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Board of Directors and Stakeholders Meeting
Thursday, March 20, 2008

Those present for the Board Meeting:  Lloyd Smith, Ed Royce, Christine Hancock, Gordon Hancock, Tom Parkin, Patrick Pontes, Rey Ramirez, Cindy Thill, Margaret Belz and Robin Wyatt-Little.
Lloyd Smith, President, convened meeting at 8:30 AM
Minutes:  Ed Royce asked that there be a clear モbreakヤ in the minutes between the Board meeting and the Stakeholders meeting, noting times and showing additional persons attending the stakeholders meeting. Motion to approve by Ed Royce, 2nd ヨ Christine Hancock.  Unanimous approval.
Treasurerメs Report:  Christine reports an operating balance of $2897.07.  Grant balances are: 
Bodfish Canyon , $5000.00; Kennedy Meadows, $5000.00; Sequoia Crest, $900.00; State Farm, $203.79 and West & Arkelian Foundation, $395.00.  Donations Received:  Kennedy Meadows, $250.00 and an anonymous donor, $600 specifically designated for another road sign.  Appropriate thank youメs will be sent.
Lloyd presented receipt for the newest road sign.  Motion to approve by Ed Royce, 2nd ヨ Tom Parkin.  Unanimous approval.
Mission and Vision Statements:
The Vision Statement:  モTo create a wildland fire safe community in Kern River Valley.ヤ
Following discussion the approved mission statement is:
モTo provide awareness through education and information exchange, and to facilitate interagency coordination, fire protection and fire safety projects within Kern River Valley.ヤ
Committee descriptions were distributed by Lloyd to members via email.
Calendar updates were discussed.  Calendar will be distributed via email following minutes distribution.
Request approval of three invoices submitted by Patrick Pontes, one each for his work on the Kennedy Meadow, Bodfish and Sequoia Crest projects.  Motion to approve by Ed, 2nd by Robin.  Unanimous approval.
Lloyd Smith suggested that in the future the Board approve automatic payment of Patrickメs invoices once received and approved by Ed Royce.  Patrick will email invoices to Christine and Ed and snail mail an official copy to the FSC Kernville P.O. Box.  Ed will email his approval for payment to Christine.  So moved by Ed Royce, 2nd- Robin Wyatt-Little.  Unanimous approval.
Fundraising:   Lloyd has submitted a $1300.00 grant request to Kern Community Foundation for education and road sign project.  He also submitted a proposal to Alta One Credit Union to sponsor a road sign.
Speakers Bureau:  Robin has asked the Board to consider a tri-fold display board for FSC programs.  She will research cost and availability for next monthメs meeting.  Lloyd said he has ordered one recently and the cost was $318.00.  No action taken.
By Laws:  Ed requests suggestions from Board for changes.
Publicity:  Robin cited the
Isabella Highlands article written by Jim Davis regarding defensible space clearing.  Robin will work on an article regarding all the road signs now in place.  Photos of the sites will be sent to Lloyd to be put on a disc and sent to Cathy Perfect at the KC Sun.  Robin will call Cathy regarding article format.  Cindy suggests this article also go to Bakersfield and Ridgecrest
Robin will also work on モWeekly Fire Safe Tipsヤ for the paper.  Emily will work on the Bodfish Canyon Project article.
Website:  Ed reports progress on registering the new URL for our website.  Tom Simon has agreed to be the webmaster for an hourly rate.  Ed estimates that once the site is up and running, the monthly labor involved would be approximately 1 hour for updates. Annual registration charge for the URL is $10.00.  The new URL will be versus the old .com URL.  Both the new and old URLメs can be accessed shortly.  Lloyd suggested the old URL be retained until January 2009 at which time it will be discontinued. Lloyd explained that .org is the norm for charitable organizations such as ours.
Ed tells us that there will be automatic pointers to click on that will take the user to necessary links.  Motion by Ed Royce to approve a re-hosting website cost of $600.00 maximum,  2nd- Tom Parkin.  Unanimous approval. 
Education:  Lloyd picked up one new sign and took the vandalized sign in for repair.  The repair cost was $400.00 which
BLM will take care of. 
Lloyd ordered another sign which will be paid for by the FSC.  Lloyd suggested we should order another new sign which will number seven signs total.  Ed Royce made the motion that another new sign be ordered, 2nd ヨ Robin Wyatt-Little.  Unanimous approval.
Robin suggested injecting humor into the Wildfire Awareness message.  She suggested life sized photographed cutouts of  local residents, dressed to simulate the famous painting モAmerican Gothicヤ  with the message モGot Defensible Space?ヤ  She will research cost, feasibility etc.
Robin also suggested the FSC contact ACE and True Value Hardware regarding their newspaper inserts to see if they would be amenable to customizing their insert message for the Sierra Nevada communities to highlight Wildfire Protection techniques.  Tools, hoses etc. might be featured.
Cindy Thill suggested the FSC might look into reviving the モWildfire Strikes Homeヤ program.  To be researched further.
Old Business:
Rey Ramirez has gathered all necessary signatures for the signature page of the KRV FSC CWPP Binder.  Lloyd will combine the signature page and change pages into the original file.  Then we can print and  forward on to State Fire and California FSC.  Lloyd will work on the digital formatting for inclusion on our website.
Lloyd will not be attending the California FSC Workshop due to distant locations and weekday scheduling.  He has asked however, for workshop materials.
Lloyd sent a letter to Congressman Kevin McCarthy regarding restoration of D-M RC&D funding.
Robin:  Correct minute(s) format to show attendance for each meeting.
Robin:  Develop publicity articles for local newspapers.
Robin:  Research tri-fold display board.
Robin:  Research Wildfire Awareness publicity ideas.
Robin:  Contact Dan Anglin regarding URL information.
Lloyd:  Order new sign.
Lloyd:   Gather digital photos of road signs and submit to KV Sun.
Lloyd:   Format digital copy of KRV FSC Binder for website.
Meeting adjourned
9:30 AM

