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November 13, 2003
Call to order: 8:30 PO Box 633 Kernville, CA 93238
Notice: Elections to be held in January. Nominations needed by Dec. 1(need 30 day notification for FSC Board elections)
Please contact me by e-mail for a nomination. Thanks
Attendance: Marcine Hughes, Dan Anglin, Robin Little, Margie Clack, Sharon Rooney, Emily Diggles, Ginny Cuny, Davina Davis, Rich Olson, Todd Noble, John Hughes, James Bauer, Ken Stevens, Debbie Santiago, Valerie Cassity, Melinda Hutchings, Roy Parker
Introduction: Guest Roy Parker from Myers Cyn, has personally cleared 2+ acres. Valerie Cassity from Sequoia Forest Keepers visited.
Minutes: Forgot to bring copies, passed around copy to be read by all. No suggestions or changes.
Treasure’s Report: $1,027.41
Coordinator Position: 501c3 application going forward. Albert at H&R Block helping with the process. 6 mo timeline
No website set up yet.
Grant Updates:
Chipper: Grant closes out at the end of the year.
Chipper Day Form: Handout & Guidelines courtesy of Davina from SCA. I: Request Form & Sign-up Sheet II: Post Chipper Day Form
Co-coordinator grant: Due to close in Dec. Asking for an extension of 6 months so to complete 501c3. In future all co-coordinator and grant administration fees will be figured into grant $$.
Sawmill: Scope project out, what areas need to be addressed.
Myers: BLM 2004 application for the fuel break around Myers. Clear gullies and ridge tops, R/W cleared. Private areas will be licensed entry with permission and a signed hold-harmless agreement.
Alta Sierra: Environmental concerns. Looking at categorical exclusions in the Wildland/Urban Interface. It is a community Protection Project, area is already disturbed ground. (3 bids received for A/S Project)
FSC Discussions: Lack of FSC mentioned in news media during San Bernardino and San Diego fires. Discussion of damages.
SCA: 1-1/2 month an intern spent with Davina. Discussed a training video for SCA leaders. Chipper Day info on CD, possible use of Desert Restoration Group of SCA for some of our projects (Debbie to look into). Weekly Fire Safety Tips left for about 6 mo timeline for newspaper/radio and possibly Channel 10 PSA.
FSC Workshop: Cancellation due to apathy. Discuss maybe something during Firesafe Week. Possible during Whiskey Flats. Develop a program for school age/teens.
January 15 next meeting. Bring 2 new ideas for media, education, presentations
Chipper request:
Nov 22 Myers
Feb 7 Frontier
May 15 Squirrel Valley
Adjourn 10:20

Pres/Chair Robin Little
VP Jim Davis
Treasure Sharon Rooney
Sec Marcine Hughes
Directors Rich Olson
Matt Pontes
Margie Clack
Debbie Santiago

Kern River Valley Fire Safe Council ● PO Box 633, Kernville, CA 93238

General information: Lloyd Smith ● (760) 377-3542 or Robin Little ● (760) 376-6842

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