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Board of Directors and General Meeting
Thursday, March 15, 2007
Those present: Ed Royce, Lloyd Smith, Christine and Gordon Hancock, Cindy Thill, J. Skip Reymann, Tom Parkin, Gabriele Kidwell, Devin Travis, Emily Diggles, Robert Robinson, Ken Stevens and Robin Wyatt-Little.
President Ed Royce convened the meeting at 8:30 A.M. Introductions were made.
Minutes: Gordon Hancock moved to accept. Tom Parkin – 2nd. Unanimous approval.
Treasurer’s Report: Christine Hancock reports our operating budget balance to be $4,845.26. The FSC liability insurance premium has been paid ($310.00.) Grant balances are: Frazier Park-$250.00; Hungry Gulch-$14,952.59; Kennedy Meadows-$2,979.78 and Mt. Pinos-$2,400.00. Robin moved to accept. Gaby-2nd. Unanimous approval.
Grants: Ed Royce and Lloyd Smith report that the Grant Clearinghouse received 213 grant proposals for 2008 totaling $19 million.
Ken Delfino responded to the Sequoia Crest RFP. Copies were given to
Gaby Kidwell and Harry Love. Rich Olson will oversee this grant and will receive an electronic copy of Ken’s proposal.
Ken Stevens reports that Hungry Gulch fuels reduction project is completed. Remaining piles will be burned weather permitting.
Fundraising: Lloyd Smith reports that he has submitted a grant request proposal for $1500.00 to the Kern Community Foundation to assist with production and printing of FSC brochures. He will submit a new KRV FSC “Ad” in the Foundation’s Community Connections newsletter.
Lloyd requested and received from Sharon and Christine, a list of previous FSC contributors.
Lloyd initiated a discussion of the history of HDFPA (High Desert Fire Prevention Association) in preparation for possible future poster contest funding. Robin will research current officers of HDFPA and relay this information to Lloyd.
Garden Project: To date, Ed has not been able to secure a chairperson for this project. Unanimous agreement the project has good merit. Ed outlined the process needed. Discussion followed regarding the who, what, when and how. To be continued.
Road Sign(s) Project: Lloyd submitted the formal proposal to SCE. To date no word on SCE funding. Lloyd will follow up with Debbie Hess.
Cindy Thill has received approval back on all four permits (three from the State and one from Kern County.) Lloyd Smith signed the permit applications. There are minor stipulations such as no work to be done on Saturdays, Sundays or holidays for the County sign. The State requires annual renewal of their permits. Cindy has the contact people for both agencies and reminded the FSC that the Cal Trans contact must be notified two days in advance of any work to be done on the signs. The County has stipulated that their sign must be installed by August 2007. It was agreed that this can be accomplished. BLM will assist with the Walker Pass and Paul’s Place sign(s) installations. Robin will confirm the FSC volunteers who will maintain each sign and relay this information to Cindy.
Speakers Bureau: Robin reports that the FSC presentation for the North Kern Property Owners went very well with 19 attending. Ken Stevens (KCFD), Cindy Thill (USFS) and Debbie Santiago (BLM) participated in the Q&A period. Ed Royce introduced the program. Ken showed an excellent DVD with graphic visuals of fire behavior and the speed at which a wildfire spreads.
The FSC will give an introductory program to the Kern Valley Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors on March 28th. Ed, Lloyd and Ken will be the presenters.
Robin and Margaret Belz are working to arrange a FSC program for KRV Century 21 Realtors. Also, Robin will join the USFS in a booth at this year’s Bio Regions Festival, April 28th and 29th. Robin will contact Wendy Rannals for details. Gordon and Christine Hancock will research the possibility of a FSC booth at the upcoming Health Faire and determine if this is feasible. Emily Diggles will arrange with Robin for a FSC program in April for the Myers Canyon neighborhood.
Chipper Days: Gaby Kidwell asked if specific data could be made available following a chipper day event i.e. tonnage of chipped material and number of persons involved in the event. While there are forms for the property owners to fill out with this type of information, it is unclear if they do this. Robin will contact Margaret to arrange a follow-up protocol for chipper days.
Website: Lloyd would like to see a page dedicated to recruiting volunteers for the FSC, outlining what the needs are and how a volunteer can join us.
Lloyd would also like to create a page dedicated to FSC contributors. It was agreed both ideas would be acceptable. To be continued.
Kern County FSC: Ken Stevens reports that the Sierra Nevada Conservancy (SNC) has requested information from Kern County as they develop their guidelines and policies. Ken will be involved in responding to specific SNC questions.
The fuel crews will begin March 19, working on various projects in the KRV.
John Smith is preparing a fire history map for Kern River Revitalization website.
Sierra Nevada Conservancy (SNC): Ed and Lloyd attended the 3/l3 meeting. They had studied the proposed SNC guidelines and made several suggestions for a more comprehensive approach dealing with fuel reduction projects for Fire Safe Councils through their grant programs.
Both Ed and Lloyd feel the SNC will be a valuable FSC partner.
Lloyd will work with Pat Pontes regarding the Fall 07 deadline for SNC grant proposal applications.
Forest Service: Cindy reiterated the information about the Bio Regions booth.
BLM: Devin Travis outlined current and proposed BLM fuels projects for the KRV: Kennedy Meadows road brushing and chipping in April which will be coordinated with Ed Royce; Piute Mountain Road, Shirley Creek and Pala Ranches fuel reduction projects will be ongoing. Devin said the BLM is planning to purchase a larger, longer armed Brush Grinder which will be based in Bakersfield. Devin said that the BLM will be in a position to interface with Sierra Nevada Conservancy projects as BLM has environmental assessments completed for BLM land.
Property Owners Associations:
Alta Sierra: All quiet.
Alder Creek/Sequoia Crest: Gaby reports they have just received their 501c3 status; received a response to their RFP and Harry Love is researching Prop 40 funding for future fire safe projects.
Squirrel Valley: Tom Parkin reports that John Hughes is once again President of their POA. Go John! Their chipper day is scheduled for May 5th.
Myers Canyon: Emily reports that four 2.5 acre parcels have been cleared by the owners. Another resident (not Emily this time) has taken on the grant funding process for more road paving. Emily is working on an update of the Myers Canyon resident(s) list. An April FSC program will be scheduled.
Isabella Highlands:  Skip Reymann is receiving the torch from Jim Davis
and has committed to maintaining the Hwy 178 road sign once it is installed.
Frontier Trails: Robin will arrange a FSC presentation for the June meeting.
Walker Pass: Lloyd has suggested moving the agencies evaluation of the Walker Pass/Jacks Creek area from April 28th to a May date. It seems the area residents are busy clearing and Lloyd feels the evaluation would be more on target once the clearing is completed. The chipper has been scheduled for April.
Kennedy Meadows: Ed reports the Memorial Day roadside trash pick up/ BBQ/Meeting is scheduled. Y’all come!
Bodfish/Lake Isabella: All quiet.
Meeting adjourned at 11:30 A.M.
Respectfully submitted: Robin Wyatt-Little, Secretary
Next FSC Meeting – 4/19/07 8:30 A.M

Kern River Valley Fire Safe Council ● PO Box 633, Kernville, CA 93238

General information: Lloyd Smith ● (760) 377-3542 or Robin Little ● (760) 376-6842

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