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September 16, 2004
Those present: Marcine Hughes, John Hughes, Gerald Williams, Ed Royce, Allan Hansen, Leone Hansen, Delores Walmer, Emily Diggles, Robin Wyatt-Little, Linda Potts, Will Hanna, David Bacalis, Jim Bauer, Sharon Rooney, Jim Yearwood, Matt Pontes, Dawn Sanchez, Debbie Santiago, Bibi Branam, John smith.
Meeting convened at 8:40 A.M. by President Marcine Hughes.
Introduction of guests: Dawn Sanchez on assignment from Colorado with the Forest Service.
Minutes were read. Motion to accept by John Hughes, Matt Pontes – 2nd. Unanimous approval.
Treasurer’s Report read. Motion to accept by Robin Wyatt-Little, Dave Bacalis – 2nd.
Unanimous approval. Report on file.
Grant Report given by Will Hanna. Myers Canyon still in the planning stages. John Smith is working on the mapping component. Emily Diggles has the database to assist with the license to enter letters and will coordinate with John Smith.
Sawmill fuel reduction project is completed. Fuel piles will be burned when cooler weather allows. More work may be done in Isabella Highlands between Sawmill and
Hungry Gulch and possibly in Hungry Gulch if these areas can be identified.
Rodgers Road fuel reduction project is completed. Fuel piles will be burned when cooler weather allows. John Smith reports that there is the possibility of extending this clearing project to encompass the length of the canyon, extending through Frontier Trail Homeowners parcels to the Forest Service boundary.
Alta Sierra fuel break project is not yet completed. However, work is continuing with two full time crews plus two additional crews as scheduling permits. Work has been completed across the North and West sides and partially on the South with the focus on the Southeast on either side of the Icehouse Creek drainage. Fuel piles will be burned when cooler weather allows. Dave Bacalis reports that residents are very pleased with the result, stating “it looks like a park.”
Alta Sierra Community Firesafe Action Plan is nearing completion. An update of this
grant project was presented by Rich Olson to the residents at their annual Labor Day
The Grant Committee will be meeting Tuesday, October 12, 2004 at 10:00 A.M. in the
Forest Service lake office conference room to discuss future grant applications.
Will Hanna reports that Rich Olson has helped to arrange a Grant Training workshop on
November 5, 2004 at the Kern County Fire Department training center located at 5642 Victor Street, Bakersfield. The exact time will be confirmed at a later date along with
a telephone number for additional information.
The Forest Service reports that their blue card fuels crew has been helping Kern County
Fire Department with fuels projects on private lands. There are fuel piles yet to be burned, perhaps in late Fall.
John smith (KCFD) reports that final clean up on Alta Sierra is nearly completed. He estimates the crews will be busy until mid December.
Marcine suggested that Tehachapi, Mt. Pinos and Kern River Valley Fire Safe Councils
plan a joint meeting. This might be a possibility at the November 5th Grant Training Workshop.
Debbie Santiago reports that she attended the California Communities Wildfire Protection Workshop conference. Deb reports that our Council’s Fire Safe Plan is referred to in glowing terms.
Deb will be managing the BLM booth at the Kern County Fair and offered to include
Fire Safe Council educational materials. It was agreed that this Council needs to plan for next year’s Fair and join BLM, Forest Service and Kern County Fire Department in their
educational efforts.
Debbie reports that BLM budget funds have been severely reduced at the federal level. It is not clear at this time how this will affect future grant funding.
Debbie is working with the Kennedy Meadows Property Owners Group in their Rural Fire Assistance Grant application. They are specifically looking for water storage tank funding. Suggestions were given regarding the grant processes and developing a boiler plate abstract which can be used for future grant applications.
There was general discussion regarding the use of Fire Safe Council equipment i.e. the digital camera, projector and laptop. It was agreed that all equipment should be kept in the locked cabinet in Margie Clack’s office. The FS office is open 24/7 and offers the
best accessibility. It was further agreed that the Grant Administrators should be in charge of who uses what and when. A sign out process will be developed. Robin Wyatt-Little made the motion that an equipment protocol be developed, Sharon Rooney-2nd. Unanimous approval. Marcine will develop the process and email to the Board for approval and then on to the membership.
Myers Canyon representative Emily Diggles mentioned the need to burn large piles of cut brush. Two 2.5 acre parcels have just been bought, one of which has been cleared extensively with the other scheduled to be cleared. A great chipper day opportunity which Emily would like to schedule. John Smith will try to schedule one for Fall.
Delores Walmer reports that the Bodfish/Lake Isabella Property Owners Association is dealing with the proposed fee increases for county facilities. General discussion followed.
Squirrel Valley POA reports that a Welcome Sign is about to be placed. The POA will fund reflective house numbers for residents who cannot afford them.
Frontier Trail POA received educational material regarding wildfire safety. There has been positive feedback on the Rodgers Road fuel reduction project.
Kennedy Meadow POA reports they had a good Labor Day meeting and the Rural Fire Assistance grant application was received well.
Marcine gave a FSC presentation to the Rotary Club recently. Dave Bacalis, Robin Wyatt-Little, John Smith and Debbie Santiago are giving a FSC program to the South Fork Women’s Club on September 16, 2004.

Marcine has arranged for interested FSC members to participate in Valley Pride Day.
The FSC location will be at Piney Point.   Marcine suggested that perhaps the FSC would like to have a booth at the upcoming Peddler’s Faire, held at the Foursquare Church in Wofford heights on October 9th and 10th. Robin volunteered to work the booth on Saturday morning. Marcine will ask Margie Clack about the FSC display for the booth.
Debbie will provide the SCA display board also. Marcine will confirm with Jeanette Rodgers.

General discussion regarding fire insurance requirements for defensible space was revisited. Debbie and Rich Olson will send a letter to the California State Insurance Commissioner. Marcine reports that the State FSC is also working on this. Debbie pointed out that private property adjoining BLM or FS lands have a unique problem also.
Federal agencies are not always able to clear the required footage adjoining private property so that the residents qualify for fire insurance. It was agreed that individual letters would have an impact as well as letters from agencies and Fire Safe Councils.

Marcine and John Smith are working on the Red Flag Program implementation. Realistically, the program will not be up and running until Spring 2005.

Meeting was adjourned at 10:20 A.M.

Respectfully submitted by Robin Wyatt-Little, Secretary

Kern River Valley Fire Safe Council ● PO Box 633, Kernville, CA 93238

General information: Lloyd Smith ● (760) 377-3542

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