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Board of Directors and General Membership Meeting
Thursday, October 19, 2006

Those present: Ed Royce, Sharon Rooney, Christine and Gordon Hancock, Emily Diggles, Lloyd Smith, Cindy Thill, Scott Williams, Dena Sundberg, Carolyn Lofreso, Bob Robinson, Margie Clack, Sue Rocha, Kevin Chambers, Ken Stevens, John Smith, Robin Wyatt-Little.
President Ed Royce convened the meeting at 8:31 AM. Introductions were made.
Motion to approve the minutes: Gordon Hancock – 1st. Emily Diggles – 2nd. Unanimous approval.
Sharon Rooney reported total fundraising donations to be $1100.00.
Operating account balance before donations is $1,133.26. Grant balances are: Frazier Park - $49,500; Hungry Gulch - $47,150.97;
Kennedy Meadows - $17,329.78 and Mt. Pinos - $19,500. Sharon reports that the FSC insurance is paid. Next premiums are due in April, July and September 2007. Motion to accept report: robin Wyatt-Little – 1st. Lloyd Smith – 2nd. Unanimous approval.
Grant Reports:
John Smith with Kern County Fire Department reports the Hungry Gulch Fuels Reduction project is progressing very well. Residents are pleased with the project. Slash piles will be burned, weather permitting.
Ed Royce reports that the CWPP grant project is on schedule. Residents have already tackled clearing per recommendations from Ken Delfino.
Ed Royce announced that the Request For Proposal (RFP) for the Grant Administrator position is complete and has asked those present to circulate the RFP to interested parties. The RFP will also be mailed to individuals. It was agreed that Margie Clack will write an article about the Grant Administrator position and submit to the KVSUN, the Courier and to Ridgecrest.
Road Signs: Scott Williams and Cindy Thill.
Scott researched cost for the metal signs and found them to be cost prohibitive (7k.) Agreed to continue with the wood signs/metal roofs. Lloyd requested that the design incorporate ease of installing the seasonal messages. Cindy queried specifics in order to proceed with the encroachment permits i.e. ground disturbance, specific materials to be used and what the messages will say. Cindy distributed a printout of suggested messages. It was agreed that short, catchy messages with good graphics would be most successful. Attendees were asked to critique the messages and let Lloyd Smith know their preferences. Lloyd will then communicate with Cindy. Gordon Hancock will research cost of solar power materials for night lighting. He will get back to Cindy so that can be included in the permit information.
Ed will follow up with Jim Davis regarding SCE sponsorship of sign project.
Publicity: Margie Clack
Margie has been gone most the summer on fire assignments. She noted that the Day Fire created interest from the residents about the local Fire Safe Council. Sue Rocha also spoke with many residents about the need to be involved with the FSC.
Margie reports that Jim Bauer and Raoul will be managing the booth at the Home and Garden Show in Bakersfield this weekend and will be distributing FSC literature.
Margie requests that the Webmaster update the FSC website information. Ed Royce will communicate this to Tom Parkin, website liaison person.
Fundraising: Lloyd Smith
Lloyd reports that out of 45 letters sent to POA’s, 5 responded. The next phase will be to contact the business community after a FSC power point program is scheduled for the two Chambers of Commerce. This will be scheduled for February/March, 2007. Robin will contact the Chambers to be placed on the agenda. Robin requested current members to bring new folks to the FSC meetings. Robin will contact the newly revitalized North of the Kern River POA and invite them to participate.
FSC Power Point: Ken Stevens
Ken Stevens (KCFD) presented the newly created power point program introducing the KRV FSC to an audience. It was received overwhelmingly. It was suggested by Cindy Thill that the FSC could expand the audience base and present this program to Churches and the PTA’s in the Valley. Robin will develop this idea.
The DVD information will be used to develop the KRV FSC brochure. Scott Williams (USFS) will work with Ken to do a paste up for presentation at the November FSC meeting. Carolyn LoFreso of the Mojave Desert-Mountain RC&D will explore the possibility of assisting with the printing costs of a 1000 brochures.  The DVD should be presented to the RC&D at their January meeting in Ridgecrest. Robin will request a spot on their January agenda at the upcoming meeting on October 26th. Lloyd will attend the January meeting.
KC FSC Collaborative Meeting: Ken Stevens
The meeting will be held Saturday, November 4, 2006, 11AM - ???. Lunch will be provided by the Mt. Pinos FSC. Location is the KCFD Olive Drive Headquarters. Ken is requesting RSVP’s.
Robin reports that the KRV FSC 501c3 renewal has been sent to the Secretary of State.

