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General Meeting
June 17th, 2004
Those attending: Marcine Hughes, John Hughes, Beth Willett, Bettie Minster, Debbie Santiago, Angie Yearwood, Jim Yearwood, John Smith, Scott Williams, Matt Pontes, Morton Freeman, Frances Cohen, Emily Diggles, Sandy Stockinger, Charlie Stockinger, Mark Chambers, Ed Royce, Phil Castle,Kimberly Joskulin, Emily Georgeson, Nik Syan, Brenda Ehamann, Will Hanna, Margie Clack, Sharon Rooney, Don and Carol Bopp, Diana Hoskins, Frances Cohen, Anne Oshita, Delores Walmer
Meeting was called to order at 8:45 A.M. by President Marcine Hughes.
Minutes of the May 20, 2004 were not read.
Treasurer's -- no change. report shows a balance of $977.41. Motion to approve was made and seconded. Unanimous.
Will Hanna reported on grant status. Everything is "running close to schedule". Rodgers Road is nearly done, the archeological assessment is completed for Alta Sierra, Sawmill roads are "brushed". Property owners are happy with the work.
Debbie Santiago reports that there will be a need to reapply for grants. She also said that property owners need to realize that they are the ones who set the priority for jobs done in different areas where grant money is to be used. Since there are many Fire Safe Councils in the State, Kern Valley needs to apply for these grants as soon as possible. Much work needs to be done before these grants can be presented. She also introduced the SCA Volunteers and explained what they hope to accomplish with the work that they are doing assessing properties and answering the questions of property owners. SCA Volunteers (Bett Willet,Kimberly Joskulin, Emily Georgeson and Nik Syan) will work in the Bodfish area and in Wofferd Heights. Debbie also presented the new version of the Fire Safe Council Stationary.
Forestry Service:
Angela Yearwood is working in the Beckenridge, Tehachapi, the Piutes, Havilal area. Reports that the Pine Beetle Bug is a problem. She is trying to get the people in the community to come to Fire Safe Council Meetings.
Jim Yearwood working on the 10 Year Fire Plan (NEPA). Doing brush reduction and environmental analysis.
John Smith reports that chipper crews did a good job --not all done. Work will be continued in the Fall and Winter. Will also work on Demo Lots in the Fall.
Property Owner's Associations:
Emily Diggles reports that chipper projects went very well. Will have more to do in the Fall.
Dave Bacalis reports that Alta Sierra is in pretty good shape--- not all done -- but will follow-up in the Fall. He recommended that all Valley communities start their chipper programs in the Fall and Winter as that is the time the Fire Dept. has the most resources available. He is developing a "packet" to be given to new residents through realtors which will include information regarding Wildland/Urban fire safe information.He suggested that we should paraphrase John Kennedy by saying "Do not ask what the Fire Safe Council can do for you, rather ask what you can do for the Fire Safe Council".
John Hughes reports that things are quiet in Squirrel Valley at this time. The Demo Lot located in Squirrel Valley will be worked on in the Fall.
Kennedy Meadows: Phone communication is a huge problem in Kennedy Meadows. They need a better communication system. The number of home-sites is approximately 300 with about 50 "full timers".They have a Volunteer Fire Dept. Debbie Santiago suggested that they check with the BLM Fire Association Program.
Wofferd Heights:
Don and Carol Bopp and Doris Hoskins report that their Home Owners doesn't usually have too good a turn out for meetings but they are concerned about fire hazards and would appreciate any help. They hold their meetings at the Elks Lodge in Wofferd Heights and the next meeting is scheduled for July 3rd.
Marcine and John Hughes presented the new Red Flag that will be used to alert communities of a fire alert that is sent by Hanford California. The flags will be distributed to Fire Stations, The BLM, Forestry, the Sheriff and other community members. They said we need to do a huge media coverage (newspapers, radio, etc.) to inform the community of what the flags mean.
Motion was made to adjourn. It was seconded. Meeting was adjourned at 11:30 A.M.

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