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Board and General Meetings*
March 18, 2004

*Board and General meetings are combined as the same people attended both meetings.
Those attending: Marcine and John Hughes, Margie Clack, Richard Olson, Ken Stevens, John Smith,
Robin Wyatt-Little, Ginny Cuny, Sharon Rooney, Emily Diggles, Deborah Santiago, Jim Davis, Matt
Pontes and Scott Williams.

Minutes of the February 19, 2004 meeting were approved. Sharon 1sr, John Hughes 2nd. Unanimous.

Treasurers’ report shows a balance of $969.21. The California Secretary of State charged the KRV FSC a late penalty filing fee of $50.00.  Sharon Rooney pointed out the WestAmerica Bank’s $8.20 checking account fee. Sharon will check into this and if it can’t be waived then she will find a bank that does not charge a monthly fee for checking accounts. Treasurer’s Report accepted.

Committee Reports:

Sharon Rooney explained the two components of the proposed insurance coverage for the FSC:

l. Liability and
2. Contents. The Liability will cover Directors and Officers as well as accident coverage. The Contents coverage will cover the chipper, camera and other equipment of the KRV FSC. It was agreed that the crime coverage was not needed. The first premium will cover 1 & ½ years. The billing period of the two components will not run concurrently. One will be renewed in July 2005 and the other September 2005. Sharon estimates that the total initial premium will be about $2600.00 ($1800.00 for Liability and $800.00 for Contents.) Robin made the motion to accept this proposal, Rich Olson 2nd. Unanimous. Sharon will forward invoice to Robin for payment through KRVR. Thanks went to Sharon for her expertise in our quest for insurance coverage for the Council.

Ginny Cuny reported that the March 6th FSC Presentation at the Boulder Gulch Water Company was well received with fourteen people attending. Rich Olson and Robin Wyatt-Little were the FSC representatives. Rich walked some of the neighboring properties offering defensible space advice.

Jim Davis has rescheduled the Sawmill/Isabella Highlands FSC presentation to March 27th. He and Jim will discuss the upcoming fuels reduction grant project with property owners.

Emily Diggles has scheduled another Myers Canyon chipper day for Saturday, April 24th.  
Jim Davis reported that John Malone from Piute Ranches has requested a FSC Presentation in preparation for a future chipper day. This will be the FSC’s first foray into the Walker Basin/Havilah area.
Jim Davis also reports that the Plater Road residents have requested a FSC presentation. This neighborhood has requested help in getting their clearing underway.

Sawmill/Isabella Highlands: There are a few steps left to complete prior to on-ground work beginning.
Maps are done. Archaeological, Threatened and Endangered Species & Migratory Birds studies are done. “License to Enter” agreements will be mailed soon. While waiting for the license to enter agreements to return, road brushing will begin.

Rodgers Road: Botany and biology studies are being done at which point on-ground work will begin.

Alta Sierra Fuels: Botany and biology studies are being done. Ken Stevens will set a deadline for completion of these studies so work may begin.  

Alta Sierra Firewise: Robin reports that TSS and Hangfire Environmental consultants have signed
contracts and  have received their retainer fees. Both will be in the KRV soon to begin their initial studies. Robin asked for comments on the initial draft of the survey to be sent to Alta Sierra residents. KCFD will mail the survey once they receive the addresses from Cory at the Forest Service.
The return, stamped envelopes will be addressed to Hangfire Environmental. Robin will prepare the cover letter to accompany the survey.
Myers Canyon: Rich Olson and Kevin Chamber of BLM will walk the project area scoping boundary lines. No archaeological, threatened and endangered species and migratory birds studies done as yet. Parcel maps to be obtained in preparation for “License to Enter” agreements to be mailed. Rich was notified that no quarterly reports are needed due to late award disbursements.

Coordinator Extension: Robin reported that the grant cannot be extended again. Discussion followed
regarding agreed upon expenditures under this grant prior to April 30, 2004.
l. Rich Olson has purchased the digital camera for monitoring grant projects and FSC activities. Also purchased was a tripod, backpack carrying case, memory card and extra battery. Total cost is $767.86.
2. Motion was made by John Hughes, 2nd Emily Diggles to donate $5000.00 to High Desert Fire Prevention Association to assist with their fire safety prevention outreach programs to elementary school children. HDFPA will also develop and facilitate a poster contest among the elementary school children in the Trona, Ridgecrest and Kern River Valley areas. Unanimous vote in favor. Discussion followed with agreement to let the schools and HDFPA schedule for the children’s participation and what the winner(s) will receive as a prize. Debbie Santiago agreed to send an outline of what HDFPA envisions for the poster contest. It was agreed that the contest will take place in 2005 following preparation in Fall 2004.