Kern River Valley Fire Safe Council
Stakeholders Meeting
March 20, 2008

Additional attendees:  Nicki Washington, Richard Grove and John Hughes.
Meeting convened: 
9:35 AM by President Lloyd Smith
Introductions were made.
Calendar updates were reviewed.  To be emailed following completed minutes distribution.
Attendance list reviewed for changes.  This too will be emailed following distribution of minutes.
Vision and Mission Statements reviewed.  Suggested they might be utilized on letterhead and posted on the website.  Agreed.
Committee Activity Reports:
Grants:  Patrick reports there were 229 grant proposals submitted to the Clearinghouse for funding.  We should hear if our projects were approved by March 26th
Patrick gave updates on current grant projects and an overview of the 2009 Grant Proposals.  Report is on file.
Fundraising:  Lloyd reports fundraising efforts for 2008 has resulted in $1373.00 thus far.  The 2007 Honor Roll for Sustaining Members is now on the website.  Letters to Property Owners Associations regarding sustaining membership renewals were sent
February 16, 2008 .
Lloyd has submitted a $1300.00 grant request to Kern Community Foundation for education and road signs.  He anticipates an answer sometime in late May.  He also submitted a proposal to Alta One to sponsor a road sign.
Chipper Days:  Tom Parkin distributed a sample of the six Chipper Day Information Packets he developed.  These will be given to those parties who are having a chipper day event for the first time.  Tom has corrected the RSVP website link so that information is directed to him and/or Margaret.  Tom explained that he visits a chipper day site the day prior to determine where the brush piles are located and to facilitate any last minute details.
Publicity: Tom  Parkin suggested contacting the モDirty Jobsヤ TV Show to see if theyメd like to film one of our chipper day events.  He will pursue this.
Robin will check with the local radio station about a Wildfire Awareness Week broadcast, perhaps talking about the upcoming Bodfish Canyon Project.
Robin will also develop an article on Chipper Days.
Cindy suggests that the FSC might think about incorporating the health concern of smoke from burning their brush piles as opposed to scheduling a chipper day.  It was suggested that perhaps it would be a good idea to have an information sheet at all the KC Fire Stations about Chipper Days for people who are requesting a burn permit.  Unanimous agreement.
Website:  Ed explained website re-hosting progress.
Education:  Lloyd reports that we now have six available road signs with the 7th being made.  A thank you to
BLM for taking care of the $400.00 repair cost for the vandalized sign.  Lloyd announced that an eighth sign would be purchased using the recent anonymous donation designated for that purpose.
Cindy Thill is developing the rotation calendar for the road signs.  Scott, Cindy and the crew put up the last sign near Borel.  Photos will be taken.  It was agreed that an article should be developed, with photos, showcasing this FSC project.  Robin will coordinate with Cindy on this.  Photos will be sent to Lloyd so a disc can be sent to the newspaper and included on the website.
KCFD:  Rey Ramirez reports the crews are training.  He also reports that the environmental compliance work for the Bodfish project is in progress.
ASV bids are coming in and there is hope that KCFD will have their ASV soon which will be immensely helpful with fuel projects.
Rey reports that the Supervisorメs meeting will be May 6th, 9:00 AM for Wildfire Awareness Week.  This year the presentation will have a    theme: Fire Safe -  Your Home, Your Property and Your Valuables.
Rey reports that KCFD is discussing the possibility of hiring a Hazard Reduction/Fire Prevention Officer.  There is also the possibility that another position should be a Registered Professional Forester who then can assist with the environmental compliance components for grant projects.
