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Board of Directors and General Membership Meeting
Thursday, July 19, 2007


Those present: Ed Royce, Lloyd Smith, Christine Hancock, Gordon Hancock, Tom Parkin, Bob Robinson, Scott Williams, Cindy Thill, Ken Stevens and Robin Wyatt-Little.

President Ed Royce convened the meeting at 8:30 AM. Introductions were made.

Minutes: Motion to approve, Lloyd Smith, 2nd – Gordon Hancock. Unanimous approval.

Treasurer’s Report: Christine Hancock reports the KRV FSC operating account balance is $3903.79. Grant balances are: Sequoia Crest - $5000.00 and State Farm - $1648.78. Motion to approve, Robin Wyatt-Little, 2nd – Tom Parkin. Unanimous approval.

Grants: Ed Royce presented Patrick Pontes’ written grant report. No news regarding our 2008 Grants. According to the California FSC website, there is a Forest Service Grant Program (Western Wildland Urban Interface Grant Program) which we could qualify for except that there is a 50/50 match requirement. Patrick wonders if there is a possibility we could submit for small projects (newspaper inserts, pamphlets, etc.) where we would have a high match from KCFD and could meet the 50/50 match requirement. Patrick will contact Wende (CAFSC) for details. One of the grant requirements is “how the project will remain effective over time.” Apparently there are some POA’s who pay annual dues to maintain fuel breaks under the cost share agreements.

Patrick reports there are now 156 California Fire Safe Councils.

Bob Robinson (MDRCD) reports that the newly formed Sierra Nevada Conservancy organization has $14 million budgeted for dispersal. Ken Stevens suggests that our FSC send a letter to Supervisor McQuiston outlining “needs” here in Kern County. Supervisor McQuiston is an alternate on the SNC Board. Ed Royce will draft this letter once pertinent facts are gathered.

Fundraising: Lloyd Smith reports no additional funds received this month. Lloyd request reimbursement for $257.20 he advanced for development of the KRV FSC Logo and for the “Sustaining Members” article in the Kern Valley Sun. Motion to approve reimbursement, Robin Wyatt-Little, 2nd – Tom Parkin. Unanimous approval.

Lloyd reminded the Council that it is time for the annual renewal letters for donors. Lloyd will also look into smaller grant opportunities.

Road signs: Lloyd Smith reports the four signs are ready to be installed. Cindy tells us she requested and has received a Kern County extension (1/31/08) for the Walker Basin sign. Installations will require a gas-powered auger. Ken Stevens will follow up on the gentleman who volunteered to maintain and change the sign for Walker Basin. It was agreed the sign installation(s) should be coordinated with the Kern Valley Sun and Courier. The alternative would be for the FSC to take digital photos, write the article and submit to both newspapers.

The Weldon location on Highway 178 near Paul’s Place will be the first sign installation. Cindy will notify Cal Trans and coordinate installation date.
Lloyd reiterated the challenge of funding the remaining 8 signs, about ($600.00 each.)

Speakers Bureau: Robin Wyatt-Little reports that FSC programs were presented to the Frontier Trail POA (6/23/07) with 19 in attendance. The program was well received, resulting in a scheduled Chipper Day event for May, 2008. Dennis Monahan (KCFD) and Robin were the presenters.

Another program was presented to the KRV Century 21 Realtors with 21 in attendance. Again, the program was enthusiastically received! Robin inquired as to the possibility of Century 21 Realtors giving their “seller/buyer” clients a FSC informational packet regarding Wildfire Safety/Defensible Space. A resounding YES was the answer. To be developed.

Discussion ensued at this FSC meeting regarding such a packet, its content and cost. Ken Stevens suggested an outline be developed and presented to the Kern County FSC as this idea would be applicable for all KC FSC use, therefore could become a KCFSC project and not fall solely on the KRV FSC for initial and sustaining funding.

Ed suggested that Robin and Margaret Belz ask the realtors what types of materials they would like to have in the packet. Lloyd suggests that perhaps this might be brought to the attention of the Kern County Board of Realtors. This Council gave a 100% “thumbs up” for pursuing the above outline for this project.

Robin requested more KRV FSC Pamphlets for distribution. It was agreed that another 1000 should be printed by KCFD. Motion to approve, Lloyd Smith. 2nd, Tom Parkin. Unanimous approval.

Publicity: Cindy Thill reiterated the positive effect of incorporating the KRV FSC Logo on all FSC articles in the newspapers. Unanimous agreement. Lloyd will send the Vector Logo File to Cindy and Margie Clack.

Chipper Days: Robin reports that Margaret will establish the 2008 Chipper Day calendar soon. Palo Ranches neighborhood and Frontier Trail POA have already requested a May date. Margaret also reports that Tom Parkin will assist with chipper day chores i.e. pre and post information requirements etc. THANK YOU TOM!

Kern County Fire Safe Council: Ken Stevens apologized for the communication lapse for the June meeting. Fire Assignments took their toll on available personnel thus it was cancelled. August will be dark and the September meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, the 26th at 1:30 PM.

MDRC&D: Bob Robinson announced that the RC&D in conjunction with the Nunni Cunni Cultural Center and the Oasis Garden Club Members will host a Native Plant Sale on September 22nd and 23rd. Information regarding the sale will be available on August 1st.

Website: Cindy Thill suggested specific items to be corrected on our website. Ed Royce will oversee this.

The Kernville Chamber of Commerce has sent our annual $50.00 renewal reminder for membership. Motion to approve renewal, Lloyd Smith, 2nd, Robin Wyatt-Little. Unanimous agreement.

Fire Resistant Plant List: Being developed.

Kern County Fire Department: Ken Stevens reports that the Fire Severity Mapping meeting on July 18, 2007 was poorly attended by the public and interested organizations.

Forest Service: Scott Williams reports that hazardous fuel reduction projects (Burma Road and the Bowman/Luxton) are in progress. Cindy Thill tells us that the new District Fire Management Officer, Mike Ryan is on duty now in the Kern River Ranger District, South. Mike was formerly on the Inyo Forest.

It was agreed unanimously that Robin (1277 North Frontier Trail, Kernville, 376-6842) will be the keeper of the Audio-Visual equipment for the FSC. This will allow accessibility 24/7. Tom Parkin will donate a screen and power strip for the equipment. Again, THANK YOU TOM!)

Kennedy Meadows: Ed Royce reports major defensible space/brush cutting work ongoing in Kennedy Meadows by the residents. Three individuals rented a chipper and in three days managed to chip debris for NINE properties! Ed is pursuing getting the BLM to staff the Chimney Peak fire station 24/7 working through Congressman Nunes office. Scott Williams reports that efforts to staff Forest Service fire station 24/7, nearest to Kennedy Meadows is being pursued.

Squirrel Valley: Tom Parkin reports that their POA will meet four times a year rather than monthly. They are also getting bids for more road paving.

Walker Pass: Lloyd Smith reports that Cal Trans is using the “brush hog” on the road shoulders.

Ed Royce adjourned the meeting at 11:30 AM.

REMINDER: The next KRV FSC meeting is Thursday, August 16th at 8:30 AM.

Kern River Valley Fire Safe Council ● PO Box 633, Kernville, CA 93238

General information: Lloyd Smith ● (760) 377-3542

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