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May 18, 2006
Board of Directors – General Meeting
Those present: Ed Royce, Jim Davis, Sharon Rooney, Victoria Leonard, Gordon Hancock, Christine Hancock, Cindy Thill, Harry Love, Larry Burkhammer, Robert Robinson, Tom Parkin, Margie Clack, Mike Heffner, Rick Jones, Patricia Guinto, Ken Stevens, Debbie Santiago, Ruth Ellison, Carol Ralston, Robin Wyatt-Little.
Jim Davis, Chair, convened the meeting at 8:30 A.M.
Introductions were made.
Minutes: Motion to accept: Sharon Rooney – 1st. Christine Hancock – 2nd. Unanimous approval.
Treasurer Report: Sharon Rooney reports a balance of $281.20 in the KRV FSC operating account. Frazier Park BLM grant balance is $29,500; Hungry Gulch BLM grant balance is $45,000; Kennedy Meadows BLM grant balance is $21,225;
Mount Pinos BLM grant balance is $10,000. Tehachapi FSC grant balance is $159.28. Motion to accept: Ed Royce – lst. Jim Davis – 2nd. Unanimous approval.
Taxes have been filed; insurance paid; H&R paid; webmaster and Earthlink paid for website expenses.
Sharon alerted the FSC that due to business/time constraints she will not be able to continue as FSC treasurer effective January 2007. Sharon has offered to train her successor and will provide a back-up disc for Quick Books software and FSC records. Heartfelt thanks from those present for Sharon’s contributions to the FSC.
Grant(s) Report:
Ed Royce reports Ken Delfino has been selected as the CWPP contractor and a signed contract is due any day.
Harry Love reports that the Sequoia Crest CWPP grant application was only funded for $3,000.00 rather than the requested $30,000.00. The 3k will be used to complete basic assessments of the Sequoia Crest area as outlined in the grant request. There are plans for CDF to bring their chipper to the area to help with downed trees/branches/debris from the heavy snowfall. The alder Creek FSC 501c3 application is in process.
Squirrel Valley POA had another successful chipper day with 30 locales/piles chipped throughout the area. Tom Partin had many photos documenting the effort.
Squirrel Valley POA sent the FSC a $300.00 donation and a thank you for the KRV FSC contributions to wildfire safety. Robin will send a thank you for the donation.
Sally Peterson sent a thank you to the FSC for the Walker Pass chipper day and reports that those who did not participate have said they want to be included in the next chipper event. She also mentioned how “great” the chipper crew was.
Bill Dierck, retired from KCFD will carry the FSC message to the Frontier Trail POA. Robin will keep Bill apprised of pertinent FSC information and he in turn will report to the POA.
According to Jim Davis, Isabella Highlands has scheduled a chipper day for June 10th. There has been significant clearing. Food will be served after the project.
Tom Partin asked if it might be a good idea to supply, for free, larger pieces of older wood from branches/downed trees to the surrounding campgrounds inasmuch as the chipper can’t handle this kind of material. No definite answer at this time.
Margie Clack announced an interagency (FS, BLM & KCFD) press release announcing the 2006 Fire Season.
Cindy Thill reports that in preparation for reforestation of the McNally Fire, burning of slash piles will begin in 2-4 weeks, weather permitting. The locale is on Cherry Hill Road near Sherman Pass and will cover approximately 400 acres.
Debbie Santiago reports that the BLM has funds to work with KCFD to refresh the old fuel break in the Pala Ranches/Tillie Creek area. The Hot Shot Crew is ready to go.
Chimney Peak will have 2 light engines (3143 & 3144) with seven-day coverage for this fire season.
Debbie showed the two winning HDFPA posters. This year’s contest involved 3680 Kern County elementary school children, 800 from the Kern River Valley.
Tehachapi will have a billboard featuring the winning poster.
Ken Stevens said that the Hungry Gulch BLM grant fuel reduction project has begun. Crews were on site as of May 17, 2006. Ken distributed the Wildfire Safety newspaper inserts recently sent to Kern county residents. This educational project has been funded through a State Farm Insurance Grant award.
KCFD Crew 87 has been busy clearing a one acre defensible space demonstration lot in Isabella Highlands and the “Bodfish Park” demonstration lot across from the Bodfish Post Office.
Publicity-Margie Clack: The KR Courier printed a clarification of the original article dealing with the Kern County Fire Safe Council and its relationship to the three independent Fire Safe Councils (Kern River Valley, Tehachapi and Mt. Pinos.) Marcine had contacted the Courier asking for the correction.
Congratulations were given to Margie for her consistent efforts in keeping the KRV FSC message foremost in the local newspapers.
Speakers Bureau-Robin Wyatt-Little: There will be a FSC presentation this evening at the KRV Rotary Club meeting. Ken Stevens and Robin will give the presentation. There will be another presentation given to the KRV Chamber of Commerce on June 7th, noon at the Paradise Cove Restaurant. On July 5th, there will be a program given to the Kern River Valley Revitalization Committee at Cerro Coso College. The Exchange Club is yet to be scheduled.
