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Board of Directors and General Membership Meeting
Thursday, February 15, 2007
Those present: Ed Royce, Lloyd Smith, Cindy Thill, Tom Parkin, Dick Sampson, Patrick Pontes, Ken Delfino, Robert Robinson, Sue Rocha, Scott Williams, Christine Hancock, Gordon Hancock, Emily Diggles, Rich Olson, Ken Stevens, Rosemary Delfino, Robin Wyatt-Little.
President Ed Royce convened the meting at 8:30 A.M. Introductions were made.
Corrections to the January 18, 2007 minutes were made to include Lloyd Smith and his neighbor as being present at that meeting. Motion to approve: Lloyd Smith. Second: Tom Parkin. Unanimous approval.
Treasurer’s Report: Christine Hancock reports an operating account balance of $$3905.26. Recent donations have been received from Kennedy Meadows POA, Frontier Trail Homeowners POA, and Sharon Rooney. Grant balances are: Frazier Park-$43,476.77; Hungry Gulch-$15,452.59; Kennedy Meadows-$16,829.78 and Mt. Pinos-$2,500.00.
Chris reminded the Board that there will be an insurance premium due in April 2007. President Royce approved payment. Motion to approve: Robin Wyatt-Little. Second: Rich Olson. Unanimous approval.
Current Grants: Rich Olson
Rich reports that Frazier Park, Kennedy Meadows, Hungry Gulch and Mt. Pinos grants are soon to be completed and closed out by the end of April 2007.
Future Grants: Patrick Pontes
Patrick reported that in conjunction with the Collaborative recommendation (BLM, USFS, KCFD and KRV FSC) concept papers for the 2008 grant period will be submitted in the following prioritized order for: 1. Kennedy Meadows fuels project; 2. Bodfish Canyon fuels project and 3. Tillie Creek fuels project. These concept papers will be mailed today.
Patrick further explained that the Walker Pass CWPP proposal has been modified and will not be submitted as a grant proposal. Rather, the Collaborative agreed that uniformed agency personnel i.e. BLM, USFS and KCFD will conduct individual property wildfire safety evaluations. They will distribute printed educational materials regarding defensible space treatment and safety measures for burning downed brush. BLM has also committed to do roadside brush clearing on those areas that fall within their jurisdiction. During this process, needed fuels projects in the Walker Pass area will be noted and included in the KRV FSC CWPP as a specific amendment. The KRV FSC CWPP will also be amended to reflect the newly extend boundaries of the KRV FSC area of influence.
It was agreed that Wildfire Awareness Week (5/6/07) would be an excellent period in which to conduct these individual property evaluations. Lloyd Smith will coordinate with USFS, BLM and KCFD and will notify Margie Clack regarding newspaper coverage.
Ken Delfino gave an excellent power point presentation of the final Kennedy Meadows Community Wildfire Protection Plan. Included in the CWPP are 21 specific recommendations to reduce future wildfire events. Ken presented the KRV FSC with ten hardcopies of the CWPP and ten CD’s. The CWPP will be included on the KRV FSC website.
Fundraising: Lloyd Smith
Lloyd gave an overview of current fundraising efforts which included two FSC presentations, one to the Mojave Desert-Mountain Resource Conservation and Development Council and Kern River Valley Revitalization. Both programs were received well. To date funds received are on target for the annual budget. Tom Parkin inquired as to data requirements for tracking FSC donors. Lloyd is doing this and has asked Christine Hancock (and Sharon Rooney) to recapture previous donors prior to the formation of the fundraising committee. Tom Parkin presented yet another generous donation to the FSC. THANK YOU TOM!
Lloyd thanked Scott Williams and Ken Stevens for their work on the new brochures. Ken has facilitated the printing of 1000 brochures. GREAT APPRECIATION GOES TO KEN AND SCOTT! Appreciation was also expressed to Lloyd for his unwavering efforts in establishing the fundraising program. It was agreed to send Supervisor McQuiston a letter of appreciation for the Kern County Fire Department’s role in supporting the FSC, getting the initial brochure printing done.
Fire Safe Garden: Ed Royce
Marcine Hughes has notified the FSC of her regrets that she is not able to continue with the Fire Safe Demonstration Garden Project. Ed has asked for someone else to chair this project. It was suggested that people think about this commitment and be prepared to formalize a plan by next month’s meeting.
Road Sign(s) Project: Lloyd Smith