Rey is researching the possibility of a モflame lengthヤ demonstration lot  for wildfire awareness week.  If he finds a suitable location he will notify Robin for publicity purpose and radio announcement as to time and location.
Forest Service:  Cindy Thill, reporting for Scott Williams tells the FSC that the Forest Service priorities for grant funding are the same as the FSC for this district.  Cindy reports there will be a local controlled burn on Burma Road for a 400メ buffer project.  There will be mostly mechanical cutting and some burning.  There will also be burning near Riverkern wildland urban interface as well as some maintenance burning within the dispersed camping areas.  Lloyd mentioned that KCFD was re-mapping the Walker Pass area and will be installing a Fire Plan in a モlock box.ヤ
RC&D:  Bob Robinson said that Prop 50 Coordinator Grant monies are in progress.  RC&D is planning on a Spring Native Plant Sale.  Date TBA.
Bob will revisit the native, fire resistant plant list with Ali Sheehey.
Property Owners Associations:
Piute Meadows:  Richard Grove is developing a Pre Fire Plan for his area.  He will coordinate with Paul Young, President of Piute Meadows POA regarding a FSC program.  No date yet for Havilah Days.
Squirrel Valley :  John Hughes, representing Squirrel Valley , confirmed their upcoming chipper date of May 3rd.  John extended an invitation to all those interested.
Walker Pass :  Lloyd Smith reports they have cleared private property along Hwy 178 in preparation for their March 29th chipper day.
Kennedy Meadows:  Ed Royce reports that
Tulare County is now responsible for KM fire protection and the response has been very positive.  Their Volunteer Fire Department now has 12 volunteers.  Ed reports that KMPOA mailed out 138 モlicense to enterヤ letters for their roadside brushing project. Patrick is preparing the モRequest for Proposalヤ and contract documents for the project.  He will work with Ed on the details. A June 1st date is planned to begin the project.
Frontier Trail:  Robin reports that response for the Chipper Day is not very enthusiastic.  While there has been a lot of clearing, most have burned their brush by now.  Robin has set a March 26th deadline at which point she will determine if the event will be cancelled.
New topics:
Lloyd raised the possibility of getting KC Parks involved again with our FSC.  Agreed that this is a good relationship to rekindle.  Bob LaRue is the current director of KC Parks and Recreation.  Lloyd will establish contact.
Lloyd also wondered if California Fish and Game should be invited to again participate in the FSC.  Greg Kollenborn would be the contact person.  Lloyd will establish contact.
Lloyd is compiling a KRV FSC Chipper Day projects data report that was stimulated by a request from the San Joaquin Unified Air Pollution Control District (Peter Biscay.)
Speakerメs Bureau:  Cindy Thill suggested that at all FSC events we should have a sign-in sheet that asks モWhy Are You Here Tonight?ヤ
We could learn of issues that concern residents and provide some feedback or resolution for folks.  Cindy also suggests that to refresh our programs we might begin to talk about fire safe landscaping and the need for regulation address numbers and street signs.
Tom Parkin inquired if KCFD had a tub grinder for use on chipper projects?  Rey said yes.
Lloyd:  Chipper Day data report and send
Lloyd:  Order new road sign
Robin:  Develop articles for newspaper(s) (Chipper, Road Signs)
Robin:  Research date for FSC program on local radio
Robin:  Update calendar and attendance list
Cindy:  Develop road sign rotation calendar
Cindy:  Provide Lloyd with next road sign message
Tom:   Contact モDirty Jobsヤ TV Show
Bob:   Select date for Spring Native Plant Sale
Bob:   Work with Ali on native, fire resistant plants list
Meeting adjourned by President Lloyd Smith at 11:30 AM

Next FSC Meeting will be Thursday, April 17th
Board will meet at
8:30 , Stakeholders at 9:30


Kern River Valley Fire Safe Council ● PO Box 633, Kernville, CA 93238

General information: Lloyd Smith ● (760) 377-3542 or Robin Little ● (760) 376-6842

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