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Board of Directors and General Membership Meeting
Thursday, May 17, 2007
Those present: Lloyd Smith, Chris Ryan, Christine and Gordon Hancock, Tom Parkin, Emily Diggles, Cindy Thill, Robert Robinson, Skip Reymann and Robin Wyatt-Little
Vice President Lloyd Smith convened the meeting at 8:30 AM. Introductions were made.
Minutes: Motion to approve: Emily Diggles. 2nd – Skip Reymann. Unanimous approval.
Treasurer’s Report: Christine Hancock
Christine reports an operating budget balance of $4,510.24. Grant(s) balances are: Frazier Park - $250.00; Kennedy Meadows - $550.00; Mt. Pinos - $503.09; Sequoia Crest - $5000.00 and State Farm - $5000.00. Christine paid H&R Block for tax preparation which was $300.00, an increase of $50 from last year. Motion to approve: Robin Wyatt-Little. 2nd – Emily Diggles
Grant(s) Reports: Lloyd Smith and Robin Wyatt-Little
Patrick Ponte’s written report states that “things are fairly quiet in the Grant Arena.” Patrick talked with California Fire Safe Council to discuss the possibility of the State paying for the required environmental compliance work before the funding for a grant is actually awarded to the council. The State will fund specific work such as environmental compliance to clear a project prior to sending us the quarterly payments. The Grant Administrator requests the dollars in writing and they will fund that part of the project. The Forest Service does it this way and Wende Cornelius believes the BLM is the same.
Patrick also mentions the reports regarding the dry conditions throughout the State and the subsequent high fire risk for the Western States. Patrick also downloaded from the California State FSC May newsletter, an extensive Fire Resistive Plant(s) list.  It was agreed this list should be reproduced and distributed plus putting it on our FSC website. Discussion followed regarding the difficulty in the Kern River Valley to obtain native, fire-resistant plants.   Lloyd asked Bob Robinson is he would work on an updated, fire resistant native plant list for our Zone 7, utilizing all available lists. Bob agreed to do this. It was also agreed that the FSC should identify better resources for buying these plants. To be continued.
Rich Olson’s written report:  Kennedy Meadows CWPP final progress report has been submitted and Rich is getting the signature page completed. The BLM questionnaire and paperwork from BLM will be submitted by May 30, 2007. Rich will have additional copies for distribution once the signature page is signed by the appropriate agencies.
Hungry Gulch Fuels Reduction Project final progress report has been submitted and the BLM questionnaire will be sent by May 30, 2007.
Frazier Park Fuels Reduction Project final progress report has been submitted. Ken Stevens has the questionnaire and other paperwork which he will submit by May 30, 2007.
Mt. Pinos CWPP 5th quarter progress report has been submitted. Final paperwork will be submitted prior to the closing date of June 30, 2007. There were funds remaining and educational materials were purchased and distributed to Kern County Fire Safe Councils.
Sequoia Crest 2nd quarter progress report has been submitted. The contract with Ken Delfino has been signed and he has made at least one trip into the area already to start the project. Rich has discussed with Pat Pontes the possibility of taking over the reporting for this grant and it appears he will do that.
Fundraising:  Lloyd Smith
Tom Parkin collected $13.00 at the Squirrel Valley Chipper Day event. Thomas Refuse sent $250.00. Lloyd shared a copy of the Wildfire Awareness Week “Sustaining Member Donors List” which appeared in the Kern Valley Sun. Lloyd and Ed and Ken Stevens gave a Fire Safe Council presentation to the Kern Valley Chamber of Commerce and the Kernville Chamber of Commerce with a follow-up letter of thanks from Ed Royce, President.
Lloyd reports that the SCE funding effort for the road sign project is at a standstill. Debbie Hess continues to work on this for the FSC.
Lloyd is waiting for a response from the Kern Community Foundation grant request. Lloyd has also improved access for our FSC Logo on a VECTOR File which will be used for myriad fundraising projects.
Road Signs: Cindy Thill