3. Motion was made by Richard Olson, 2nd by John Hughes to purchase an In-Focus projector and a lap-top computer at a maximum cost of $3500.00 to use for the FSC wildfire prevention presentations. Currently the FSC has no equipment of its own. This equipment will integrate with the
digital camera. It was agreed that a common, secure storage area was necessary. Margie Clack offered a locked file cabinet at the FS Lake office since the FS Lake Office is open 7 days a week, providing access for those needing to use the equipment. Estimates for the equipment are: laptop - $1,500.00, software - $400.00, in-focus projector – $1,200.00. Rich Olson will purchase the equipment. Unanimous agreement.

Ken Stevens agreed to update the current FSC power point program, using recent statistics etc.

4. Red Flag Alert project: Marcine will get an estimate on 10 flags and necessary hardware per motion by Margie Clack, 2nd Rich Olson. Unanimous. It was agreed that flags would only be flown at KCFD stations, Forest Service and BLM buildings in the KRV. Made out of outdoor resistant material.
Jim Wyly and Steve Spradlin agreed to fly flags. No action taken on private businesses flying flags. Discussed whether flags should have “Red Flag Alert” or include the KRV FSC logo on the Flags. To be determined later. When the red flag alert program is ready to begin, we will contact the Sun and Courier with photos and story.

5. Robin reported that she will contact Kinkos for estimate on Fire Plan copies. Previously, the cost for 7 hard copies and 7 CD’s was $499.10. Margie Clack made the motion to have 25 hard copies made at a maximum cost of $l,200.00. Rich Olson 2nd.

6. It was agreed that the Demonstration lot signs should be repainted, omitting “Sacramento Regional Foundation”. Marcine will get estimate from original paint contractor and Sharon Rooney will look into Posado Productions here in KRV. John Hughes encouraged FSC to use local businesses as much as possible.

7. Marcine suggested FSC logo decals and pins as promotional outreach project. She will research cost for decals, Debbie will research cost for pins.

Old Business:  
Rich Olson submitted his resignation as a KRV FSC Board Member. Matt Pontes made the motion to
Have John Smith of KCFD replace Rich on the Board. Emily Diggles 2nd. Unanimous vote.
Discussion followed about developing a Request for Proposal (RFP) for the Grant Administrator position
Using the job description submitted by the grant committee (3/5/04 meeting). The RFP will stipulate that this position is to be paid as contract labor. The Grant Administrator Position will be voted on at the April Board meeting for inclusion into the By Laws naming this position as a regular Board position versus as a Director.
Discussion regarding the length of the Grant Administrators position i.e. yearly versus two year renewal. Jim Davis pointed out that this could be an “at will” position dependent upon grant funding. Discussion about the norm for grant administration salary: According to KRVR sources, it is 15% of grant award. However, this cost has to be sorted out from indirect costs which brought the discussion to the need for an annual budget for fiscal 2005 (January through December.) Question was raised whether we can move monies in existing grants between direct and indirect costs if needed. Opinion was yes, within grant guidelines. Marcine asked for comments from those present, by April __________ so the by laws amendment can be worded accordingly. Robin asked for names and addresses of prospective RFP recipients for the April meeting. Robin, Margie and Matt agreed to develop the grant administrator RFP.

Emily Diggles asked for and received a copy of the FSC KRV Fire Safe Plan to loan to Karen Northcutt who will be the primary consultant for the KRV Specific Plan. It was agreed that as many FSC members as possible should attend the public meetings for this plan.

Marcine addressed the need to establish a “membership” list in order to comply with the by laws and other government agency requests. Marcine distributed a membership form for those present.

Margie Clack is updating the FSC newsletter. She was advised to contact KCFD Station 71 to get current list of Hazard Reduction Providers’ list.

Discussion about participating in the KRV BioRegions festival (4/30, 5/1, 5/2) with a table for FSC information.
Robin will check with Teresa Benson and see what is involved.

Board meeting adjourned at 9:55 Am. General meeting convened at 10:20 AM, adjourned at 11:55 AM.

Respectfully and wearily submitted by Robin Wyatt-Little, Secretary

Kern River Valley Fire Safe Council ● PO Box 633, Kernville, CA 93238

General information: Lloyd Smith ● (760) 377-3542 or Robin Little ● (760) 376-6842

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