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Minutes: May 15, 2003 by Marcine Hughes
Call to order: 8:30
Present: Robin Wyatt-Little, Matt Pontes, Emily Diggles, Davina Davies, Delores Walmer, Dave Mershman, Linda Adams, Rocky Ritchie, Todd Noble, Ron Bolyard, Debbie Santiago, Ruth Ellison, Angie Yearwood, Dan Anglin, Jack Froggatt, Gary Brooks, Ginny Cuny, John Hughes, Marcine Hughes, Eric Hutchins, Jim Davis
Minutes of last meeting: Motion to accept by: Gary Brooks
 Seconded by Emily Diggles
Coordinator Report: Dan Anglin, speaking engagements, radio show, chipper days, plus a question whether any of the providers were insured or not, answer is no.
Correspondence: Nothing to report
Committee Reports:
Media: Lots! Newspaper articles for Fire Safe Days
Grants: notification that all $$ for Alta Sierra and Roger Rd, revitalization for Giant Sequoia was awarded, about $300,000.00. Breaks down to about $200,000 for fuel break, 57,000 for lot/lot assessment, 27,000 on Rogers Rd, 30,000 for KRVR.
BLM grants: deferred and questioned if the paper work needs to be re-worked? Debbie is going to check to see if the deferred grants will roll over to 2004
Close-outs: Original Coordinator grants & Fire Safe Plan, then by end of June the Demo Lot grant.
Green Waste: Nothing to report
Education: Media packages in Kern Sun and Baker. Calif. A thank you to Alan from the kern Sun for all the articles. There was also a good article by Ginny Cuny in the Sun. Radio station is playing PSA at 9 am & 3 pm news breaks.
Questions: Calls from individuals about usage of the chipper. Possible to refer them back to the Homeowners/Property Owners groups or if they get a block of neighbors together to do a cleaning, then there has to be enough to justify the cost of bringing in the county work crew.
Speakers Bureau: Been to lots of talks, Chamber, Dam Talk Show, Exchange and upcoming Alta Sierra.
Legislation: Delores reported about possible zoning changes regarding Granny Flats w/o permits.
Saw Mill: 6 properties participated doing 2/10ths mile of private rd. 15 residents helped fire crew with 10 from Camp Owens.
Camp Owens: regarding feeding the kids, not to late or too long, they have to be back at 2 and that leaves the fire crew without much help at the end of the day. Possible to feed them about 11-11:30 for Ĺ hour, then back to it.
GPS: Jim is working with John Hays from Co. Fire to locate on maps the driveways and fire tanks. This is an OES project that will go into the Kern GIS System.
Community Rep Report:
Delores reported that there are artifacts from the USS Arizona in Keysville that would be put into LI Park. Starting an account to pay for the improvements. 5th Grade Yearly project to maintain the area.
Emily: Myers Cyn to start in the July 1, new fiscal yr.
Squirrel Valley set for May 31, BBQ for all who want to come and help. Debbie offered possible BLM crews to help clear dead trees, they need training time, YES, please!! BBQ at 11:30
Sawmill & 4th: Possible new demo Lot site
Old Business:
Spring Fire Safe Days: Media Blitz! Great co-ordination between Fire Safe and USFS. Super kudos to rich Olsen and his team for the insert in the Baker. Calif and Kern Sun. FSC to send letter to Chief Gage and to Camp Owens.
Firewise 1-day Workshop: Nov.8 Dan to check on Cerro Coso availability on Monday, May 19. Contract for sandwich lunch to be provided. Stay within the 50-60 participants. By June the FSC Website should have materials available for the event. Angie to help. If anyone has someone in mind to attend, let Marcine Hughes know who and how to contact them.

New Business:
Memorial: Pauline Addison Memorial Bench in Riverside Park. Cash donations are being accepted. No date has been set for the dedication, but funds are being collected thru Friday. Cherly Bauer and Linda Adams are coordinating this project.

SCA: BLM sponsored, Team Leader is Davina Davies. The 4 other volunteers are set to arrive June 2 and stay till Aug. 19. This is the 3rd season of the Fire Education Corps. There are 52 sites in 22 states (and guess what?, we are one of them!) They work w/ BLM, USFS, Natíl Park, and BIA. The objective here is Home Owner education and assessment: what they should be doing and why. Probably start at Hungry Gulch (though that may change, start in Kennedy Meadows), and work their way around the communities. And to start a foundation to be followed up next year by the next group. Hand outs: Fire Evaluation, Risk & Hazard Severity Form and Home Evaluation Sign up.
Possibly use them to update the Homeowners List
Matt Pontes: Safety issue. Important that with fire clearance going on, that mechanized equipment have spark arresters and not to put hot equipment down in dry grasses. Possible mention at the May 20th Fire Season meeting.
Adjournment: 9:50

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General information: Lloyd Smith ● (760) 377-3542 or Robin Little ● (760) 376-6842

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