The Forest Service is building the road sign frames now. Cindy reiterated the requirement of calling ahead so that the appropriate personnel can be on hand from either the County or State. Cindy spoke with the County regarding a possible extension of the August deadline. She was told there’s no problem obtaining the extension. Cindy will coordinate with the newspapers when the sign installations are scheduled. Lloyd has contracted with Sierra Signs to print the signs, currently the “summer messages.” Cindy reminded Lloyd of the color restrictions and Lloyd will relay this information to the sign printers. Cindy will also recheck with the Sate and County regarding some leniency with the use of colors i.e. red for the FSC Logo “flame.”
Those who have volunteered to maintain the signs at their chosen site are:
Skip Reymann – Kern Canyon/Route 178 about one mile west of the Borel Powerhouse road junction.
Lloyd Smith – Walker Pass located east of Walker Pass along Highway 178.
Gordon and Christine Hancock – Paul’s Place/Route 178 on the south side about one-half mile east of the Sierra Way intersection.
Mr. Zullo – Walker Basin (exact location to be determined -see Ken Stevens.)
Speakers Bureau: Robin Wyatt-Little
The KRV FSC had an informational display at the Forest Service booth for the Bio-Regions Nature Festival, April 27, 2007. Approximately 35 people stopped by the booth.
Scheduled for June 12th at 6PM will be the Bodfish/Lake Isabella POA at the Senior’s Hall, Lake Isabella at which time the Bodfish Canyon Fuels Reduction grant project will be discussed.
On June 25th at 8:30 AM the FSC will present a program to the Century 21 Realtors. Suggestions for an effective program were discussed and Robin will outline the priority talking points.
Chipper Days: Lloyd Smith et al.
Squirrel Valley Chipper Day on May 5th went very well. Tom Parkin took photos and submitted the following data: Number of households protected – 350; Number of people protected – 700; Total value of property protected - $70 mil; Number of acres treated – 1000; Total volume of fuel chipped (cubic feet) – 35,000. There were 8 Camp Owen wards helping the KCFD chipper crew of 13. As usual the Squirrel Valley residents provided a wonderful lunch for everyone. Tom Parkin coordinated this event and receives great appreciation from his POA and the FSC.
Lloyd Smith reports that the May 12th Walker Pass Chipper Day for the Jacks Creek residents was a good success. Sally Peterson coordinated this second chipper day for this area. Data not available at this time but the crew was kept busy for several hours.
The BLM took their chipper to Kennedy Meadows on May 12th and completed road brushing on private and BLM land. They may return in June for more work.
Future chipper days scheduled will be: Pala Ranches (Evans Road) on May 19th. Greenhorn Mountain POA on June 2nd and Myers Canyon on June 9th.
It was suggested that a letter of thanks be sent to the KC Board of Supervisors for making the chipper crew a possibility as well as a letter to Camp Owen for their continued support with the chipper day events.
It was also suggested that the newspapers and Bakersfield TV be contacted to cover future chipper days. Emily will try to do this for the Myers Canyon chipper day. Robin will contact Bakersfield TV.
Agency and Property Owners Associations:
Myers Canyon: Continued grant-funded paving for another 1000’ section of their road on Alpine Way.
Isabella Highlands: Skip Reymann said their sign was returned and he will post a WAW poster on it. Their POA is meeting this weekend
Frontier Trail: Robin has been corresponding with their membership online about fire alerts, weather conditions and has requested a FSC program for the June meeting.
Squirrel Valley: Tom Parkin reiterated the success of the chipper day event.
Lake Isabella-Bodfish: The FSC will give a presentation at their June 12th meeting.
Bob Robinson reports that the MDRC&D will sponsor another Native Plant sale this Fall. Details to follow.
The Kern Valley Sun arrived to take a photograph of Sharon Rooney, past treasurer, receiving her FSC plaque expressing appreciation for her years of service to the Kern River Valley Fire Safe Council
Meeting adjourned at 11:07 AM
The next meeting will be June 21st, 8:30 AM
Robin Wyatt-Little, Secretary   

Kern River Valley Fire Safe Council ● PO Box 633, Kernville, CA 93238

General information: Lloyd Smith ● (760) 377-3542 or Robin Little ● (760) 376-6842

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