Lloyd has submitted a formal financial support proposal to Debbie Hess of SCE for this project. Cindy Thill has submitted the necessary Kern County and California State right-of-way permits. Cindy gave an overview of what will be allowed versus what won’t i.e. a roof over the sign; not setting the support posts in concrete and no anchoring. These stipulations are related to safety issues. Lloyd has received two bids from local sign painters and feels they are both within our initial estimates. Thank you to Cindy for her continued efforts.
Speakers Bureau: Robin Wyatt-Little
Robin has scheduled two presentations: North Kern Property Owners Association – Tuesday, March 13th, 6PM at the Oddfellows Hall, Kernville. Also, the Kern River Valley Chamber of Commerce – Wednesday, March 28th, 12 Noon at Paradise Cove Restaurant. Robin and Margaret Belz are working to finalize a FSC presentation to the Century 21 Realtors of the KRV. Date to be announced. Cindy Thill suggested the FSC have a presence at this year’s Bioregions Festival event, April 28-29. It was agreed this was a worthy effort. Robin will coordinate display items and handouts.
Ed explained the two separate functions of the Speakers Bureau, that of the fundraising presentations and the other for wildfire safety education. Robin will continue to coordinate both programs, however Ed and Lloyd and Ken will be the presenters. Volunteers requested for the educational programs.
Chipper Days: Margaret Belz
Margaret has provided chipper day(S) guideline forms to Tom Parkin in preparation for the Squirrel Valley chipper day event in May. Tom is attempting to coordinate additional participation with Mt. Mesa for the same day. Margaret is scheduling upcoming chipper days with Loren Lange (KCFD). The FSC chipper now has a magnetic sign on it featuring the KRV FSC logo. It was suggested that perhaps when property inspection letters are sent to property owners by KCFD, some sort of Chipper Day information might be included in the envelope along with a hazard reduction provider list for the current season. Justin Wilkins (KCFD) is responsible for the current list.
Website: Ed Royce
Ed, along with Tom Parkin and webmaster Dick Sampson, has updated various aspects of the website. Additional local contact telephone numbers will be added. Scott Williams suggested that the resource list might be shortened/edited. Dick, Ed and Tom will look into this.
Ed Royce presented a timeline for necessary budget items for the next year. Given current fundraising for the operating budget, prospects are optimistic. Ed asked for ideas regarding cost cutting measures to insure financial health for the KRV FSC. One suggestion was to donate the chipper to KCFD. This is an involved process requiring permission from BLM, the agency from which the Chipper Grant was obtained. Lloyd Smith felt that the FSC’s identity is strongly reinforced by the chipper and perhaps it should remain with the FSC. No action taken.
By Laws Policy Proposal: Ed Royce
Ed Royce suggested the following by-laws policy regarding the FSC Board of Directors. “It is the standing policy of the Kern River Valley Fire Safe Council that the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer shall be ex officio voting members of the Board of Directors, that the President serve as Chairperson of the Board of Directors and the regular representatives of federal, state or local agencies be ex officio non-voting members of the Board of Directors.”  Motion to approve: Robin Wyatt-Little. Second: Emily Diggles. Unanimous approval.
Forest Service – Scott Williams distributed copies of the McNally Fire Auto Tour pamphlets.
BLM – Sue Rocha reported that while High Desert Fire Prevention Association will not be doing the poster contest this year, they will collaborate with KCFD, utilizing the Smoke Trailer for their educational programs for elementary school children. Sue also reports that the Inyo County CWPP is near completion. This CWPP boundary is adjacent the KRV FSC CWPP boundary. Lloyd Smith has requested information regarding the HDFPA and attending costs for the poster contest. He will build this cost into possible local grant requests.
Property Owners Associations:
Myers Canyon: Emily Diggles is planning to take photos of absentee property owner’s parcels which she will send along with a letter regarding the necessity of clearing hazardous fuels from these properties.
Frontier Trail POA: Robin reports she is seeing good signs of brush clearing on Frontier Trail. She will be scheduling a FSC presentation for the next POA meeting in June.
Squirrel Valley POA: Tom Parkin reiterated the scheduled May 5th chipper day event and will contact the local newspapers beforehand.
President Ed Royce adjourned the meeting at 11:45 A.M.
Respectfully submitted by: Robin Wyatt-Little, Secretary

Kern River Valley Fire Safe Council ● PO Box 633, Kernville, CA 93238

General information: Lloyd Smith ● (760) 377-3542 or Robin Little ● (760) 376-6842

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