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July 21, 2005

Thos present: Marcine Hughes, Rich Olson, Matt Pontes, Sharon Rooney, Ed Royce, Scott Williams, Cindy Thill, Delores Walmer, Robin Wyatt-Little and Dave Bacalis.
President Marcine Hughes convened the meeting at 8:30 AM.
Treasurer’s Report: Sharon Rooney reports an operating account balance of $687.61;
Myers Canyon Grant balance of $114,748.05 and Tehachapi CWPP Grant balance of $5,000.00. Matt Pontes moved for approval. Robin Wyatt-Little – 2nd. Unanimous approval. Sharon reports that the liability insurance premium has been paid.
Grant(s) Report: Rich Olson.
1. The Alta Sierra CWPP Grant final report was submitted. Final payment due soon.
2. The Alta Sierra Fuel Break Grant final report due by September 30, 2005. Rich feels it will be submitted in August.
3. Myers Canyon fuel reduction project will be completed by July 30, 2005. Two thirds (2/3) of a mile of shaded fuel break has been completed. Looking wonderful.
Rich and Matt are finishing up the Community Risk Assessment component of this grant. It was suggested that this be formally presented to the Lake Isabella-Bodfish POA upon completion. Unanimous agreement.
4. The Request For Proposal (RFP) for Kennedy Meadows CWPP is being developed.
General discussion followed regarding future grant opportunities. Rich Olson has been looking into the Western States Urban Wildland Interface grants. In the past these grants have required a 50/50 match which can be risky with big projects.
Rich is looking into the process for resubmission of the Plater Road and Hungry Gulch fuel reduction projects. There is a question as to whether these have to be extracted from the Clearinghouse and resubmitted or whether they can be reactivated within the Clearinghouse itself.
Forest Service: Scott Williams.
Scott reviewed the Kern River Valley Fire Safe Council’s Collaboration Group Charter.
There will be a meeting of involved agencies so that “the right hand knows what the left hand” has planned for future wildfire mitigation projects. Scott will develop a map showing each Agency area of responsibility and proposed projects.
Scott also introduced a boiler plate of arson prevention ideas for the Kern River Valley.
He would like to see a community-based arson prevention campaign through public education outreach efforts. Scott shared examples of signs that are being used in other areas and also inquired about using the Secret Witness Program for suspected arson activity. Overwhelming agreement this is a worthwhile FSC project.
Cindy Thill shared photos of other county’s fire prevention roadside sign(s) campaigns.
Her research shows a cost of $300- $500 per sign depending on the art work involved.
These signs have an outdoor life span of eight years. This idea will be developed.
Kern County Fire Department: Marcine Hughes for Ken Stevens.
Ken recently sent a letter to the State Fire Safe Council regarding current matching funds requirements within a grant’s time frame. Specifically, Ken referred to the possibility of including the pre-project research i.e. RFP development, required biological, botanical and GIS survey research. In the past, all of this needed pre-project work could only be counted for matching funds IF it began commensurate with the starting date of the grant which then delayed the actual project work and in turn required grant extension requests, many times more than one per grant. Ken specified that this pre-project work would be considered as inkind labor to be applied to the required match for the grant.  There was overwhelming support from those in attendance.
Work continues regarding the amending of the Kern River Valley CWPP, specifically new project recommendations following the KRV FSC Collaboration meeting in the Fall.
Marcine reports that the Kern County Fire Safe Council has completed its’ mission statement which addresses a unified advocacy for individual county Fire Safe Councils, all fire prevention/fighting agencies and communities at risk. Marcine said that a map will be developed outlining at-risk communities within each Council’s area of responsibility which may be determined by zip codes. Marcine points out that all of this is tied into future grant applications i.e. having a CWPP for each area and clearly identified areas of wildfire risk.
Marcine reminded FSC members that the Kern County Fair opens September 22 through
October 2nd. KCFD is arranging for a different, more visible booth location for the Fire Safe Councils and  partners. There will be a sign-up sheet for booth volunteers at the August meeting.
Marcine, Robin and perhaps Margie Clack will be the committee to develop the article for the private property owner’s defensible space photos. Angie has contacted Marsha at the Kern Valley Sun for the future article.
Scott Williams showed the McNally Fire DVD. Powerful documentary of the before, during and after of the McNally burn areas. It was agreed that this would be an excellent presentation in conjunction with the Defensible Space Treatment DVD Ken Stevens is developing.
Marcine adjourned the meeting at 10:45 AM.
Respectfully submitted by:  Robin Wyatt-Little, Secretary

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