Firewise Demonstration Garden Project:
Ed shared Marcine’s initial proposal/vision for this garden project. Ed asked the council for opinions and discussion. Following discussion it was voted to go ahead with this project following the formation of a committee to work with Marcine to develop an in-depth proposal outlining location, design, scale and cost. It was agreed the funding of this project must be integrated within the FSC Fundraising Committee’s guidelines. It was also agreed that all articles for FSC projects must be submitted to Margie Clack, Publicity Chair. Ed will communicate with Marcine, notifying her of her committee (Ken Stevens, Bob Robinson, Carolyn LoFreso and Gordon Hancock) and project guidelines.
Ed asked for volunteers to serve on the nominating committee. Robin will send an email out to the membership requesting volunteers and suggestions for office holders. Elections are to be held in January 2007.
John Smith suggested the FSC might want to solicit new members by reassuring them they do not have to attend every meeting but can serve on a committee and/or submit reports via emails prior to scheduled meetings. Unanimous agreement that this is a good approach.
Ed queried members about going dark in December. The majority felt that was a good idea. Gordon Hancock suggested having two meetings in January in order to complete grant applications etc. To be decided at the November meeting.
Forest Service:
Margie Clack reports that the acting USFS District Ranger is Rick Larson who was formally with the Los Padres Forest District. Margie will invite Rick to the next FSC meeting as well as Deputy District Ranger, Brenda Ehmann.
Scott Williams introduced his new Collaborative Assistant, Dena Sundberg who, for the next two months, will be helping Scott with the Agencies Collaborative cataloging, maps and record keeping.
Scott reports the Burma Road fuels project in Kernville is progressing. Piles are being stacked to be burned weather permitting.
BLM: Kevin Chambers
Kevin reports there are still questions about funds for fuels projects. The priorities have been established for Wofford Heights/Hwy 155 fuels reduction beginning this fall, incorporating hand cutting with some mechanical application. Kevin  reports that the BLM is looking at private properties adjoining BLM land which surround Lake Isabella. The goal is to provide a 100’ defensible space treatment for those parcels with structures that do not have 100’ within their boundaries, but could achieve 100’ with clearing on the adjoining BLM land. Another fuels project would be in Hungry Gulch, tying in with the Isabella Highlands fuels reduction project recently completed.
Kevin has asked for the FSC assistance in presenting individual FSC programs to help inform residents of the proposed projects. Both BLM and KCFD personnel will be present to answer questions. Robin will research contacts for these program dates (Hungry Gulch and Palas Ranches.)
KCFD: John Smith
John listed the proposed 2007 wish list for fuels reduction projects:
Continuation of the Rodgers Road Fuel Break; Plater Road; Tillie Creek/Pala Ranches and Bodfish Canyon. Maintenance of existing fuel breaks will be ongoing.
Property Owners Associations:
Lloyd Smith is concerned with the increased fuel load on the right-of-way along the Walker Pass Road. His chief concern is the possibility of a cigarette thrown out a car window which would ignite quickly and threaten the Jacks Creek community. The roadside is Cal Tran’s
responsibility. BLM has an approximate 1/8 mile corridor that is not wilderness which, if treated, could provide additional protection. This will be explored further. Kevin will visit the area and discuss with Lloyd.
Margie reminds everyone that there were 12 lightning fires in the KRV this past month. Fire Season is not over!
Ken Stevens obtained 12”x12” magnetic FSC logo signs which will be placed on the Chipper for FSC Chipper Days. Thanks Ken!
Ed Royce adjourned the meeting at 11:31 AM.
Respectfully submitted by: Robin Wyatt-Little, Secretary

Kern River Valley Fire Safe Council ● PO Box 633, Kernville, CA 93238

General information: Lloyd Smith ● (760) 377-3542 or Robin Little ● (760) 376-6842

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