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July 17, 2003
Call to order: 8:35
Attendance: Marcine Hughes, Dan Anglin, Robin Little, Ron Bolyard, Margie Clark, Sharon Rooney, Delores Walmer, Emily Diggles, Ginny Cuny, David Lutz, Clint Harvard, Luisa Goribar, Koung Chaiyasane, April Hutchins, Eric Hutchins, Davina Davis, Matt Pontes, and Rich Olson
Introduction: Davina Davis introduces the SCA group. Passed out Handout regarding what they have done so far and what is left to do. Assessed Sawmill before the fire, will go back up to see what the effect is(was). Doing Dam Talk Show again, manning booths, etc. Also asked if it was ok to use FSC logo on handouts. (Okayed)
Minutes: Motion to accept: Sharon Rooney
Second: Emily Diggles
All in favor
Coordinator Position: As discussed at June Board Meeting, where are we going? Put both Robin and Linda’s names up, neither are interested. Possible to go into a hold position. The money has not been spent and apply for an extension into 2004. By then we can advertise the position.
Does that meet with approval?
501c3: The process is continuing. 6 months to be approved
Fire Wise Conference: 6 hr presentation
Box lunch to be supplied by Mtn Mesa Market or James Station
Charge a minimal fee
Hours 8am to 2pm
Possibility of Fire Wise Trinkets and T-Shirt (Dan will check into this)
Timeline: RSVP by Aug, final letter (confirmation) by Oct.
Grant Updates: FS started fire breaks around Alta Sierra, looking forward to the private sector.
Closed out Demo Lots. A big thanks to Rich Olson for seeing the projects through.
Quarterly reports on the Chipper Projects
BLM grants 50%. Sawmill/Hungry Gulch $112,500. A revised budget form will have to be sent in. July 27, a meeting of the Sawmill homeowners. Intent is to create a “shaded” fuel break. Limb 8’-10’, remove 2/3 to ¾ of brush, remove non-productive trees, cut stumps flush, chip-stack-burn brush. Much of the concentration will be on private lots.
Emily’s Road Grant is complete (even with water diversion bumps)
BLM has a grant available for tree planting in fire areas on private property.
Next Meeting: Sept 18, 8:30 am
Adjournment: 9:35

Kern River Valley Fire Safe Council ● PO Box 633, Kernville, CA 93238

General information: Lloyd Smith ● (760) 377-3542 or Robin Little ● (760) 376-6842

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