Chipper Projects: Kudos were offered to Margaret Belz for her scheduling of the chipper projects.
Fundraising – Jim Davis: Jim gave an overview of answers to questions posed by his committee as to what direction the fundraising project should take. After discussion, it was decided that asking people to pay for a membership in the FSC was not in the best interest of growth and volunteerism.
It was agreed that it was appropriate to ask Property Owners Associations and other organizations for donations. It was suggested that we use the word “associate”, “supporter” or “partner” rather than member.
There was agreement that personal visits, face-to-face with business people was necessary for an initial fundraising contact. A letter thereafter would suffice. Also agreed that it was very important to follow up with a thank you letter and adequate public acknowledgement of business and individual financial supporters.
There was agreement that when explaining the FSC need for operating budget and project(s) funds, that a donor may specify where their donation may be spent, either for operating expenses or for a specific project. If not specified it is customary to dedicate a minimum of 15% for the operating budget.
Cindy Thill wondered if there was a FSC brochure that gives a history and accomplishments of the KRV FSC? She felt that there was a fair number of people who did not “have a clue” as to who the FSC is and what it does. This idea will be expanded upon in conjunction with our previous annual newsletter.
It was agreed that the website needs updating and that the new contact person for the webmaster will be Jim Davis.
Projects: Cindy Thill gave a well-researched report on cost, materials and possible locations for at least two roadside fire safety signs. She also explained the Kern County “encroachment permit” process and has the forms needed for this.
The Forest Service will fund the construction of two sign structures. The initial idea is to have interchangeable signs that can be inserted into the structure, perhaps for each season. These will probably be painted metal.
After much discussion about the FSC role in this project, how maintenance will be handled (Walker Pass residents will maintain the Walker Pass sign once placed), and long-term responsibility for the signs, Ed suggested that initially the FSC take on the project, get it off the ground and hand it off to another accepting entity. Ken Stevens felt that the FSC needed to move ahead with this worthy project.
Larry Burkhammer made the motion to proceed with the Road Sign Project, pending funding. Jim Davis indicated he had talked with SCE management and they would be interested in receiving a proposal covering the scope and cost of this project. Ed Royce – 2nd. Majority approved. One abstaining.
Ed appointed a committee to move forward: Ed Royce, Jim Davis, Ken Stevens, Cindy Thill and Larry Burkhammer.
New Business:
Ken Stevens received a call regarding overgrown weeds in the Cottage Grove Cemetery. The caller wondered if the FSC could be involved in a clean-up project.
Ken is researching who has been responsible before. Robin will contact Camp Owen to see if the wards could assist in this effort. A formal request might be needed from the FSC.
Elections: After discussing the contributions Marcine Hughes has given to the FSC and her recent resignation, Robin nominated Ed Royce for President. Jim Davis – 2nd. Discussion: Ed said he would serve for one year; he would delegate much of the FSC workload to those who attend regularly and will make it a priority to secure and develop his successor. The vote was unanimous for Ed Royce as President.
Ed Royce asked Ken Stevens if it would be a conflict of interest if Ken served as the KRV FSC representative to the Kern County Fire Safe Council. Ken didn’t feel there was a conflict but did feel that someone from the private sector would be a more appropriate choice as representative. Jim Davis offered to serve in this capacity. His offer was accepted.
Larry Burkhammer nominated Jim Davis for Vice President. Ed Royce – 2nd.
Jim accepted the nomination for a one year term. The vote was unanimous for Jim Davis for Vice President.
It was agreed that Ed Royce and Jim Davis will complete the process at the bank so they are listed as signers on the checking account. Unanimous.
Ed Royce, President will assume chairing the FSC meetings.
Jim adjourned the meeting at ll: 16 A.M.

Respectfully submitted: Robin Wyatt-Little, Secretary

Signed: _______________________________ Sharon Rooney, Treasurer
Signed: _______________________________ Robin Wyatt-Little, Secretary

Kern River Valley Fire Safe Council ● PO Box 633, Kernville, CA 93238

General information: Lloyd Smith ● (760) 377-3542 or Robin Little ● (760) 376-6842

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