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Board Meeting
February 19, 2004

Attending: Marcine Hughes, John Hughes, Delores Walmer, Robin Wyatt-Little, Richard Olson, Sharon Rooney, Jim Davis, Emily Diggles, Matt Pontes, Ken Stevens, Margie Clack, Ginny Cuny, Dan Anglin and John Smith.
Call to Order: 8:30 A.M.
Minutes: Minutes of the January 15, 2004 were read. Motion to approve: Sharon 1st, Delores 2nd. Unanimous approval.
Treasurer’s Report: Sharon Rooney reported a balance of $1,027.41. Motion to accept:
Robin 1st, Delores 2nd. Report accepted.
Committee Reports:
KCFD: Fire Crews will be supervised by Jim Rocha (Rio Bravo Hotshots) and Randy Griffin (KCFD Crew.) Approximately 20 crew members combined will be on board by March 22, 2004.
GRANTS: Rich Olson reports that Sawmill fuels reduction project is a go with the T&E and Arc studies completed. One mortar hole site was identified and will be flagged even thought the project site is not that close. Rich said that as soon as the crews are available they may begin by “brushing” the roadside.
Other grant projects are progressing with required T&E/Arc studies as well as the Biological studies. The Alta Sierra grant projects will proceed as soon as weather permits. Rodgers Road will begin first because it is at a lower elevation with less weather restrictions.
Robin has requested permission from Sacramento Regional Foundation/BLM to use remaining funds in the Coordinator Grant for website costs, liability insurance for FSC,
digital camera for photo monitoring of projects, red flag alert project, poster contest and possible FireSafe demonstration gardens. No word back as yet.
SCE: Mike Jones mentioned his concern over the increasing beetle damage to trees in the Kern River Valley. Discussion followed regarding potential funding to deal with this problem through the Kern County Forestry Plan. Rich Olson feels this is a fuels issue.
Kern County Parks: Matt Pontes is completing an article about the Bark Beetle which will be used to help educate the general public. It was agreed this article should eventually be on the website.
WEBSITE: Margie Clack and Jim Davis introduced Dick Sampson the new website manager. Dick explained his vision for the site and agreed to handle the transition of the domain site and ISP contract. Dick will write up his contract for two years and once approved by the Board, will be paid. The Board thanked Dick for his willingness to manage the website at a reduced rate and his participation in the FSC. It was agreed that to simplify the website content, all material must be presented to Jim Davis and Margie Clack and they will determine what gets forwarded to Dick for the site. Robin will forward the minutes of all meetings directly to Dick. Updates for FSC calendar will also go directly to Dick.
FSC Calendar was discussed, noting all FSC presentations and upcoming chipper days.
Robin passed out insurance information provided by the State FSC. Sharon Rooney agreed to take a look at it and research quotes.
Marcine reported she has been in touch with Cindy Thiehl (FS) and Debbie Hess (SCE)
regarding the poster contest. Marcine has been checking out costs for reproduction.
Motion to adjourn: Robin 1st, Margie 2nd. Meeting adjourned at 9:25 A.M.

Respectfully Submitted by: Robin Wyatt-Little, Secretary

Kern River Valley Fire Safe Council ● PO Box 633, Kernville, CA 93238

General information: Lloyd Smith ● (760) 377-3542 or Robin Little ● (760) 376-6842

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