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Board of Directors and General Meeting
Thursday, September 20, 2007
Those present: Ed Royce, Lloyd Smith, Christine and Gordon Hancock, Richard Grove, Tom Parkin, Scott Williams, Bob and Linda Kubisiak, Judy Forbes, Ken Stevens, Alison Sheehey and Robin Wyatt-Little.
President Ed Royce convened the meeting at 8:30 AM. Introductions were made.
Minutes: Motion to approve by Gordon Hancock. 2nd, Lloyd Smith. Unanimous approval.
Treasurer’s Report: Christine Hancock reports the KRV FSC operating account balance is $3,721.54. Grant balances are: Sequoia Crest - $5000.00. Christine reports that the Mountain Enterprise Newspaper waived their fee for the Wildfire Safety Inserts. Lloyd will send a thank you.  Motion to approve by Robin Wyatt-Little. 2nd, Tom Parkin.
Grant Report: Ed Royce reports (per Grant Coordinator Patrick Pontes) that the State FSC has signed the 2008 Grant Funding Agreement with the Forest Service and will be signing the Agreement with the BLM soon. Our 2008 pending grants are to be funded by BLM. There is no new information on our pending grants other than Kennedy Meadows and Bodfish Canyon projects are awaiting grant contract signatures.
Patrick reports that the State FSC has been meeting with the Sierra Nevada Conservancy (SNC) representatives on the possible opportunity to coordinate “block” funding for specific projects with the Conservancy. State FSC is working on a process whereby they would be the coordinator between an applicant and the Conservancy. The State FSC has shared the unfunded 2007 Concept Papers with the SNC and if they decide they want to fund a concept paper project, they will ask for more specific information.
Ed Royce attended a SNC workshop in Bishop which dealt primarily with the grant application process. Ed had good conversations with the SNC Executive Director and also with Cathy Brooks, State FSC. There was discussion regarding the SNC approving grant applications for preplanning funding (NEPA and CEQA.) The SNC has the 07/08 funding, 17 million which will be distributed by region.
Fundraising: Lloyd Smith reports that he sent letters to the business community on September 4, 2007 which was also printed in the Kern Valley Sun. Lloyd is meeting with local businesses and the response thus far is enthusiastic. Lloyd has scheduled a photo op with Thomas Refuse when he and Ed present them with a KRV FSC logo sticker in honor of their sustaining membership support. Robin suggested we solicit support from SCE, Verizon and the Propane companies as they deal with most residents.
Road Signs: Scott Williams reports that the FS Scorpion 4 Team on September 16, 2007, installed our first wildfire safety sign on Hwy 178, just east of Walker Pass. There was a nice photo and caption by Lloyd Smith in the Kern Valley sun. Lloyd mentioned the other signs due to be installed.
Speaker’s Bureau: Robin reports no new programs scheduled. However, KCFD Captain Richard Grove has asked the KRV FSC to assist in wildfire education outreach in the Caliente, Havilah/Walker Basin area. Captain Grove will provide names of those who should be contacted and a list of the POA’s in the area.
Publicity: Lloyd and Emily submitted articles this month. BRAVO!
Chipper Days: All quiet. Margaret is scheduling 08 chipper days.
KCFSC: Ken tells us that the next meeting will be Wednesday, September 26, 1:30 PM. Ed Royce will attend.
Website: All quiet.
New Business:
Gordon and Christine Hancock provided a FSC booth. They estimated that approximately 150 people attended. Thank you Hancock’s!
Kern Valley Chamber of Commerce submitted a renewal letter. This renewal had been previously approved. Christine will send the check.
The native plant sale is taking place this coming weekend. The plant list is soon to be completed.
FSC informational packets for the Realtors are being pursued. At a cost of approximately $1.00 each and initially being distributed to approximately 3000 Kern County Realtors we can figure on a $3000.00 cost. It was agreed that we should include in the packet an introductory letter from our FSC. Ed Royce asked Robin to find out how many multiple listings there were this year in the KRV.
Collaborative Meeting: Scott Williams and Judy Forbes distributed an excellent notebook covering the Collaborative project agreements thus far. This will be an ongoing record of projects identified, appropriate maps and data pertaining to these projects. Great job Scott & Judy & Staff! Captain Grove and others will scope potential projects in the Havilah, Caliente, Walker Basin areas as these areas are now officially within the area of influence of the KRV CWPP as amended within this past year. It was also agreed that a scoping meeting will take place for the Walker Pass area on October 11, 10Am at the BLM campground.
Lloyd Smith shared photos of those Walker Pass areas that are in need of post-fire restoration. Lloyd will send photos and a specific proposal to BLM.
KCFD: Ken tells us the crews are busy with projects. Ken also asked all of us to consider supporting the state FSC’s MILLION Who DARE TO CARE program. This effort asks everyone to donate $1.00 (or more) to the California Fire Safe Council which enables them to help homeowners prepare ahead of time for a wildfire. Ken also brought additional FSC brochures.
BLM: all quiet.
FS: Previously noted.
Alison Sheehey invited the FSC members to the Kern River Preserve meetings. There was discussion about a possible chipper day at the preserve. They are involved in ongoing fuel reduction work.
Meeting adjourned at 11:00 AM by President Ed Royce.
REMINDER: Next Fire Safe Council meeting is Thursday, October 18, 2007 at 8:30 AM, Supervisor McQuiston’s conference Room, Lake Isabella.

Kern River Valley Fire Safe Council ● PO Box 633, Kernville, CA 93238

General information: Lloyd Smith ● (760) 377-3542 or Robin Little ● (760) 376-6842

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