clack
Margie gave an update on the recent Kelso Valley Cottonwood Fire. Margie reports that Debbie Santiago made several contacts with local residents and mentioned the KRV FSC, Debbie has the names and addresses and Jim Davis will follow up with Debbie.
Margie also, while working the Mt. Pinos fire, worked with local resident Janine and helped facilitate networking between residents and their local FSC.
It was noted that the local newspapers should be made aware of Ed Royce as the current FSC president. Margie will do this.
Margie will also work on an article regarding the defensible space work Evans Road residents have done and what part that played in the successful, early containment of the recent Evans Road wildfire. Margie will also highlight the defensible space treatment by the Hungry Gulch residents which is greatly augmenting the FSC fuels reduction grant project currently underway. 
Chipper Projects - Margaret Belz not present
Emily Diggles has asked for a chipper day date as there are currently several piles of freshly cut brush. She will contact Margaret and Ken Stevens has agreed “to make it happen.” Emily has also asked for a FSC program to educate the new residents of the Myers Canyon neighborhood. She and Robin will schedule this.
Discussion regarding the property owner in the Piutes who has cleared a large amount of fuel but cannot get the local trash collector trucks up his road. Local refuse business people asked if the FSC could provide a chipper for this person. General opinion is that we need more information as to locale, amount of fuel and to research a private hazard reduction provider or local people to help this property out. FSC policy does not provide chipper service for one individual. Ken Stevens suggests that perhaps there is a chance this property borders BLM or FS property and perhaps can be included in a federal fuels project. Robin will ask Margaret Belz to look into the above and report back.
Senior Summer Healthcare Information Faire – Robin
Jim Davis has volunteered to handle a FSC booth for this event. Emily and the Hancocks (Gordon and Christine) will work with Jim. Jim will try to obtain the display boards that Linda Adams created a few years back. Margie has many boxes of FSC brochures etc. for Jim and Emily to distribute. This event is 9/l8/06, 9-11 AM, Lake Isabella Senior Center.
Agency Reports:
Forest Service – Margie Clack: Margie reports that Kennedy Meadows is dealing with heavy smoke from neighboring fires. The smoke is rising to an unhealthy level and appropriate mitigation steps will be taken according to FS policy. There have been five lightning fires in the high country. The smoke monitoring equipment will be moved to better report smoke levels. Margie also gave the website which gives the local and national wildfires that are currently being fought. Fire information, daily, is given to this website which then compiles all the data and assigns a national incident level, 5 being the highest.  We are currently at a level 5 nationally.
BLM – no report. Agency busy with wildfires.
Kern County Fire Department – Ken Stevens
Ken reports the department crews have been busy with firefighting and lot cleanups. Ken said that a recent hazard abatement surcharge fee of $325.00
is now in force. Hungry gulch progressing nicely. Margie reminded the FSC that a letter of appreciation to KCFD and Board of Supervisors would be appropriate before the next budget hearings. Unanimous agreement.
Property Owners Associations:
Kennedy Meadows – Ed Royce reports that the CWPP project is progressing, cough, cough and that moving the smoke monitoring equipment is primary on their agenda, cough, cough. Editor’s note: Tough bunch up there in the Meadow.
Frontier Trail – all quiet.
Squirrel Valley – all quiet.
Myers Canyon – Emily has requested a chipper day and FSC program. New residents.
Isabella Highlands – all quiet.
Meeting convened at 11:04 AM by President Ed Royce.
Respectfully submitted by Robin Wyatt-Little, Secretary/Editor

Kern River Valley Fire Safe Council ● PO Box 633, Kernville, CA 93238

General information: Lloyd Smith ● (760) 377-3542

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